San Francisco Return from Gold Coast $752 / Sydney $783 / Melbourne $766 / Brisbane $793 (May to October) @ Air NZ


Cheap flights to San Francisco! Air New Zealand has under $800 Return from SYD, and low prices from elsewhere too.

How to find dates…

1) Search directly on skyscanner, or as I used flightscout: - seems to sometimes be a dollar or two cheaper than the advertised FS price though once you get to skyscanner.
2) If on flightscout, choose departure city and see available cheap dates.
3) Book
4) ??
5) Fly!

Airline: AIRNZ
FF: Airnz Airpoints
Alliance: StarAlliance

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  • +3 votes

    What a shame the AirNZ/VA alliance doesn't exist any more as if this earned status credits and matched VA status it'd be a great flight..


    is this as low as it gets for sydeny <-> San fran?


      Usually under $800 is the magic number. It's fairly rare to get much lower, and on such a good airline. You can always play around with your ideal dates though on Skyscanner/FlightScout/BeatThatFlight etc and see what else you find.

    • +4 votes

      Is that you, Juan Antonio Samaranch?

  • +1 vote

    Ah, San Francisco - Americas biggest public toilet.
    Truly worth a visit! Before buying any tickets I recommend watching this video:

    • +2 votes

      Dunno what doofus negged you. I've been to both LA and SF and can confirm at least some of this stuff. I enjoyed my trip had always wanted to go to SF since a child but they are probably the 2 most ironic and hypocritical places i've ever been (imagine they were much better 20 years ago) and would not return other than as a layover. Vegas on the other hand - awesome!


    I want to downvote as whenever I book a cheap AirNZ fare, they state it was an error and refuse to honour it unlike Cathay, Virgin, Singapore and almost every other full-service carrier in the world. Don't get excited about a cheap AirNZ fare until you have your boarding pass.


    Jesussss that's cheap, and full PEAK coverage!!


    Boo no Adelaide love :(


    Any tips on what to do where to stay, hotel's aren't cheep there :(


      Consider spending a few nights in Oakland and San Jose to save some money on accommodation :)

      Because downtown SJ seems to mainly be a business center, I found it very cheap to stay there on weekends

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