This was posted 2 years 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Brita Aluna 3.5l XL Jug & 13 Maxtra+ Filters - $103.20 Delivered @ Brita


The filters alone should be over $150 so this works out pretty cheap.

Add the jug for $30 then the 12 pack of filters for $99.


Use the code WELCOME2019 to get 20% off your first order and the total comes in at $103.20 which is just over the $100 required to get free delivery.

The jug also comes with a filter so you're getting 13 all up. So about $6.60 per filter and a large jug + filter for $24.

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  • Not bad. Filters are 8bux when on special at woolies and coles. So you get the jug for free in this deal

  • are the plus filters compatible with older jugs

    • Yes, it’s just a rebranding/renaming of the original filters. They’re all “plus” now.

      It’s interesting to see if filters are actually worth it. I’ve used them for years because the taste is so much better, but I also read that using them actually has less health benefits than straight out of the tap as bacteria grows inside the filter when it’s in the jug.

  • Does this 3.5L has a same size "filter tank" as the 2.4L?
    I have a love-hate relationship with these jugs… Love the Versatility but hate the weight and unusable space….

    • I find you can pretty much fill up the whole filter tank, it just takes won't filter until the water level drops.

  • Anyone know if the filter cartridges/filters ever expire? As in do they lose efficacy in filtering if kept in storage over long periods of time eg:1-2+years?

    • Interested to know the answer, just fount two old maxtras still packed sitting in one of the storage boxes 4 years after our relocation.

  • Thanks, just ordered 12 filter pack as I already have enough jugs.

    • Isn't shipping $16 for you? So you paid $96 All up? Extra $7 for the jug and another filter surely worth the extra..

  • Alternatively, if you really don't want the jug, just buy 24 filters and get free shipping.
    Wonder if the limescale filters are worth it?

  • Just buy the replica filters for ebay. You can get 8 for $35. Brita are a rip off. It's just carbon in them. It's a shame you can just refil the carbon like you can with fish tanks because then it would be about 20c per refill.

    • Great idea considering the energy consumption for unnecessary manufacture of these cartridges and subsequent disposal costs. May come true if the Greens end up wining the election miraculously!

  • Maybe Cheaper in Aldi at the moment

  • Anyone tried the 8.2 L and have any thoughts vs the jugs?