expired Suntrsi Micro Memory Card 32GB Class 10 MicroSD US $3.67 (~AU $5.14) Delivered @ Suntrsi AliExpress


not as cheap as last time -AU$0.60 more expensive.

but if you need an inexpensive 32gb micro sd card then here's your deal.

not super fast, but if you need a basic 32gb microsd (e.g. music storage) then this looks good.

H2Testw results vary - some show write speed 5.11 MBytes/s , Read speed 5.22 MBytes/s other tests show write speed 9.76MBytes/s , Read speed 20.8 MBytes/s ?!?!

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    No name brands are hit & miss.
    Once ordered 32gb card from Chinese local website they forgot to give 30gb & received 2gb marked as 32gb.


      So are name brands. The whole write / read actual speeds with brands are just hit and miss unfortunately :(. Unless you go with the higher end products of a brands portfolio e.g. SanDisk Extreme


    Hasn't the price of these just crashed lately! I always used to use the rule of thumb of divide by 2 to see if it was good value. These are a no-brainer for very non-essential storage


      not too much.

      though I just bought a 256gb for $23 delivered. but for that price I'm expected a fake. but, I have been surprised (but more often disappointed) at such a low price point.

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    Genuine big brand ones are so cheap these days, why even bother with these? Good luck to anybody who does though.

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      Yeah I'm still sticking with "cheap does not a bargain make". Honestly to save $10 very easy to burn hours messing about testing, restoring data, and getting a refund. It's a gamble of course…


    I'm still waiting for order processing from last deal.
    2 days left to use the 'extend processing time' function. Might have to do that?
    it's my first order thru aliexpress.
    I recognise it is/was their new year break.

    what have been peoples experiences with extending processing time?


    Where are the cheapo USB sticks? With all the Samsung and Sandisk MicroSD deals in the last 12 months I couldn't possibly find a use for 1 more but some cheap USB's would still be handy. Faster than USB2 but slow USB3 speeds are fine for the right price.

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