expired JETSTAR: Flights to Auckland from $199 return (SYD/MEL/OOL) & Queenstown from $200 return (SYD/OOL)


Destination: Auckland & Queenstown
Airline: Jetstar
Valid Departure Dates: 8 March to 3 April 2019 (limited availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out




  • Nonstop flights.
  • This fare is inclusive of carry-on luggage only. For checked-in bags, additional charges apply.

Frequent Flyer:

  • These cheap airfares are not eligible for frequent flyer mileage.

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  • +1 vote

    Was hoping for Queenstown from Melbourne!

  • +1 vote

    Very good price. Currently hunting for flights from SYD to Queenstown 12 Aug '19 to 20 Aug '19.


    Got what i needed but i do wish jetstar would have 20kg luggage included even if the price is higher who whats to go international with 7 kg or no bag
    so the $199 fare works out to $310.still ok but red eye flight.


      People who are going for less than a week.

    • +1 vote

      Why does flying internationally require more stuff than flying domestically?

      I could very easily go internationally with just a cabin bag - and did so regularly when I used to live in Europe.


      who whats to go international with 7 kg

      I would, for new zealand.
      There isn't more than 7kg of stuff that I must have with me.
      I know in the past, you could wear a few shirts, jumper, jacket over top of each other, to get a bit more clothes. I guess this is still possible.
      I would buy op shop clothes once I get there even. Don't really need to take anything to new zealand IMHO. Arrive with the clothes on my back, and I would expect everything is easy enough to work out (and same as here) . Ie. Find cheap op shops, find cheap spots to get everything else you need while you're there (choice cheapies perhaps).
      Good that you pointed out about the no luggage included, thankyou. I wouldn't have known otherwise


    Any deals for July?
    Whats considered cheap(est) for july to South Island?


        looking to go the last week of the school holiday mid-week until end of July.
        historically whats the good return price from SYD to Queenstown? so far what I can find is just less than 500, around 480 return.. more than double the off-peak price i.e. 200 return..


            @JamesSmart: Thanks mate that's helpful. I'll see if it's cheaper few days after.
            Since I will be there in winter and will mostly be driving, do I need snow chain for the tyres?

            Nzd 55 per day is quite cheap. I checked Hertz and it's like 100 per day!!
            Are the secondary providers not dodgy? I have amex benefits with hertz hence checked it first thing but it's double the price


    For Auckland, if you don't mind bussing, get the flight that lands at 7pm. Saves about $50 compared to getting a cab into the city. $200 airfare, $60 cab fare :)


    Whats OOL? NVM it's Brisbane.