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10% off @ The Good Guys


Not sure if targeted but similar to this deal a unique 10% code popped up when I went on the site.

Ends 11:59PM Monday.
Coupon not applicable to Apple, Asko, Miele, Smeg Portifino, La Germania or Neff products.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Code is working this time :)

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    Not used if anyone want

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    Works on S10, S10+ 128gb for $1347.30

    • Just did the same thing.

    • With free buds too!

    • Tossing up between paying less with student deal (no buds) or paying full price to get the buds. Thanks to this, I can now have both.

    • Wooo!!!! Awesome deal :)

      Would love to have combined it with discounted gift cards, but by the time i receive them it'll be too late.

      I'm still leaving my amazon preorder for a few more days, there's a risk of our orders being cancelled.

    • I tried to check out and I'm getting this error "The delivery address is outside our delivery zone. Please select pick up or try a different address." Risky play guys. (I live in metro vic)

      edit: you have to go to the very last page to pay with paypal

  • That's strange. Nothing pops up when I went in there just now

    • Me neither.

  • Same, no pop up that I tried in the last 20 mins

  • Try mobile. It popped up on my phone, but not on my desktop browser.

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    I don’t find 10% off a big deal on their regular prices, especially with those brand exclusion as well.

  • Hey guys, do you know if the usual 20% off good guys ebay store normally include new mobile?

  • Worked on Apple TV 4Gen

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    Nothing's popping up for me on either desktop or mobile.

  • Can someone with access to TGG Commercial confirm that the code is applicable there as well? Code not popping up for me unfortunately :(

    • NVM got a code but doesn't work on TGG Commercial, only the normal website.

  • I can't get any code to popup on desktop or mobile either. Adblocker turned off.

  • does someone want my code


    • Tried to use it but it was invalid. Thanks though (maybe someone beat me to it?)

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    Word of warning, I used the first code listed here as I couldn't get the popup again for me and my order went through on PayPal and failed on the goodguys end. So I was charged on PayPal and no order was made.

    • Same thing happened to me :/

    • Same.. So they just took money from us and nothing to eventuate!

      What is the solution ? Can Paypal cancel the charge or do we have to go through the rigmarole of contact Good Guys ?

    • Did you get an update on this ?

      • I filled in the webform earlier about it and have now received 2 emails with confirmation and order is being processed.

        • Nice. I'm in limbo, got email saying it was being refunded, called them to clarify and then told it's not being refunded and IT was looking into it.

        • What webform you referring to
          i'm having the same issues

  • Got a code pop up and clicked off it FFS, if anyone has a spare then I’d be very grateful as just spent the last 20 minutes trying to get another one on 3 separate browsers

  • Damn. Wanted some discounts on smeg

  • WB147WUD6
    Here's the one I got.
    Hope it works

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    Code for someone

    • Thanks! I got that one.

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    • Thanks so much, used it to get 135 bucks off the Samsung S10. Legend!

      • No worries. I got one for myself too 😉.

  • :(

  • code is not coming up for me.
    if someone has a spare code that you are not using please PM me.
    Thanks in advance

    I have tried the listed codes and they are not working

    • Never mind - tried on my android tab and the code came up.

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    Got one on my phone too. Comment when used.

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      Legend thank you!

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    Although it says not applicable to apple it does work on the Apple TV. Not a bad way to apply the code and get OfficeWorks to price beat it :) I just need a copy of someone’s receipt to get my local bigW to then match an OfficeWorks that we don’t have here and pay with egift cards ;)


  • will buy someone a burger if they could spare a code & pm me. Would greatly appreciate it. :)


    Here you go guys, too late to cancel preorder through Samsung :(

    • did not finalize at the end, if someone else want it can take it. thanks anyway

      • Ive used it, thanks!!

        the only code i got in a pop up was 5% off fridges haha. Not exactly what I was after!

    • You get 'change your mind within 14 days you can return your unopened Samsung hand held products*' if you purchase from Samsung Store.

  • Any process to get the code to appear? Been trying for an hour and can't get any, over multiple devices.

  • Tried on iPhone (inc using VPN and incognito), no luck. Tried using Android tablet (which has a more fullsome site) in Chrome, worked first time after waiting about 25 seconds. I wonder if there is a method to this madness.

    • Was that just the homepage?

      • Yep.

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    Annoying they won't allow click and collect for the S10…i could have just gone past on Saturday and grabbed it. I think because technically none of the stores have stock yet, so it doesn't recognise the click and collect option properly

  • Oh man i didnt realise good guys have cashrewards…the trusty popup didn't appear from the cashrewards toolbar until after i had transacted, and i was on the site for ages :( :(

    I think it's only 1.75% but still, bummer that i missed it!

