This was posted 2 years 7 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] U98 Mobil Supreme+ 98 $1.109/L @ 7-Eleven Fairfield East


May have run out of 91 ? Lock it in while it lasts :)

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    For those wanting to use a non-jailbroken iPhone to lock in,

    Change Location of Non Jailbroken iPhone / iPad (Releasing Personal App)

    And if going to the centre of Fairfield, VIC doesn’t work, try at

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      Exact coords for 7-Eleven Fairfield East


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      too hard…

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        too bad, so sad

      • Cnr Station St & Darebin Rd, Fairfield Vic.

    • Fairfield, Fairfield VIC, it works.

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      So how does this work?

      Connect iPhone
      Start program, refresh devices, and set location
      then run 7/11 app in phone?

      I did that and it didnt work (have iTunes installed)

      Edit: worked, put the phone in offline mode first, the app "downloaded" some stuff and then set the location, then opened the app and it was Fairfield. Opened up my data and locked in the price.

    • This did not work using my iPhone XS, but it worked fine on my wife's iPhone 8 Plus. I receive this error.

      Run-time error '9'':
      Subscript out of range

      • If you can post a screenshot of the app (the coloured fields) when the error shows up I might be able to help you.

        Edit: try with Wifi off, or phone in aeroplane mode

        • Tried those, but will try again.

    • Just use Nox on desktop instead?

      • Just another alternative for those who deem it 'too hard'

  • Damnnnn my current locked in price expires today 12am I assume ….. Hope this lasts until tomorrow morning!

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      You can see what time it expires if you view the voucher.

    • Just fill up 1L and use the existing voucher. That way you void your current..

      • Nah it expired at midnight, all is well just locked it in.

        If no one is aware this site, gives you the top best prices for 7-11 petrol.

        • Bloody hell, I cant find any 11-seven stores near me…

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        2L for minimum delivery if you want to burn existing voucher

  • Thanks, locked in!

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    Can I do this on a normal Android phone? If so then how so?

  • Thanks!

  • Excuse the noob question: Is there any harm to the car if I fill in U98 and the tank has some litres of U91 left?

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      no harm whatsoever

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      No harm at all, how do you plan anyway to deplete it fully and filling new one? 🙊

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        suck it dry

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          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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          That's what he said.

      • Park you car in a secluded place with the fuel cap open in a low demographic area.

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      Will actually give the ECU and everything else time to adapt. Best thing you could ever do for a car is run 98

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        3 idiots clearly don't know how the ECU works…

        I wonder if they know what a 'knock sensor' is and what it's for… nothing like having an ECU adjust the ignition timing back to where it should be. More power, better throttle response, less fuel usage, what's not to love!

        • A car designed for 91 octane, will have the tables set for 91, with only a tiny fraction of bit better, but will allow movement down to run on crappy fuel in order to save itself. Just because you put 98 octane in does not mean it will adjust all those table to work a lot more efficiency.

  • Thanks for the post 👍

  • Can't add funds Juliet error :(

    • Run down and grab a giftcard? Add the giftcard funds to the app

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    I've just locked in the 98, if I go fill up now, can I lock it in again? Is there a limit to how often I can lock? Or is it as long as I dont have one, I can get another?

    • yes

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      isnt it something like twice a daY?

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        Thanks! Just filled up and have relocked it! Happy days :)

  • Missed out :(

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      I just locked in 20 seconds ago.

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        Probably did nsw

      • Thanks all just had a problem of it not being in the radius of Fairfield Victoria. Cheers once again :)

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          Yeah, I had the exact same issue, I posted the exact coords above so people can hopefully use that instead of generic Fairfield VIC.

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      still avail

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      Still there.

  • Is 98 cheaper to run than 95 in the long run??

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      Depends if your engine knocks on 95

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      110.9 for 98 is cheaper than any 95 at 7 Eleven (122.9 I think ATM). If you can constantly find deals like this, then yes it'll be cheaper in the long run.

  • YOU CHAMPION! Just used my $1.28 voucher today!

  • I Can't resist a bargain and didn't look before I leeped. Noob 7eleven app user here, I just installed the app and locked in $80, when I fill up my cay next week and I only use $60, what happens to the remaining $20?

