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Dairy Free Magnums $5, Cornettos $6, Introductory Price (Lactose Free, Vegan) @ Woolworths


NEW Dairy Free Magnums (Vegan) at $5 as the introductory price, ongoing price will be $7 thereafter

Dairy Free Cornettos $6 Introductory Price (Lactose Free, Vegan) @ Woolworths

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    Water, sugar, cocoa components^(cocoa butter, cocoa mass), coconut oil, glucose, glucose/fructose syrup, pea protein, flavours, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, E471), stabilisers (E412, E410, E407 (contains wheat)), salt, vegetable oil, colour (E160a).

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      love me some E160a

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        It's vegan so it must be healthy

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          carrots are 100% vegan last i checked

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        Better than E10 in your ice cream.

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        Its like vegan jerky. Full of salts and artificial flavours and its promoted as "healthy vegan"

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          Oh the mentality of "it's a number so it must be artificial"

          Do you know what E160a is?

          E160a is a natural colour isolated from several plants; however, it is obtained commercially from carrots. Carotenes occur as isomers, consisting of a series of chemically identical, but sterically different components. The actual composition differs between the plant species.

          E160a can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.

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          Where does it say anything about these being healthy?

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      Why wheat? Do they just want to spoil my excitement?

    • Is the salt organic though!?

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    Vegan Cornettos are also on sale!

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    Merged from Dairy Free Cornettos $6 Introductory Price (Lactose Free, Vegan) @ Woolworths
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    NEW Dairy Free Cornettos (Vegan) at $6 as the introductory price, ongoing price will be $9 thereafter

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      NEW Dairy Free Cornettos (Vegan)

      Oh the irony with Cornetto parent Unilever and animal testing…

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        Pretty much the dairy free halo tops are that. It's just food, go get angry at peanut "butter" or something.

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      I tried one today. Not as good as the real thing, but pretty good for vegan ice cream.

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      Looks like there's a few they're releasing in the same category

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      Yey! No cows puss!

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      I read daily free cornettos…

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        Me too, bit disappointed! :-)

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          All these Uber eats subway cookies maccas and 7 eleven freebies giving me rose tinted lenses…

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        It's just an alternative for people who don't eat diary. Not meant to be healthy. I won't be buying this product but it's an option for people who don't care about healthy living.

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        Its not like it is hard to find actual good vegan dessert, FFS? How about a fruit salad even?!

        I'll admit this cracked me up. Vegans can just have a fruit salad for dessert lol. Why would we actually bother giving vegans some choice?

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          Some people think being vegan is about liking the taste of grass, or even thinking that grass is the only good food for you; they have no idea that being vegan simply means trying to live your life as "normally" as you can without intentionally killing or otherwise hurting innocent animals in the process.

          • @afoveht: That is the post-hoc rationalisation, not the root cause.

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            @afoveht: The problem is most vegans don't give up grains. Grain harvests using combine harvesters causes a bloodbath out in the fields as rodents and insects are killed.

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              @Diji1: By virtue of not consuming animals fed with grain (pretty much all farmed animals), vegans automatically consume less grain than nonvegans on the whole.

              Grains provide more protein per acre than any other food source; they are a part of considered and responsible agriculture. Substituting other plant sources for grains will not necessarily reduce collateral damages.

              That said, if anyone could produce grain without collateral damage, vegans would necessarily switch to that immediately it is available. That won't happen until a large portion of agriculture is actually controlled by those who have such inclinations, ie vegans themselves.

              Wanna reduce collateral damages in agriculture? Be vegan.

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              @Diji1: That's a dumb argument. Undesirable side effects are can be weighed against intended goals if they are unavoidable and don't significantly affect the outcome. If the intention is to reduce animal exploitation, the presence of rats only really matters if they are an integral part of the process. But since they aren't, their presence can be weighed against the feasibility of measures needed to remove them.

              You could just as easily argue that anyone who doesn't want to eat rats shouldn't eat grains. Or people who don't like cockroaches shouldn't bring food into their house.

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        Why bring up a product that's around anymore?

        MCD's Website:

        Milk, Sugar, Water, Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Cream, Vegetable Gums (412, 407, 407a, 466), Flavours, Mineral Salts (339, 452), Food Acids (330, 331).
        Contains milk and sulphites.

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          dairy-free milkshakes



  • Anyone tried this yet? Reviews?

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      I think they taste great. The almond one tastes better. Although, I prefer the cornettos.

    • Had one of these courtesy of free handouts at train stations. Gotta say I was not a fan. It tasted very strange compared to the usual magnums I had before.

    • Tried the vegan Magnum, way too sweet for my liking, it tasted like a cheap Cadbury kinda sweet. I think it was just the chocolate layer. First few bites were nice though, I'd probably want to share it so I don't feel sick.

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    Ice cream without dairy, blasphemy !!

    Like the pub with no beer !

