Hills 20m Auto Hose Reel $49 @ Bunnings


This is still available at good price. Enjoy :)

The Auto Reel smoothly and easily unwinds the hose enabling you to stop at any point to water. The reel’s mechanism automatically locks so that you don’t have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose, simply pull the hose and the mechanism will unlock allowing you to easily water various parts of your garden. When it is time to rewind the hose, a simple tug unlatches the drum, and the Auto Reel’s automatic rewind system takes over and neatly coils the hose with no kinks tangles or effort.

  • Clean, tidy & easy to use
  • 20m of durable, kink resistant hose
  • Wall mounted on a bracket that pivots 180 degrees allowing easy access to all areas of the garden

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    If it's not a Hoselink, you're the trailer trash of the neighbourhood.

    Source - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/416434#comment-6587786

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      Personally I think hoselink is junk.
      You have to use their ecosystem of fittings which is a pain in the ass.
      I find they leak at the joins and don't retract fully.

      I'm a gardener and use various different hoses every day at different jobs.

      Hozelink is my least favourite.

      I have never used this Hills one so can't comment.

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        Hey Axlton :) thanks for the info, what brand would you recommend? I know a pestie who uses Holman for their pressurised sprayer, do you think that would do the trick?

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        Good input. Similarly, what do you recommend?

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        @Axlton Hozelink is my least favourite.

        Are you confusing Hoselink and Hozelock?

        Hoselink is premium priced, seems good quality, easy to use (I've had mine since just before Christmas) and has its own ecosystem, but converts easy enough, doesn't seem to leak. Based on my experience to date, I'm happy with it, but in my experience, the test for all reels is how long they last.

        Hozelock is often confused with Hoselink. Premium priced, but not as expensive as Hoselink and reviews seem much more mixed.

        I've not tried using either brand to wash trash out of a trailer.


        Hoselink don't have a retraction mechanism. They twist on and off. I think you're confused.


        I have recently installed a Hoselink and think the fittings are awesome. You don't have to change all the fittings unless that is what you want to do. I made an adapter so I can use regular fittings as well. The adapter cost me $6 in materials. You can also buy one on their website.

        Haven't noticed any leaks or problems with the retraction myself but I have only been using it a couple of months so far.


          I also had to make up an adapter. I found that after a couple of years the auto retract mechanism fails and doesn't fully retract. Ive seen this on three seperate hoses.

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      Heybargain's comment was clearly a joke but as usual the negs roll in from dull people with no sense of humor.


      don't know why people are downvoting you, that was hilarious.
      Doubt you meant it seriously nervously laughs

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      My Hoselink system is over 5 years old and used every day without any issues whatsoever. Nor do I treat it gently. I bought a couple of adapters so I can use standard attachments such as spray nozzles, as all sprayers eventually leak.


      Hoselink is the RM Williams of hose systems

      Hose reels all look very similar but the quality is generally better hence the snobbery.
      In general if you see them hanging off the wall at the front of a house it implies that the home is more likely to be owner occupied, has a more than a passing interest in gardening and that the crime rate is not too substantial in the neighbourhood particularly if they are not padlocked

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    How much are these things before?

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    I think this is just a continuation of this deal


    I have seen these at various bunnings stores for at least 3 months at $49.

    Not sure why my linked deal is marked as expired.

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      Yes. This deal has never expired and I purchased only 2 weeks ago.

      I must admit it is not a great product, destiny is going rubbish soon.
      It has 2 years warranty, that means keep the receipt handy.

      If you are looking for a cheap one try $20 at SCA
      This one has one year warranty but worth inside the hose, the rest is looks like free

      I checked this one in Bunnings looked lot better than the rest with price tag $99


        We bought that Holman one, nothing but trouble from the day we bought it. Had two replacements. Leaks from inside on all 3, hose split on one, reel stopped working on two. Didn't bother going back for a third replacement.

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          wtf.. almost the same story. ours grew aneurysms and then split, and had it replaced twice.
          got a refund.
          I have since (thanks to a post on whirlpool) found the best hose that's a lot cheaper than all these 'brand name hoses'. It isn't retractable though.

          Multiflex 10mm 20m hose. Industrial type hose, can be used for air/water (high pressure etc). I paid $35 https://www.justtools.com.au/multiflex-high-pressure-airawat...

