expired Premium Cold Brew Coffee Maker + Starter Pouch + Recipe eBook $73 Delivered (57% off Value $169) @ twohundredº


Less than half price! Deal value $169, available now for $73

Cold brew coffee is the new big thing taking the Australian coffee world by storm. Perfect for summer as it is super refreshing, cold brew coffee has a smoother flavour because it uses cold water to steep the coffee grounds. Brewing coffee this way, the grounds are not scorched, which eliminates the acidity usually associated with the bitter coffee taste.

Now you can easily make delicious cold brew coffee at home - far cheaper than buying from coffee shops - and it tastes better too. The twohundredº carafe can also be used to make iced tea or fruit infused water.

  • Elegantly designed glass carafe with stainless steel reusable filter
  • Won't degrade over time or hold flavour like plastic would
  • Tall shape to aid in cold brewing process
  • Filter is easily removed and rinsed when the coffee has finished steeping
  • Serve your cold brew straight from the carafe - no need to decant into a different vessel
  • Store with the near-airtight lid in the door of your fridge - fits perfectly at 10cm diameter and 26cm tall
  • Coffee stays fresh for up to a week
  • Makes approximately 1L cold brew coffee concentrate per batch (about 6-8 servings) using only 50g of coarsely ground coffee
Offer includes:
  • twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker / Tea Infuser (RRP $129)
  • FREE fast shipping to all of Australia and New Zealand (valued up to $25)
  • FREE coffee starter pouch to make your first batch of delicious cold brew (value $4.95)
  • FREE eBook packed with 23 cold brew recipe ideas to try (value $9.95)

twohundredº are a new small business based in Manly, NSW. Introductory offer only available for a limited time.

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    Hmmm any thoughts on this one someone?? I used to make cold brew using the good ol drippy a decade ago…

  • +4 votes

    Yeah sorry but IMHO thats very questionable to claim it's ~$169 worth.

    • the maker - Ok good material used but you can use almost anything to make cold brew in e.g plunger.
    • delivery - I'd imagine AP express would be flat rate ~$15
    • coffee - is preground (so already essentially stale) and they say $5 value so must be very small amount.
    • cold brew ebook - am sure you can get same info via a quick websearch
    • cold brew guide - see above.

    I'm not going to neg or anything but I think it's a questionable item in a number of ways.


      Yeah I have yet to see any reason not to use the simplest jug or bottle for cold-brew. What else is there to the process other than steeping? Then I just put it through whatever filter is available - aeropress, sieve, old filter jug.


    I love my cold brews, I make them with the Hario 1lt jug. Looks nice and does a great job!


    2 litre jug + 250g rough ground coffee + a reasonably fine sieve + cold water + 24 hours = cold brew

    Not sure why you need any fancy equipment for this.

    Pretty much like this, except that I'm more lazy so skip the "sterilise" step and don't use a container with a tight seal, instead using one of these jugs with the filter stuff out of the way and don't quite fill it to the top so that it's 1:8 ratio.

  • +6 votes

    Was $129.

    Why not jack up to $730 make it 90% off?