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Huawei P20 Pro, Black/Twilight $755.60 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems to be a decent price for the unit. Don’t forget cashrewards for extra value

Edit: Twilight colour price has changed back up to $899. down to $755.60

Black is still available for $749.60 $755.60

Black colour credit to ShouldIBuyIt

Edit 2: Shopback has increased Amazon cash back to 8%. Details here

Mod Update 06/02: Price has increased from $749.60 to $755.60

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Wow even cheaper than before!

    Great deal. Too bad Amazon don't have a price guarantee. I paid $10 more from the last sale

    • +5

      same.. $10 ozbargainer pains ;)

    • +2

      $10, come o mate you honestly can't be mad about $10…

      • +6

        $10 is $10

      • +3

        You obviously haven't seen the Russell Peters sketch about 50c and bargaining with Chinese?

        • +3

          You save 50c here and 50c there. Now you have a dollar. You go to a dollar store and get yourself something nice.

        • +2

          The longest no ever: nooooooooooo.

    • Yeah that was outrages, could had bought a zinger box with that $10…

      • Or ~80 pop corn chickens with that latest deal

    • +1

      If you haven't opened it they will initiate a return. I just did that with the corsair keyboard. They said can't refund difference but I can return item (for free with Prime) and buy the cheaper listed one. He even intitiated the refund process for me. Stupid logic as would cost them so much more. You could buy the cheaper model and then return it, but if IMEI number is recorded they would deny refund I guess

  • +5

    Got it from the last deal. Great phone, first time leaving Samsung since the s2

    Only thing that I don't like is that for me battery got worse with the android 9 update. Went from 1% overnight discharge to around 7%

    • +1

      I did that before so much better. Even now I'm currently with a Google pixel 2 xl I still like much my p9.

  • +1

    Great phone, I'm loving it and its comes with a clear case, USB C headphone connector and easily upgraded android 9.

  • Is there a big difference between this and the Mate20 pro?

    • +2

      Not enough to warrant the price difference in my mind.
      Both are currently rated the best camera on a smartphone according to dxomark

      • +2

        And the worst selfie cameras on high end smartphones from dxomark as well.

        • +11

          Haha that’s alright for me who don’t like myself enough to want take selfies in the first place..

        • Yeah, I hate the selfie cam. The android 9 update did improve a little bit, but still day and night comparing to google pixel or iphone

          • @hero1211: Useful to get a preview of what bad plastic surgery could make you look like though, just chuck beauty mode up to 10

  • What a hard decision! Samsung s9+ or this one? Outside of the camera and battery, s9+ seems to be better in everything else.

    Dezeption - what are your thoughts with TouchWiz vs EMUI?

    • +2

      Touchwiz is better. EMUI is the iPhone wannabe

      • +5

        TouchWiz is terrible.
        EMUI is even worse.
        Stock is the way to go.

        • +10

          TouchWiz was replaced a long time ago, Samsung’s current UI is nothing like TouchWiz.

          • +4

            @aja12: I know. Samsung Experience is still as bad.

            • +13

              @Tails: It’s nowhere near as bad, it’s generally the people that have never owned a Samsung device/not owned one in years that still bash “TouchWiz”. One UI looks even better.

          • +1

            @aja12: Still a bloated POS. There is a reason it’s not as fast and smooth as A Pixel, Huawei, iPhone. Open a list of running system services.
            Every feature or setting is written as an add on app running in a seperate memory space.

        • Or just use a launcher

        • +6

          Uhh what? Samsung software is downright good these days. Chuck on Nova launcher for a better looking UI and youre good.

    • +2

      EMUI is fantastic less crap and much more smooth than TouchWiz.

      • +2

        Agree but EMUI has some bloatware you can't uninstall or disable.

        • Fair enough tahtsbtreu but now a days just Google phones come with clear boot or if you root them but I guess this void the warranty. Another rthing about huawei 2 years warranty.

          • @Femelo:

            Another rthing about huawei 2 years warranty.

            If you're comparing it to Samsung phones, they've had 2 year warranties since at least the Galaxy S2 in 2013.

      • It not TouchWiz any more, it One UI on Android Pie 9.0

        • That's true but the crap TouchWiz still in our mind heheh

    • +1

      100% s9 cuz of audio jack this shit takes usb c

    • Pixel 2xl for sure.

      Not the best hardware on paper but the software (pure android) makes it the best android phone still in today's market

      Also it's point and shoot camera capabilities without the need for much customization is second to none

    • My bad! I thought it was still called TouchWiz!

  • Just install a stock version of Android on the thing.

  • +6

    It takes usb c for earphone

    • -5

      Everyone here on Ozbargain should have a bluetooth headphone by now, no excuse really.

  • Wish to have budget huawei p smart 2019… It's already in the shops back home and cost about $312aud. https://www.svyaznoy.ru/catalog/phone/224/5450777 Sadly I'm not travelling back home until 2020. Wish it would be available at similar price here soon.