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      Was ice cream ever a health food?

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        Yes, according to Peters Ice Cream long lasting slogan “The health food of a nation” (abandoned when health claims needed proof)😀

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          They invented health ice cream bars back in the days when doctors were prescribing cigarettes for asthma.

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            @Diji1: And cocaine as a little over the counter pick-me-up.

      • He/she did say extremely processed

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    Bring on the high LDL cholesterol

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    $18.50 per Litre for the dairy fees magnums and

    $16.70 per Litre for the vegan cornettos hmm.. That is a hard sell for ozbargainers and most frugal buyers unless they taste like something rather nice and heavenly.

    The vegan market is really taking storm.

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      These ice creams also target people with allergies market. Dairy and nut allergies restrict buying choices. PEople with those allergies would be prepared to pay a little more to enjoy the treat that others do.

      • That's right I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Ooo do they contain real vegans?

    Not sure why fellow carnivores dislike vegans, it means more bacon for us!!!!

    • You can have all the bacon I want my fried chicken, chicken and beef kebab and meat chow mein.

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      No, vegans are too skinny.
      But the best icecream ever was made from liposuction clinic byproducts. Tyler told me.

    • Suppabrudda are you carnivore or omnivore? if carnivore how long for?

      • Ever since @OrdinaryConsumer warned me about Nitrates

        • Around 2 weeks then? How are you feeling?
          I have been carnivore for a short while now and it has really helped me.
          For nearly 10 years I was housebound at least 90% of my life and spent most of my life savings (including my house deposit) on doctors, specialists and other "experts".
          Around 6 months ago I was taking 6 prescription meds, I now take 0. I generally eat keto carnivore 5 days a week and regular keto 2 days a week.

    • Soylent Green!

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      Paleos were giving them a run for their money in that department, although it seems to be going out of fashion a bit now. Vegans you're stuck with, sorry to say.

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          Try talking to a keto fan

          • @captaincabinets: Haha, I am keto. Can't say I have met any others though. IRL aside from when trolling friends I don't talk much about it unless people ask how come I am no longer housebound.

            • +1

              @mapax: There you go. Well in general I'm not a fan but it's hard to argue with someone who's had such a dramatic improvement in their life. I don't think it's for everyone but good luck to you man, glad you got well enough to get out of the house.

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    Not a vegan but lactose intolerant, they are pretty good.

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    Remember though, the dairy free magnums are made in Italy!! Think of all the greenhouse gas emissions it took to keep it frozen all the way to Australian shelves!!!!

    Personally I don't give a crap but it's an interesting detail.

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      Yeah… the cornetto rip-offs you can buy at Aldi are made in Belgium and cost $4 for a pack of four. How they can source the dairy, produce the ice-creams, package and send them to Australia (frozen) AND for Aldi to make a profit on top of that… all for $4, just makes me shake my head.

      • I have a feeling they won't be able to do that forever when taxes on anything to do with extra energy and resources and pollution becomes a thing.

        That will make the global world much more less global but more environmental and less pollution.

        We shall see in the coming decades which path the whole entire world will take.. We will either favour technology and progress in technology or favour more the environment and progress in less pollution on the environment and just overall a conservation on the environment.

    • Yeah we are still in the early stages when it comes to optimizing logistics and shipping for various regions but we are getting better at it every day because at the end of the day lower operating costs drives lower operating emissions and etc

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    Definitely not vegan. A sufferer of lactose intolerance. This better be in stock at my local Woolies. No one should be within cooee of me if I eat dairy. It ain't pretty.

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    They're like fortune cookies, except there are self righteous messages written on the sticks.

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    "Dairy free Magnums"…isn't that an ozymoron?

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    It's very predictable that a post for vegan products brings out a bunch of anti-vegan comments. As a meat eater, I don't get why anyone would care that other people don't eat meat. And I've never met a vegetarian or vegan who has been self righteous or pushy about it.

    Just don't be dicks everyone, it's pretty lame. Eat a carrot or don't, no one cares

    • -3

      I try to see it as just healthy friendly banter nowadays just like how manly men would make fun of poofs and gays and now some people still do it but they actually mean the opposite and the next generation are now very aware of it and can respect it.

      And so the next generation will hear this social diatribe and banter on the topic of vegans and climate change and etc environmental topics and become aware of it and then question what the elders are really talking about and tackle these issues better than we could in their daily banter and conversations.

      I may not be explaining this will forgive me lots of ideas in one head and a really awkward form of communication (in bed upside down swipe typing on a small touchscreen mobile phone is not the best for writing lengthy ozbargain essays on important topics haha lol)

      But yeah hundreds of years from now we will be talking about some other issue once this one is taken care of and over.

      Look at sexuality.. The battle for equality on it is still going on and more and more genders and what not keep popping up the list is never over.

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      Or, .. “if got nothing useful, keep trap shut.”

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