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      Very noob… the voucher is seperate to the funds on the app. Just put in as much fuel (or less) that you locked in and use the voucher. The funds will remain available to allow you to relock up to the limit of the amount of coin you have in the app.

      Just don't pay with the app itself and you'll be sweet to keep locking in again and again

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      Your $20 will remain in your account.

      A lot of people leave whatever amount they have on their account so that they can lock in whenever they want without having to recharge. So they pay with their card or cash and not the credit on the app. That's what I do anyway. I always have $80 on my account, ready to lock at any time.

      Hope that helps!

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        Unless you are in Melbourne( where petrol price always seem to be the cheapest) and can drive around and locking in price legitimately, leaving balance in your 7/11 account is not a good idea. I fairly sure what most us are doing here is against Term of Service (not judging anyone btw, i do it too) so if 7/11 happen to catch on to it, who know what happen to your credit if the suspend your account.

        That is why i always use my credit, only top up when i need to lock and use my credit as soon as possible.

        • No, leaving money in account is not against ToS
          Rather, they want you to keep money there, because that credit can be used to purchase anything in-store too, not just fuel.
          Slushies, newspaper, Krispy Kreems (mmmmmmmm, donuts)

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            @51ngh: He means the location spoofing is against ToS, so if your account is suspended for doing so you will probably lose your credit

            • @OZBMate8911: That would be a little known offence called "theft". The money is yours, not theirs, until it has been exchanged for a good or service. The fact that GST is not charged until such time as the petrol is actually bought would reinforce that no actual purchase has occurred until you exchange credit for product. As none of the terms permit them to not refund you when they terminate your account, I hardly think a magistrate would find in their favour to not return your funds.

        • I remember reading about someone who got banned and his money was refunded. Can't tell you where from as I can't remember but it's pretty safe really….

          For the record, I didn't neg you as you are entitled to your opinion.

          • @lightcn: Good to know this, thanks. Puts my mind at ease a bit. My local 7-11 always seems to have the same woman working at the counter who looks at me suspiciously the moment I get my phone out. Feels like a ban waiting to happen lol

        • You raise a good point. They don't take ur money now, but if they pull a PayPal and take it, it'll take a lot of effort to get the money back

    • The total balance $80 enables you to book petrol. Once used voucher pay at counter using cash or card for whatever amount you want to fill but keep $80 in app as it is. It will help you book new voucher otherwise if you pay by balance $80 at counter through app, your balance will reduce by that amount & you may need to top-up extra for new voucher booking.

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      Thanks for the help everyone.
      Now to drive around to use more fuel to spend money to save money.

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    Try Thornbury VIC 3071 if Fairfield doesn't work.

    • thanks so much

    • Thanks, thats help me

    • Legend only 1c more.

  • In my travels anyway but I still locked it in. Cheers 👍

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    Save your time and use either of the below web apps:

    No need for jailbreak, gps spoofing, etc.

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      Not sure if I would trust them with my login details. I'm happy doing what I'm doing :)

      • change password everytime afer use for security.;)

      • It's my understanding that the source code is available for audit. Also Freighter and Catalystic can't see any login details via logs. Not best OpSec to be using it I agree, but it's easier than faffing with GPS spoofing.

    • thank you bro again. works amazing.

    • How does one register for the first link?

      Second one appeared to be down at the time of posting this message.

      • you log in with your 7 eleven details

    • Thank you! Worked for me.. changed my password aswell.. 😛

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        Enjoy :)

        I personally made it for myself and friends at the start, so i decided i'd post it and people can use it if they wish.
        I definitely can't see any login details :)

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    After growing up in Fairfield, I never realised there was a Fairfield “East”.

  • Nice one

  • All gone? 128.9 now

    Edit: never mind, found it. Thanks OP

    • how did you manage to get it? I get 128.9 as well

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        Try search for Thornbury VIC 3071 as suggested by a member above

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    Perfect! Just used up my 119c/L 98 from Eltham today :)

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    Mobi.. Mobil North Cairns, 333 Sheridan Street. Come and See Me - The Crazy Kiwi.

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    First time downloading the 7-eleven app - loaded money onto card, in haste accidentally locked in 'Special Unleaded' instead of 98 and just then received a text from NAB with a temp block on card for suspicious activity! Winning! But hey apparently I get a free Krispy Kreme donut for registering…

  • just worked for me thanks

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    I wish I could do this on Samsung