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$8.50 - 1kg Shortcut Bacon (Usually $10) - Costco [Membership Required]


$8.50 - 1kg Shortcut bacon (Tabildi - very tasty)

Ends 28 Jan

They also have

$12 - 1.7kg bbq snags (Slape & Sons - quite tasty)
$11 - 16 Wies bars (8 Mango & 8 Raspberry - extremely tasty)
$13 - 3kg Sausage Rolls (Mrs Quick - dunno)
$40 - $50 iTunes card (see @Deltoran's post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/432719)
Various TV's are discounted, but no pricing :-(

Also until 3rd Feb
$15.9 - 2kg Steggles Chicken Breast Nuggets (yum)
$7.89 - 500g Tibaldi Sliced Ham Off The Bone (very tasty)
$9.79 - 25pk Sharpie Permanent Fine Markers (Not so tasty, but low calorie & $10 off)
$160 - Sealy Premier Single Mattress (again not so tasty, but they're excellent for storing children on)
$110 - Philips Sonicare 2 Series Electric Toothbrush 2pk (Great from removing all those tasty things from your teeth)

Those in Melbourne who aren't members might be able to use this

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    i can see you really spent a lot of time on these comments, COSTCO is only good for big family , found i don't go there as often now

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      Not really always for a big family. Even a couple could make it worth while.

      For example:
      Tip Top Cafe Brioche Fruit Toast - Usual Price at Woolies $4.00 for 1
      Price at Costco: $5 for 2

      They usually have 1 week best before date. For 2 people who eats 2 slices per day for breakfast, you easily finish 2 loaves within 1 week.

      Quick price comparison and savings:
      Woolies - $4.00 * 2per week * 52 weeks = $416.00
      Costco - $5 * 52 weeks = $260.00

      Therefore a savings of: $156.00

      Frozen food is also a good way to make a savings too, since they are the same price as super markets but the package size is usually double the size.


      This $2449 shed is currently $1899 at Costco.

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      It depends on how close it is. we're a small family and go there every 2-3wks.

      We have regular purchases (meat, bread, yog, eggs, hot chook) and then every few months spreads,condiments, frozen stuff (roti, fish, etc), bacon, booze and kids books. Then there's family get togethers which is great.

      At least once a year I make a bigger purchase which more then covers the membership fee.

      each to their own, but it's not just for big families.


    Mrs quicks sauasge rolls are one of the better in the pre done frozen.


    Great bacon, actually smoked rather than just salt brined like most commercial pre-packacked bacon.


    did anyone check out the TCL 55P6US lately ? Wondering how much it is after discounted.

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    you had me at bacon…

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    Great analysis in the product descriptions.
    We don't go often, but even for us as a couple we usually make some good savings, and filling up with fuel at the same time is another bonus.


    you get 10 hash brown for free if you order 1 kg from woolworths on this week special.


    8.50 at the Golden circle as well for those without Costco memberships


    Nitrites. Look into it.


    Can anyone who bought the mattress comment on the quality? Good enough for the guest room? Or better off buying a ZZZ Atelier on ebay?


      The Sealy Mattresses are awesome. Got some for the kids mid last year… despite the almost daily trampoline comps, they're still comfy and no sign of wear. I've slept on them a few times and I'd buy one for our bed. Firm, not hard and certainly not too soft.

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