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[SYD] 30% off Ola Rides


Get 30% off your Ola rides. Apply coupon SYD30 to redeem. Valid for 15 rides, capped at $8 per ride until 17 Feb 19.

Take a screenshot when booking - have often found they charge more after the ride and have to contact them for a refund, but can still be cheaper than Uber.

Also $25 flat airport rides: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/436558

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Referrer gets $20 credit & referee receives $10 off their 1st trip.

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    I tried to catch one this morning … the price kept jumping around 30-50% variance, between successive quotes.

    I find it hard to trust the app.

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    Doesn't work on my account, I think this is targeted. Thanks anyway.

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    Both ola and 13 cabs app are so unreliable. It’s a shame because Uber needs better competition.

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      • DiDi drivers took longer route and customer services are useless

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    I tried to use them for the first time at the airport the other night. I had my first 3 rides accepted, then cancelled.

    I eventually got one after about 20-30mins. I asked the driver told me that in Ola, the driver gets to see your destination before they accept and can cancel even if they do accept (usually when they see a better fare available) With Uber they can't see your destination until after they accept the job, then apparently they can't cancel (but experience says they can, but its rare, I'm guessing they can say they can't find you).

    I also had wild pricing going from $27, then $35, then $43, then $35. Then the onr I did catch said $33, but eventually it cost ~$28

    I'd use them if I wasn't in a hurry (e.g. getting home from a mate's place), but not if I was waiting around outside or needed to go somewhere soon.

    • Have had similar experiences with all apps (inc Uber) at the airport - the driver will call up and ask where you're going. If you answer something they don't want to hear (ignore them / bad suburb) - they just "sit" on the app until you cancel (so they don't get charged)

      • Yeah these guys didn't even attempt to contact me, they just cancelled 5mins after accepting the job.

        Never had that prob personally, missus did a few weeks back in Melb CBD. Complainted to uber & got $20 credit. But neither of us have had issues at the airport.

  • Buyer beware with Ola. Have had multiple problems with them.
    1) I never received referral money on sign up despite using my friends code, nor did she
    2) Cabs just never showed up before, the app seemed to freeze. No explanation
    3) Misleading terms on the introductory SYD50 code where it suggests you use the code and you get 50% off rides for the next 14 days… No, actually you have to enter the code everytime.
    4) Not a single reply from Ola customer service on any of the above, after sending multiple messages to them.

    Maybe I had bad luck, but if you read other reviews on OzB you'll see similar problems crop up

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