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Optus Data Only 4GB Sim Standard Size (Expiry 2020) $2.75 Delivered @ Fastcomm eBay


Decent deal. Also if you buy five one is included for free.

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  • Good for overseas visitors

  • Can I put this one into a phone and receive phone calls?


    • +1

      You can still receive calls and texts however you cannot make calls or send texts.

  • +1

    How do you even pay for this thing

    • Mixed answer on the listing re: payment:

      At the top the listing mentions "Visa/MasterCard", but then in the listing description it mentions "Currently we can not take credit card over the phone. For payment by PayPal we only ship the item to the PayPal confirmed address. Please do not pay by PayPal if you wish to pick up. For security reasons no exceptions to this rule as we need to provide tracking numbers to PayPal to be eligible for PayPal Seller Protections. However, when you come to pick up, you are welcomed to pay cash or card. (not accept American Express)".

      Might need to message the seller to clarify?

      • Yeah I sent an invoice with the request of using Paypal, quite confused why he did it this way unless he's planning something sneaky. Oh well we'll see what he says

        • Simply saying that if you choose to pay with PayPal then he HAS to send it to you.

          Otherwise buyers could claim non-receipt on PayPal and would by default get a refund as he would have breached PayPal's terms of service.

    • By payment over the phone I guess, cancelled. Not giving out CC.

  • +2

    You can easily get this on ebay with similar price

  • do you just pop these in and they activate themselves?

    • +1

      I wannna know that too, if thats the case i can finally get cheap sims to put in the car for data.

      • You will need to activate it using your ID. e.g. drivers licence.

  • +2

    2020 ahh looks like faraway… don't forget now we are in 2019… getting closer………..2020

    • Haha true! Weird to think it could be a 10 month expiry lol

  • +2

    Note that it says std size and the photo shows standard size sim and not tri-sim. So factor in a SIM cutter if you don't have one and your device takes a micro or nano SIM.

  • +1

    guess the seller will have a lot of people cancelling the order, and it will get hectic pretty soon due to the inconvenience about the payment and mis information on the item

  • can i use these to make multiple UberEats accounts ?

  • Can't add to cart, only buy it now. Don't need crazy Ebay sellers.

    • -1

      what is crazy? you pay with paypal and it gets delivered…

      • +1

        You have to commit before you know what you're paying.

        They give you a 10% discount code but no way to enter it before committing to buy.

        I want to use my ebay giftcard, but no way to enter it before committing to buy.

        I'm told you get 6 if 5 are bought, but no verification of this extra value before committing to buy.

        Why can we not add this purchase into our cart?

        Further, see other issues above regarding payment confusion.

        The sellers' a head case IMO. So there.

  • The item description said

    Total 4GB Data (28 DAYS VALIDATION)

    Doesn't it mean data only last for 28 days after activation?

    • yes its a 28 day expiry after you activate.

  • how does this work can i only use this for one device and you have to use 4gb in 28 days. what will be the point of buying 5 can i use it again after 1st sim runs out of data.

  • +1

    if you bought 12 of these (12 months) it works out to be $27.50 and you get 48GBs
    An optus 365 40GBs prepaid recharge is $130

  • Just check, Already out of stock

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