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Pioneer Andrew Jones Speakers - SPBS22LR $229, SPC22 $179, SPFS52 $199 + Delivery @ Kogan


Pioneer Andrew Jones Speakers
Pair Bookshelf Speakers SPBS22LR $229

Center Speaker SPC22 $179

Single Floor stand Speaker SPFS52 $199

Plus Delivery

The Book shelf's are not the cheapest they have been, but cheaper then ebay at the moment.

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  • They're still way over priced.

    • No, they aren’t.

      • +3

        For the bookshelf speakers that was designed towards the budget consious market and retailed in the US for USD99 (AUD138 in today's exchange rate) and Kogan selling it for AUD229, if that isn't overpriced I'm not sure what is.

        • unfortunately the only budget speakers that aren't overpriced here are the volls.

  • -1


    • wrong mate…

  • How would these bookshelf speakers compare to Volls?

    • +1

      These are better but far more expensive.

  • +1

    Why no Pioneer Tim Apple speakers? :(

  • I'll wait till the floor standings come down to less than 350aud. That's the sweet spot for me.

  • My centre speaker got damaged so just bought a different brand.. so tempted to buy thisnone but 180 bucks seems high..

    • +1

      slightly cheaper here but coming from USA. Warranty will be an issue.

      • Is that with shipping?

        • Yupe, free shipping for this center speaker.

      • jeez, those speakers price are still expensive although they are in the market for very long time (10 years??), I blame OZ retailers :D. This single floor stand price is not so attractive

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