          Had it a month or so and it's fantastic.


        They increased in price back around the $79, hence why the deal was expired.
        Looks like they've decreased it back again to the $49.


        Thanks @sabric

        I have a Holman one… it's been going OK for about 3 months so far.

        I heard that these Pope ones may be controlled retraction?
        (i.e. just let it wind itself)
        Is that true?

        (The Holman one is meant to be gently guided back into the reel… its spring is very aggressive)

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    I bought one last week and it seems to be of reasonable quality, I guess time will tell if the components are UV resistant but happy so far.


    Pretty decent quality, there was a cheaper one from bunnings for around $29/39 and it's base was terribly flimsy!


    I have used this for over a month, decent piece of equipment for the price. Time will tell if it will last.


    Can anyone comment on if the water pressure is effected with the house reel?



    Interested to get one. Wondering what is the quality of this one vs the one from Pope and/or Holman?


    FWIW, got the Pope one from a few yrs ago on the front lawn and its still going strong.


    Would love to know if these are UV stabilised.

    I have a cheapy (Aqua Systems?) retractable reel about 5 years old and the green housing has turned all pale green almost white and chalky and looks horrible.

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    so as a cfs firefighter, just going to say this…

    These are all total ****** ****** ***** ***** and a ***** of a ****.

    None of these are good at holding pressure, preventing leaks or charging lines. All of them die with UV exposure.

    And the irony is we have 3 different versions of these at two of our local stations for low yield station watering.

    And each time we have to use these we wonder why the companies that handle our basic quick attack sideline units which are in effect the same thing just larger don't just make consumer level models as we next to never have issues with them, and when we do they are easily repairable or easy to remedy.

    Why consumer level stuff can't just use stortz universal connectors is an absolute farce.


      I want something that won't break down on me and that i won't have to replace (because i'm mounting it and it'll be a nuisance to do so).

      Can you recommend anything? Perhaps no more than $150?


        A couple of questions you can ask yourself - How much use will it get? And what length of hose do you need? (measure the distance from your tap to the furthest point you intend to water)


          Twice daily watering plants/lawn.

          I need 2, 20m and 10m


            @banipal753: Will one 30m hose cover everything or do your tapping point locations make it more feasible to run two hoses?


              @cornbeef: My tapping point locations make it more feasible to run two hoses =)


                @banipal753: Hi banipal and sorry for the late reply. Either the hoselink or hozelock systems are going to be pretty expensive for a set of two, easily set you back $300+, so much depends on your budget. $100 for two of these might work well for you and the warranty looks OK. Theoretically you could get 6 years value out of something like these for the price you might pay for an expensive system. Assuming you get close to two years service and they are still available over that time.

                YMMV as others have stated, though if you look after them, particularly walk the hose when it reels in and ensure an even spread across the spindle, then you might be satisfied with their durability.

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    I bought one around six weeks ago. I am happy with it the spring seems strong and overall good value and quality. If you need something for fast and easy hand watering of plants and gardens this is an absolute bargain. Better than any Holman product out there.

    I find it's not so great with sprinklers though I use the 13mm gardenia hoses for that to get that little bit of extra pressure. I have a big yard …

    You will also need to get an 8mm masonry bit if you are mounting it to concrete or a brick wall…

    Recommended product..49$ and 2 year warranty you cannot go wrong…

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    To the firefighters, career gardeners and astronauts..

    It's all good that you guys post your opinions, but it will be equally helpful if you then follow it up with what you would actually recommend us poor ignorant folks to purchase and use.

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      Multiflex High Pressure Air/Water Hose 20m x 10mm (I got this tip from a post on whirlpool) - the hose is fantastic. (not a retractable hose though, never had much luck with those anyway).
      Only cost me $35.

      • Length: 20m
      • Hose Diameter: Internal - 10mm & External - 13mm.
      • High Pressure Air Lines.
      • Low Temperature Flexibility.
      • Abrasion Resistant.
      • Kink Resistant.
      • Bond Strength.
      • Burst Pressure.
      • Ideal for use with an air compressor.
      • Working Pressure: 290psi @ 20ºC.
      • Made in Australia.


    With the concerns with UV degradation of the plastic housings, have any OBs tried painting a new one as a protective measure?