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Kingston DataTraveler USB 3.0 Flash Drive 64GB $13.56 32GB, $13.84 for 2, 16GB $14.80 for 3 (eBay Plus) @ Apus eBay

  • 64GB @ $13.56
  • 32GB @ $13.84 for 2 ($6.92 ea)
  • 16GB @ $14.80 for 3 ($4.93 ea)

Thanks to r0xz for the Original 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Probably worth mentioning $10 postage…without eBay Plus anyway

    • I've been charged postage afterwards even with eBay Plus. What gives? Was showing free shipping.

      • Weird.. I got free shipping.

        • Yeah, it's odd. I ordered 3x 16GB. In the original e-mail from them it said "Delivery charges have not been included" and then a little while later I received another e-mail with a shipping charge added. I've sent them a message asking what's the story.

          • @shaneb: I'd check your PayPal - I suspect it probably wasn't charged to you, but they internally still need to have the charge there so they know what to charge eBay for Plus subscribers.

            • @derrynj: It looks like they've fixed it up. I checked Paypal first and it showed the shipping charge, but now it shows shipping charge and ebay plus shipping refund. All good now.

  • and all i wanted was 8gb to transfer W10 iso … lol

  • +2 votes

    How slooow?

  • this thing is so slow that usb3 is simply used just as a "advertising" point.

    Avg. Sustained Write Speed 8.82MB/s
    Avg. Sequential Write Speed 11.7MB/s

    isn't even close to maxing out USB2

    • it will take approx 93minutes to copy 64gb worth of data. Assuming it is a single file and sequential write.

      • @lplau Thanks. Saved some money !

      • These are hit and miss in terms of quality control. I own a 32GB version and it's the fastest USB 3 stick I won, about 114/75MB/s but it appears I got very lucky with my batch because I've not encountered anyone else with such a fast one.

        That said, I won't take my chances buying any more.

    • report if not usb 3 speeds and get refund for false advertising

      • USB3 is an interface type, not a speed specification. USB3 can theoretically do 5Gbps, do we therefore expect all USB3 devices to run that fast?

        • thought usb3 had min speeds aswell.

          I got a refund on mine when I bought 2 a few months back on eBay on the basis it was running lower than the minimum recommended speeds.

        • That doesn't make any real world sense. The USB type-A "connector" are the same for usb2 and 3 (usb3 has extra pins but it will fit in older sockets)

          The "interface" for usb3 without Usb2 backward compatibility would actually be a disadvantage because some older devices won't be able to read or boot off it.

          As the saying going, you cant polish a turd..

    • From the spec sheet: "Speed: 32GB, 64GB: 100MB/s read"

  • Would these be OK as boot drives for my linux appliance boxen?

  • any good recommendations for fast 16gb USBs?

  • Slow usb sticks have a few of them at work, they do my head it…

  • 64 gb on such a slow stick is kinda meaningless unless you want to wait an hour for stuff to copy

    • It depends on the use I suppose. I bought 2 x 64gb sticks to load music videos to play on my Pioneer car stereo, so i'm not in a hurry to load files onto them and i'd rather have a larger one than having to swap sticks over to change music.
      If you want a faster stick I suppose you pay more money and get one.

  • My Samsung T3 (real world write 400MB/S) has meant I never need to look at these again

    • Only good for a SSD to SSD write. You won't get near that if you are on a regular HDD read. Haha.
      But good though.

      I was an early adopter for the Sandisk Extreme USB sticks, which does around 200mb/s writes.

  • I paid $7 for 32gb version at MSY. They told me it was their regular price for the Kingston USB 3.0 model… If people just want the one and don't mind picking it up from their local store.

  • Just had a poke around and saw SanDisk 32GB Ultra Flair's for $10 here: www.ebay.com.au/itm/172355518311
    Might be a bit faster / more reliable. Grabbed a couple for the collection.

    • Sadly a bad one to choose for reliability. The Sandisk Ultra Flair is good for speed, but bad heat dissipation means it won't last as long.
      Try copying in a large file, then pull it out, it would be super hot.