  • +1

    Thanks, very timely as my moto g4 plus has packed it in with no audio and any video refusing to play… demoting it from phone to door stop

  • +2

    Link to black

  • +1

    Comes with screen protector and clear case.

  • +4

    Amazing that this post hasn't attracted any of those freedom clowns. Or are they busy celebrating CNY…wierd huh

    • +2

      Quite interesting because those celebrating CNY is probably those who are using Huawei. Like me :p

  • +2

    Got mine from last deal can say super I'm happy with it. If it had micro sd and headphone jack would be perfect phone

  • Back to $899 it seems

    • +1

      Thanks. Deal updated to black colour.

  • shopback is capped at $50, so 6.6%?

    • Yep.

  • +1

    One thing I would prefer the mate 20 pro for is the wide angle lens. But don't like how the mate 20 doesn't use microsd cards.

    • Oops no MicroSD expandability… :-(

      • And still, $755!!!


  • Nano Sdcard on mate 20 pro is a waste of space.

    Just pretend there is no card slot at all.

    creating its own proprietary replacement is a tough chip to swallow

  • I bought LG V30 Plus a few days ago. If I knew about this coming, would definitely have waited :(

    • Should always wait, everything is better just around the corner ;)

    • +1

      Still a big difference in price. Not apples with apples.

      • For me the difference would be $631 (TRS and $50 shopback savings) vs $393 (TRS and $50 shopback).

    • +2

      Dude that lg was half price as this

      • exactly

        • -1

          And I think in 12 months they both will be worth the same.

    • Me too. Will have to get this as well.

    • +1

      So def this over the LG V30+?

  • My S6 is dying hard due to battery life.

    Should I wait for the Samsung S10 or get this one? How does this compare to Iphone XS??

  • +1

    good price, waiting for the twilight color at this price

    • +2

      Here you go, Amazon must have read Ur comment ^^

  • +1

    The price is even cheaper than China! Huawei is a Chinese brand and P20Pro is $864AUD, Howcome?

      • +5

        vs american spyware?

        • -1

          The difference is if you are critical about Chinese politics on this phone, and then travel to China, you could be locked up or killed, American spyware is mostly for advertising and they would not lock you up or kill you for critisising trump for example. I am betting having a winnie the pooh wallpaper would not be a good move on this phone!

          • -1

            @drspy00: fair enough. better stick to samsung haha.

          • +1


            The difference is if you are critical about Chinese politics on this phone, and then travel to China, you could be locked up or killed

            got a single piece of evidence this is even remotely plausible or happening

            • @SBOB: Not really, but its possible. I am talking hypothetically, but with all the bad publicity it is hard not to factor in some of the concerns with Huawei.

              • +1

                @drspy00: Yeah it's possible. Then again, it's probably just as possible that you could wake up tomorrow and start exhibiting symptoms of rabies that you contracted months earlier, never knowing you were already a dead man walking from that point on

          • +1

            @drspy00: come on this is stupidity, unless you're breaking a law or actively trying to cause uprising against the government, they won't care

    • How much does China cost?

  • +1

    Still trying to work out whether I should get this. I used in store, and many of the same images ive seen online have the oil painting effect, with lots of noise and blurriness. Is it just that the people reviewing it or a setting was wrong? I get the camera is good in low light but is that the only reason the camera is better?

    • +1

      if you're talking selfie camera, its fixed focus and overly 'beautifying', so not the best for sure.

      rear camera, excellent but takes some tweaking to get the best out of it

      • I meant the main camera. I dont think ive ever used a selfy camera on a phone yet! It may have been the settings used.

    • Get it.


      Enough said.

      Photos are amazing.

      • +1

        I bought one.. i think the camera is pretty good..
        I also think there might be some financial interest in dxomark's ratings so would always take them with some degree of skepticism (e.g the fact they didnt can the 4k video recording with no stabilisation making its 4k video worse than most of its competitors… doesnt worry me much but could for some)

        • I didn't care about that 1080p is enough for me. I don't have any 4k devices anyway

          • @neonlight: same.. wasnt an issue for me
            but was just something to indicate that a dxomark review is not the 'one review to end them all'

            • @SBOB: Yep. That review has probably generated millions of dollars in sales… manufacturers naturally would have huge interest in ensuring positive reviews. Dxomark seems like a good website but must be taken skeptically. For example, I personally despise the fact that you can't completely turn off beautify mode on the P20.

  • +1

    Camelcamelcamel is down. Hdd failures… Wants us to donate

  • +3

    Twilight now $755.60

  • Still deciding on this phone, it seems like a great deal. I personally hate that it has no microsd slot, and I also heard theres no current way to root the phones thanks for Huawei changing their policy. Does anyone have any definitive info on this?

  • +2

    Both are back again for $755.60 thanks to the 3camels.

    • free watch still available?

      • That's for mate 20 not p

  • +2

    Shopback rep, where are you! We need a 12% cashback xD

    • shopback reduce to 6% now?

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