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$5 off When You Spend $30 at OzGameShop


These guys are pretty cheap, I have used them before and shipping is FREE, and normally within a week or just over for me, and the prices are in AUD.

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  • Some pretty good pricing overall, just sent them a msg to check if some of their PC games work with Steam etc.

  • They actually have really good price on some items.
    Please note that they're based in UK tho, so shipping might not be your typical 2-3 days.
    Thanks for this. Bookmarked.

  • expect 2-4 weeks for delivery

    • To be safe, yes, you should expect this, but my previous 2 orders from here have been less than a week. I've been extremely impressed.

      • That is impressive, my two orders have been 16 working days. Having said that, they were around 1st December so I guess it was their busy period..


        I just received an order in 11 days (over the easter period). Very impressed. Saved myself $50 as well but could have been $55. Good luck to Will and Kate. Can't wait to watch it tonight :-)

      • GASP
        You're saying Ozgameshop delivers to your door faster than CoTD processes their order?

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      I bought shogun 2 and CoD4 a month or two ago and they came in 3 days, I was astounded. The 3DS games I ordered a fortnight after that took 6 days.

  • something wrong with the site? just placed an order and im getting a lot of emails from them!

  • site is slow at the moment

  • Would these guys have an issue with splitting up orders to maximize the savings? I want to buy two dual shocks, which are both over $30.

    • You've probably found out by now, but anyway, I got the message: "You have already used this voucher code. Please note that vouchers are limited to 1 per account/customer/household".

  • Their postage is not the fastest as a lot of their stock comes from the UK

    But saying that the most it has taken me is a 1 week and a hald to get to me

  • I got PS3 Move Starter Pack from ozgameshop.com for $69, dispatched 20/4 and just arrived (29/4) - 9 days including the 5 public holidays! mwave.com.au can't send a game down the road in that time!

  • Their prices aren't the best in town, but I've used them repeatedly cause I've never had shipping issues with them

  • Hm you can get Black Ops on PC for $34 incl. delivery with that. Pretty good!
    And this time you will actually get it.

  • Hi guys, make sure you check out dvd.co.uk and compare prices - they do charge shipping (£1.39 for 1 item to Melb metro), but they deduct VAT which is 20%. So for example, COD Black Ops (360) is $47 after discount at ozgameshop, but at dvd.co.uk is £26.38 shipped, which would be $42.20 at a purchasing exchange rate of 1 GBP to 1.6 AUD. I believe the exchange rate might even be better at the moment.

    I have bought a PlayTV and a 360 game from these guys, no probs with either. The game took a few weeks - it got held up by customs, who must have been looking for Mortal Kombat or something! PlayTV arrived in 1 week.

  • Good prices if you're willing to wait a month for delivery. Never had a delivery come less than a month from them.


    What games would worth $30, I wonder…

    Also check out their eBay site, they usually are cheaper…
    Worthwhile if you are buying under $30

  • Happy purchaser! Purchased ps3 controller and remote for $75 :-)

  • Just bought BRINK.
    Was already tossing up buying it as it was the cheapest online.
    $5 off just sealed the deal.

  • After I buy from online UK shops….
    I notice I get extra charges on my crdit card as follows:


    Do you also experience this additional charges?

    • i get a once off fee usually 25c per $10.00. conversion fee I believe
      happens on eBay stores in foreign currency and book depository

  • Hi, I was just wondering how you get the $5 off when you spend over $30. I checked out a few of their items last week and they are still the same price with no mention of the $5 off anywhere on the site.

    • Is this a troll post? It's your first, thats all.

      It only JUST started, and you have to enter the coupon code "WILLSANDKATE" at checkout.

    • Why neg the newbie? He's probably new (1 month old account) and asked a simple question - it should be simple enough to answer.

      • Thanks johndoe789.

        And nope, it wasn't a troll post. As mentioned, I joined up not long ago and didn't realize that the WILLSANDKATE at the top had to be entered in the coupon at checkout as it wasn't mentioned anywhere.

        Anyway, thanks for the help… both of you. :)

  • If you paid by Credit Card, and you are paying UK Pound to the UK Web-site, you will get "International transaction Fee" from your credit card provider.
    Some charge 2%-3% of AUD Value.
    It is normal :)

    • thanks….

      Now I know have to consider those fees when buying online from UK websites if it is really cheap then buying on AUS online websites. Website I was talking about was Zavvi.

      Ozgameshop was in AUD…. Will I also get charge with international transaction fees?

      • No Int charges. They wear the cost their end.

        Get a 28 degrees mastercard from GE money if you want to buy in foreign currencies.

        • Thanks…

          I used Coles Credit Card which I believe is also owned by GE.
          They charge me international fee / cross border fees etc…

          I will try westpach CC and if they charge the same fees.

  • Got need for speed hot pursuit xbox for $36