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Wahl Professional Balding Clipper WA8110-012 - Made in USA - $75.14 Delivered @ Bargain_mayham eBay Store


I've been looking at buying this for a while. It's the same model my barber uses. Made in the USA model. This is the lowest price I've seen it at.
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    Add attachment comb to shave your head, no attachment to shave your face in 1 minute, recommended.


      doesn’t quite cut close enough to shave your face …i’ve zero gapped the blades on mine so great if used with caution on the head,

      once you own a pair of these you won’t need a barber again if you just want a zero cut.

      the shaver shop version costs more but comes with a plastic carry case.


        So this is wired and the plug I am assuming is only US?

        Which means I can't use this in the shower or Australian outlet unless I get an adapter.

        Hmm otherwise seems perfect just need a waterproof Australian version.

        Going to get a bald cut tomorrow but would love to be able to do it myself problem is only have the bathroom to do it in which is a no go with housemates and the backyard is also messy and wet nowadays with the only open space used by laundry so need something I can use in the shower.

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          Just throw a plastic drop sheet down then flick it outside.


          So this is wired and the plug I am assuming is only US?

          From the linked website -
          Genuine Australian Plug

          Also -
          Note: not suitable for general clipper cutting or attachment combs


            @DisabledUser264934: Oh nice that is good to know.

            So just need to find a waterproof, wireless one now for bonus points.

            Wired can be finicky at times.

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            @DisabledUser264934: these are genuine double insulated ones for the australian market.

            the ones for the US market aren’t all double insulated and don’t have an earth , so different to the AU and EU market versions.

            did all the research as l wanted to get one cheaper from overseas, ended up buying local ones …… it’s why some US models aren’t available in all countries…need for double insulation or an earth connection.

            these are the leading bald clipper in the under $100 range with power cord that i could find when searching. went corded as cordless version with these blades was over double the price.

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          only ones for shower use are battery powered …cutting hair in shower is a bad idea as it clogs up the drain bend after a while, and your house mates might not be happy when shower doesn’t drain in morning.

          i do my bald clipping over the basin, then take the hair and flush down the toilet as the drain is much bigger than shower or the bin.

          you can easily clean the trap on a basin, shower is less accesssible.

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            @garage sale: Why not just put it in the bin? The only things that should go in the toilet are poo, wee and toilet paper.


              @Orionn: yes, should go into bin ….lazyness sometimes gets the better of me as bin is under basin …. also too lazy to put toilet seat down which also gets me criticised.


          Do it with the shower off, then put it on the sink, have a shower and wash the hair away.

          If you're doing bald cuts there won't be that much hair to wash away, so the risk of blockage is very low.


            @rygle: I might get a catcher for the shower drain and then empty it into a bucket every now and then to avoid drain clogging. I just prefer to buzz it off then rinse then buzz it off again then rinse because if I do it anywhere else besides the back yard which is not fit for this activity atm then it will create a big mess for me and my clothes.. And don't want to just stay randomly shaving in the hallways full monty that is why I suggested shower as the best solution.

            Yes the initial bald cut I can get done outside with a professional barber but I am asking for the sake of the top ups or top downs rather where it will be very small level of hair probably barely a handful and less than 2 cm long at most hopefully.

            I just hate getting $20-30 Haircuts every month and reckon I could save time and money going the DIY route.

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              @AlienC: I clipper my hair (generally number 3 or 4 so probably more hair/mess than a bald cut) in the shower cubicle with the water off to avoid mess. I step out, put the clippers down, wet my hands and pick up as much hair as possible and put it in the bin, but then I shower to get the hair off me and the small amount remaining out of the shower. I don't think the shower would block up easily anyway as the drain pipe is the same size as the toilet (10cm?). My wife and daughter block our sink about one a year with their hair, but a bit of draino fixes that.

              I also do scissors on the top just using my fingers for a guide for the length, and I do use the mirror for at least some of that, but always used to use the big mirror for the whole lot until recently. To see the back I use a small hand held mirror to look into with my back towards the bigger mirror. If I see a spot that needs fixing I just put my finger on it while I put the mirror down and get the clippers or scissors in place, but again that's a learned skill. Sometimes you can hold the mirror in one hand and the clippers in the other. I listen to the sound of the clippers a lot to figure out if an area is properly trimmed.

              Been doing my own hair cuts for about 15 years, so I'm with you on saving the money. It's a bit of a learned skill, but if you're only doing one length it should be easy enough - blending between different lengths is one of the trickiest bits. My hair cut doesn't look 100% as good as a Barber/hairdresser cut, but a little bit of product (wax, clay) fixes that. I also find the back top corners hard, but I've learned to pay careful attention to that. I don't trim the edges of my hair line with scissors except near my temples, but I do a small bit around the edges with a number 2 and often a number 1,just to blend the number 4 with my bare neck. I only do a tiny bit around the edge this way and generally use a scooping action to blend it.

              For my fringe I do it quite short near the temples and longer in the middle, but that would depend on your style.

              Originally I got my wife to help me but I was always fixing bits and she didn't take my feedback well and it's just more convenient to do it when it suits me instead of waiting for someone else so I just started doing it all myself.

              My first set of clippers had a video that explained blending using a scooping action and a few other tips, but that was before YouTube. Now there are thousands of videos for whatever style you choose.


    How do these compare with the Wahl Magic Clips? I bought some off a US website but i feel like i may have been scammed.