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Nintendo Classic Mini $59, Super Nintendo Classic 'SNES' Mini $79 @ Kmart (In-Store Only)


Found this at my local Kmart seems to be a pretty good deal compared to other retailers at the moment so I thought I’d grab them both.

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    Both are a great deal at that price. The SNES Mini in particular is brilliant once hackchi'd and filled with SNES games.

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    Note that the NES comes with one controller and the SNES comes with two ($20). However, the SNES can be modified to play NES games, so it’s best to choose the latter.

    • The NES can play SNES games too, there's no difference in performance.

      The only difference is the SNES comes with an extra controller.
      The wired controllers suck anyway.
      Get the NES and spend the extra on wireless controllers.

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        Also the fact that the SNES controllers actually have enough buttons for SNES games.

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          SNES controllers have enough buttons for SNES games? Isn't it what we all expect anyway?

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        The controllers can be mixed and matched e.g you can buy the nes hack it and use the SNES mini controller on it right out of the box and vice versa

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      What's the point of buying them if you're going to modify them lol

      • Add more games.

        That, and it’s much quicker to assemble than a Raspberry Pi.

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    My local Kmart has stopped selling all disc media, including games, after being refitted. It’s in a major Westfield, so I wonder if other kmarts will follow suit and these won’t be restocked?

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      But this has no discs..?

    • Yeah my local has had no games for quite a few years now well except for a copy of bioshock infinite on 360 they have been trying to sell for five years or more

  • Many left OP?

    • I was able to get the last NES from the back and they only had one more SNES

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    Didn't know Kmart still sold gaming stuff!

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    Both products were bought into stores for Christmas time and aren’t on everyday range. So these would of been in every store but stock will now be patchy across the network.

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      Probably only available in rural areas that didn't have electricity when the original consoles came out.

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    This is a discontinued item so pick up one now or miss out. Nintendo said no intention of making any more. I absolutely love mine and it’s basic to mod just plug into USB port and run the mod software.

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      They’re still relatively easy to find in stores, but this a great price.

      I spotted some preowned SNES Minis bagged up behind the counter at EB the other day, for the “bargain” price of $98. https://ebgames.com.au/loot-236100-Nintendo-Classic-Mini-Sup...

    • You can also get both via Amazon AU. Have been able to for ages!

    • There's been millions sold the market will be flooded with pre owned ones soon

  • Good luck finding stock

  • Target have controller extension cables for both consoles for $2 well, both consoles have same connection… So… Yeah whatever O.o

  • I wonder how all the people who payed scalpers prices for the NES classic on ebay feel now :)

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      Hopefully there's a lot of those scalpers out there stuck with not being able to recoup their money.

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    When you half want one, but you got an NVIDIA SHIELD not too long ago and like, that thing can play everything. Decisions, decisions.

    Great price either way though. I knew it would happen sooner or later, whenever I've been in a K-Mart lately, I've made an effort to get them to do a price check for me on both just in case of something like this. Either it's not in every K-Mart, or it's a very recent drop, as the last time I asked my local was maybe a week ago.

    • Are the SNES emulators good enough to use on the shield these days?

    • I went the raspberry pi 3 way and all up cost around $130 mark.

      • does it run well with no lag.
        thinking of getting one

    • What emulator are you referring to?

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    PSA for the community. Southland Vic had 5+ of each. The consoles are in a clearance section in front of home entertainment customer service but on a bottom shelf not readily visible. This was as of 10 pm COB 13th Feb.

    Had a sh¹+ experience trying to buy the snes. So save ppl the BS, grab and get out.

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    Belconnen ACT has 3 SNES and around 6 Classic minis.

  • Broden the lot and straight to gumtree/ebay and just add a 0 to the end of the price. Or is that not a thing anymore?

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    • I'd say not as the NES/SNES minis became slightly more available some time ago. Thus most people should already own at least one of each. I have multiple units o f both (one to use, one to have on display, one unopened in case the one I use ever breaks).

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        Hold onto it for a couple of years and see what the going price is then.

      • Why would you not just have two, one to play, one to display, and then if your playing one dies, just put the carcass of it on display..?

        Like, you care enough to have one on display, I'm assuming you don't treat your toys like shit, so the playing one would presumably be in displayable condition, no?

        • Well I was being cautious, nobody knows how long the units will last…. if it breaks I have replacements ready to go. And I also have multiple backup controllers too.

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    Team discount = OP is associated?

    • Possible, but it could be a mate who works there, since Part Time staff members get two discount cards for sharing.

