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Seagate Backup Plus Portable 2TB Hard Drive $69.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU price: $69.3
you can price beat at OW. Final price $65.9

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Very good price and find OP. These drives are better than my Seagate basic ones and I also feel is better than the WD Passport in terms of speed. So far I also like their lifespan compared to others. Some of you may disagree depending on the QC of different batches but for this price point, these Seagate drives are really worth it.

    • Yep this is a lot faster than my 2tb elements and 4tb passport ultra. Also safely removes without issues unlike my WD’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a prime trial or an office works near work. Might start another trial if it’s still in stock later..

  • What's difference between this and https://www.amazon.com.au/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-Drive-S...

    I ordered that one on sat, should I cancel and get this instead?

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      The backup version has software on it that helps you back up. The expansion is more of just a drive with not much bloat on it.
      Source: I deduced it from their names.

      • Correct. The software is on the drive from factory and can be installed, or you can delete the folder like I did and never use it.

    • Thanks for your link - I missed the deal posted but bought the expansion drive. Not as good of a deal, but cheapest now that the above deal is sold out.

  • I've often had bad experiences with some of the older model Seagate cables… I find they are a bit flimsy.
    It often causes the HD to dock, undock, dock, undock in quick succession.

    Have these issues been resolved in the newer models?

    • Yes. This is using a bigger USB3 cable and it is solid.

  • Can we use this on xbox?

    • Yep, over USB 3.0

      • Good stuff, I take it same for the PS4?

      • With "xbox One" as well? My question is specific to the initial version not talking about the latest S or X version.

        • Yes I use this for my Xbox one original

  • Anyone know of if these have the soldered plugs.Or removeable from the case for internal drive.?

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      Not soldered. Removable.

  • Hmm I am keen for a 2tb at the moment for the Xbox but not sure I can bring myself to bang a blue box on top….

    • https://www.dulux.com.au/colour/black - order the free sample pot?

      • Nailed it.

    • Just hide it at the back, away from the vents if a One X

      I'll just leave my 2c, but after I moved all games to my external (powered) hard drive, I noticed a more responsive console and quicker starting games

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    Thanks got one from OW @$65.9

  • Does Officeworks pricematch Amazon if you ask instore?

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      Yup, I just did that today. Just take the display box of the product from the shelf to the checkout, and load up the Amazon page on your phone, and show them both to the cashier and ask nicely for a price beat.

      • Thanks.

  • Thanks OP, I just purchased one from OW. Plenty in stock at time of writing.

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    looks like deal is over

  • Looks like it's over already

  • None at OW Bourke St (Melb) so I grabbed the expansion 2TB for a couple bucks more rather than walking to Elizabeth St

    Just shucked it and all works well.

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    Not sure of what the etiquette is with these sorts of things, but if anyone can post a screenshot of the original deal on Amazon for the purposes of an OW price beat that would be great.

  • Shows only 1 was left in stock, good luck with yr OW

    • I was trying to add that to my cart but someone else must've beat me to it because it just would not add it. :p

  • Thanks OP. I was waiting out for one of these deals. Champ.

  • 10TB here https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1433062-REG/wd_wdbwlg...
    Anyone know if the drive is shockable?

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