    • +1

      There's a good chance it wouldn't have worked anyway. I've had GG reject a cashback because I used a discount code.

      • Ah right thanks :) It's only about $20 so not the end of the world. The fact that it might not have worked does make me feel better though!



  • where are you seeing the popup? i am not getting any popup at all.

  • Not using mine WB1OK151D


  • WB13P3VAE, WB1H8W064

  • weird, it took my payment but I didn't receive any confirmation email. anyone else have this problem?

    • Happen to me too… I was purchases on my phone through CR but it returning an error with no confirmation email. Then after 4 times I tried on my laptop and it worked. GG immediately followed up with a confirmation.

      I realised I had 5x charges to my AMEX afterwards!

      • So you reckon I should just wait or contact TGG tomorrow? If the payment has gone through then it should mean 1 payment has gone through right?

        • Try to see if the code still works. If the code still works then your order might've not gone through, esp without the confirmation email

    • Use PayPal.

  • WB15699D9

  • WB16WRR8V

  • So did anyone else try to make payment and the website came up with an error/unsuccessful order yet still have been charged?

    What is the solution ? Can Paypal cancel the charge or do we have to go through the rigmarole of contacting Good Guys ?

    • Same thing happened to me. PayPal charged me but error on the good guys site.

      • Frustrating and a little stressful, take our money and provide nothing essentially.

        I hope a quick phone call tomorrow will resolve the issue/refund the order. Rather just walk in store like JBHiFi and pay the RRP had I know GG would have a buggy website go ahead and charge my account.

        • No kidding. I hope it’s a easy process in the morning. Might just take the PayPal receipt into jb hi fi and see how close they can come to the price

          • @Dieseldavil: Did you get an update ? I got a email saying it was unsuccessful and is being refunded. I called to chase the refund up and the customer service team said no refund being issued and IT were looking into it.. Misinformation.

            Kinda in limbo now

            • @DisabledUser128384: im about to chase it up now, will let you know the result, havent received any email about it tho

            • @DisabledUser128384: So I just received a order confirmation email and another email with the store that is processing my order, seems it went thru even when it said there was a error, will call to confirm

            • @DisabledUser128384: Did you find out any more information about this? Same thing happened to me. Filled out the contact Web form, but haven't received a response for 24 hours.

  • Coupon is working for Apple watches too.

  • WB18G9C4F

  • I tried to use all the codes but this pops up CMN3101E The system is unavailable due to "Promotion code " " is invalid. I used 5 different devices but didnt get the promo in any. If anyone has a spare one, it would be much appreciated if anyone could pm me.

    • +1

      That's because the code has been used already.

  • Just got the Sony wh1000xm3's for $359, finally took the plunge after waiting months for a $300 price that never existed. Also couldn't get the 10% code to appear on safari but appeared straight away on my iPhone.

  • where is the pop up meant to be?

  • Nothing for me

  • Thanks, picked up a 75" LG TV for $1795

  • Just got an update from TGG - order is being processed. It says which store is processing it, and it's my local store, so I have emailed them asking if I can pick up. Not fussed about refunding the $5 delivery fee, just would rather swing past on Saturday and grab it rather than having to go get it from the post office.

    • Good idea. Let us know how you go if you could?

    • Did they get back to you on this approach?

      • Nope haven't heard anything. I could call up but i'm not that worried, just would have been nice to pick it up.

        • I called today and they said that they can't change it to pick up, some sort of system limitation i guess. Should be dispatched on Friday though.

  • Those wanting a discount code, please use the classifieds section - wanted section instead of commenting. Thanks.

  • Hi Guys, same here no popup…tried on chrome as well as safari.

  • I tried on Chrome, IE and Firefox with location tracking turned on and popups allowed. Had all browsers open for an hour or more and didn't get any popups

  • coupon not working, pls help.

  • Order with caution…

    ordered last night, received a call today saying stock is back ordered and is 10-15 day wait from release date.

    was told that Samsung are not issuing the good guys with enough units. my local store was allocated only 3 128GB phones in total for release day.

    unsure if this is genuine or not but worth passing on :)

    • Hmm…so they'll still deliver it for that price, right? But you'll just need to wait 10-15 days?

      Did you cancel it off or are you going to wait it out?

      • +2

        I assume so. I asked to cancel the order and they said they will send the cancellation off to the web department. Haven’t heard anything back yet tho or been refunded.

        I took the confirmation email to jb hi fi and asked if they could match the price and they did with no issues. Pickup on launch day with them

        • Yeah back ordered as well. Thanks for updating about JB, Will try my luck of price matching there too.