    • Thought the same, but he had associated ticked in a target deal. So possibly a target TM.

  • I saw a NES and SNES Classic at the Broadway store a week ago, they've probably been picked up, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

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    Just picked up the NES classic from Kmart Lidcombe. They have 3 NES classics left and 1 SNES classic left.

  • 3 nes's and 7 snes's left at The pines VIC (Templestowe).
    Remember people, dont be like a Brodan. Nobody likes a Brodan. The Brodan is a lonely, friendless, souless, animal.
    Picked up a nes, already had a snes, great price, thanks OP!

  • Burwood NSW - No SNES, about 5 NES were available 1 hr ago.

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    happened to be in eastland, none in stock.

    Missus picked me up one from chirnside park for valentine's, 28 more showing on their system there

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    I went to Kmart at Rhodes today.. NES was $99…

  • Picked up the NES at Top Ryde today. It’s kept behind the service counter. No SNEs in stock. There were a few NES left in the morning.

    Nothing available in Chatswood even though the system showed there were 7 SNEs left (went there for nothing).

  • 2 Nintendo classic mini spotted tonight (just now) at Erina Fair at service desk

  • Can I plug this into my arcade 1 up at all?

  • I got the last SNES at Kmart southland tonight about 8.30pm and grabbed a NES as well. There was 4 NES machines left if anyone is interested in grabbing one.

  • Lots of NES in Merrylands, NSW. Looking for SNES though :(

  • There is still 7 avail at karratha wa (as at 14/02)
    Ask them to transfer (send) to your nearest store

    • Did you successfully manage to do this and was this for the SNES or the NES?

      • snes' tell 'em a staff member informed you about getting 1 transferred

  • Yesterday (Thursday) there were about 10 NES units (but no SNES units) left at Bendigo K-Mart. They're behind the tech/printing counter and easily visible.

  • Thanks Op! was able to pick one last unit for SNES from Werribee. FYI, Kmart Keilor still has 2 units left for NES (as of end of 14th Feb). Per my experience, the staff does not know about it as they will always say "Kmart does not keep gaming consoles!". And I had to convince them to look up product at the back or via system using the code provided in OP's snapshot. A great deal to buy SNES! Thanks again and Good luck!

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    Neither at Bondi Junction.

  • I had a friend drop into Kmart in Halls Head, WA. He bought two but forgot to ask if there were more. Worth a shot if you're in town?

  • Got the last snes at Parkmore Kmart. They had about 3 nes left on the counter. Said they don't take refunds on it. Going to play some Zelda and mana. Thanks OP

  • A few of snes are available at Melton Kmart

  • Got the last SNES @ Blacktown, NSW. 1 NES left.

    Bloody OzBargain FOMO strikes again.

    I researched a bit about modding a RP3 and running emulators but that requires a lot of effort (although you can do so much more with it). Then again, modding this SNES will require some effort too.

    • A little bit of effort but I managed to do it without bricking it

      And now it just sits there gathering dust :)

    • Plenty of stock at KMart Stanhope Gardens.

  • Just picked up a snes at Werribee, I had to ask at the service counter. They said they had a few more snes left but no nes.

  • Also found this at the counter next to the Nintendos

    Kiipix Photo Printer - Black $19 Normally $49

    Note that only the BLUE one is on clearance, the black and pink? are still regular price of $49.

  • Snagged one before, thx op.

    1 left at broady Kmart, down the back next to the service desk.

  • Sold out in Altona and Footscray, apparently a few left in Tarneit

    • Well I got the last SNES in Tarneit, and there were 5 NES left

  • None at all in Corio, Waurn Ponds, Belmont :(

  • There are still about 5 NES at the Halls Head Kmart in WA. Just saw them today (Sat. 23 Feb, 2019). Also, still a couple of the extension cables (2 per $2 pack) at Meadow Springs, WA Target as of 22 Feb.


    Edit: also had $5 chargers on clearance at Target, as well.

  • anyone find any in Brisbane to gold coast area ???

  • Just been to Cranbourne (VIC) Kmart (27 Feb at 4pm)and they have both consoles in the entertainment section behind the counter. Marked as clearance. $59 and $79 respectively. About 10 Snes and 5 Classic left

  • 1 NES in Adelaide CBD

  • Just got my Classic NES at Kmart Shellharbour behind the service counter. There's now only one left after I got mine. If I hadn't seen this, I would've missed it. Had the original for about 30 years.

    Thanks helpmeplease101.

  • A bit late to the game but has anyone spotted a NES anywhere in VIC?

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