Standard Plus NBN50 500GB 12 Month Plan FTTP Only with ZTE Modem ($20 Ship) & Connection $54.99 p/m @ Exetel


Looking to change my ISP.

Exetel providing a good price on FTTP. Tried FTTN and it went up to $74.99. Plans are quite customisable.

43 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Standard Plus nbn50 on 12-month plan
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Available to new residential nbn™ customers only.

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    Exetel providing a good price on FTTP. Tried FTTN and it went up to $74.99. Plans are quite customisable.

    The price only goes up if you’re in a ‘country’ area. They did the same with ADSL plans, pretty dodgy of them to try it on NBN too.


      Agreed, it would be nice if pricing wasn't discriminatory and just made it all the same price.


        I can’t think off the top of my head any other provider which does it on the NBN. There could be some though.

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        As I understand it the NBN pricing structure does not encourage or force this; if anything it is reverse discrimination in that the cost to the NBN of connections in the country is higher than in populated cities and connections in cities are forced to subsidise.

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          that the cost to the NBN of connections in the country is higher than in populated cities and connections in cities are forced to subsidise.

          Well yeah, kinda the way the entire country has to work with there being cross subsidies between city and country. If it wasn’t for that, no one would be able to live outside of the cities.

          Exetel are charging more simply due to the backhaul agreements they have for country POI’s, or else they’re just being dodgy. I’d put it down to more the latter but they do offer a good price for people who do live on a metro POI.


      Eh, some of the places they've got to either build to or lease backhaul are in the middle of nowhere.

      That said, I'm surprised they don't eat the increased cost like most other RSPs do.


      I'm in country Vic and my price didn't go up. I recall reading the Exetel threads on Whirlpool and someone on the Gold Coast was complaining that there was an extra charge for them. I'm not sure how they work that extra charge bit out.

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    Hi OP - Should be $679.88 total cost, I think the $739.88 is for unlimited.

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    exetel has always been this price ?

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    Very dodgy customer service. If the connection works it works otherwise you're doomed trying to sort it out with support.

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    i was sorta discouraged from Exetel by the OzB community which i actually really appreciated because comments were coming from real-time users. A few mentioned Whirlpool Forums where i found a few users in my immediate area who said it worked pretty well. I ended up doing it anyway because i only had a select few approved suppliers via Opticomm and Internode were getting pretty rubbish for me….We ended up signing up to Fibre100 and haven't had any issues pulling 87.5-95.1 Download and a pretty steady 38.0-38.5 Upload at any time of the day.

    Their customer service is pretty rubbish if you use their call-back service, but once you are on the phone with them, i have found they have been….ok


    Exetel owners have an abysmal attitude towards their customers. Likening them to cattle.

    The founder, and then owner, John Linton used to publish his 'musings' regularly on the Exetel website.

    One of them was titled "Sometimes You Have to Cull The Herd".

    Referring to dumping the top downloaders from their network, especially those on unlimited plans, including many still in contract, and those who complained too much.

    "It would in fact be a true kindness to ensure that these, very few, people who are so unhappy with such a trivial aspect of their lives (an internet service) are helped to put an end to their misery by forcing them to take the one action that will solve all their problems - moving to another ISP of their choice and getting the perfect service that they have been at such pains to point out to Exetel isn't being delivered to them by Exetel and endangering their health by working themselves up in to a wild frenzy of anger and bitter vituperation." …

    "A bit like a vet being forced to put down an animal who has so badly been injured no vet can fix the problem."

    Still owned by the same family. I wouldn't give them a cent, out of principle.

    But for those who don't care about such things, they were pretty good on ADSL.

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      Yes John Linton was sometimes like that to customers he thought were abusing the system. It was also early days of the internet and broadband where bandwidth was costly and they were a very lean operation.

      Having said that, if he thought you were a loyal customer he could be extremely generous, he gave discounts to "Pioneers" which were significant when he was alive.

      John Linton was a real character, he told Microsoft to stick it back in the day and installed OS/2 Warp on all his PCs instead.

      He company Osbourne Computers then foldered up.

      Exetel gives good basic service and a cheap price.

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    I am happy Exetel coustomer from last four months. FTTC connection 50/20 500GB getting a 44down 17 up consistent. Can't complain as it is one cheapest isp on the market. I had aussie bb and mungi connections before exetel thery are slightly good on speed (47/18) need pay 20% more.

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    They also don't charge for static IP


      This is a big plus compared to the messy shared IP MyRepublic use. Now I can access my Plex server with no pain.

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    I went to Exetel after Telecube folded. There's been some small issues but they've been resolved. Their provisioning for new connections is slow, my experience was connected 3 or 4 days after sign-up and I'm on FTTP.

    I had evening slow-downs with high ping recently, can report that while slow to respond via email (they're clearly all offshore and took maybe 48 hours to get back to me) their support people were able to help out and I think the problem has been resolved. They asked me to manually select their DNS in my router and change my IP. It seems to have worked and the last few nights have been back to normal low ping and around 43/18 speed. I think I have a decent level of tech knowledge, I reckon if I didn't I would have struggled with their instructions on how to diagnose the problem. Perhaps if you need a high level of support Exetel is not for you.

    I think they're very well priced (probably one of the cheapest) and worth a go for anyone looking. I would recommend taking the month-to-month option for $5 more. That way you can leave if it's no good.

    When I signed on you could begin the sign-up process, leave it for about 3 days, then check your emails as they would send you a $20 off code carrot for you to complete your sign-up.

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