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Ryzen 3 2300X / RX 570 4GB Gaming PC: $439.20 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, I'm pretty sure this system is listed as expired from what I could see, but a lot of people jumped on last time so thought I would post that the 20%/15% split with PLUSMORE still makes this crazy cheap at $439.20 (20% eBay Plus) and $466.65 (15% regular eBay accounts).

Ryzen 3 2300X CPU (generally accepted to outperform i3 8100) / RX 570 4GB / 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / Leaper Small Form Factor Case: $439.20
+ AMD's Raise the Game promo code.

No monitor bundles this time around though.

Build time is around 15-20 days for these systems at present, but once current build queue is cleared we should be back into teens and hopefully single digits. Intel has been very hard to get a hold of but supply issues are easing, and AMD is generally OK.

Orders placed on these in the late Feb deal will start to ship next week, if you jumped on then.


Original PLUSMORE 15-20% off all items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • can you swap the 2300x for a 2400g?

  • This is the definition of a console killer!

    • I have a 2200g, rx 570 build from these folks. Got it for $550~ last year and flogs my ps4. I'd call that a console killer.

      This one's cheaper with a better CPU…not something common in Aus. Am glad Techfast exists and has been picking up steam here.

      • I just ordered this but the RX 570 has 8GB VRAM instead of 4GB VRAM.

        In your opinion N1NJ4W4RR10R, what could I improve with this build?

        16GB of RAM?

        Better PSU?

        Does yours overheat at all? Need better cooling?


        • PSU if you're paranoid (I've yet to have an issue though. If you backup your data you won't want to be concerned with it till the warranty's nearly out)

          another 8gb stick of ram would be a good upgrade. Extra performance from dual channel, 16gb.

          If noise bothers you, upgrading the CPU cooler, getting a fan hub (to control the extra case fan) or just new case fans could be good ideas. I've found mine can be a bit noisy but I'm not totally sure if that's down to the case fan not connected to my mobo or not.

          Besides that, the mobo if you want to overclock and a large SSD (not totally sure where the HDD would fit, so I'd stick to SSDs or external drives). PC comes with way to little space, and while the mobo isn't bad for an A320, it's an A320.

          • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Ok, thanks!

            So it would capable of 1080p 60fs without any upgrades yet? Games like Apex, Pubg, Battlefield

            • @dnvrngts: I couldn't guarantee for any of those, but it should be fine. At worst you'd have to turn down some quality settings, but I doubt that (I run destiny 2 on fairly decent settings and generally get a fair way over 60fps)

  • should I go for this or " R5 2600 RX580 Gaming PC: $599.20" that's in the other deal??

    all I'm really getting it for is for some light gaming like dota, cs etc. I understand both will run fine, but just wondering in terms of money-value ratio and also I with the cheaper built, will it be "slow" after couple of years?

    • I would say the R5 2600 RX580 for $599.20 as the value is probably the best out of all the available pc deals lately honestly and will destroy any game at 1080p for a long time.

      This one will still be good but I reckon the R5 2600 RX580 will still be viable in 10 to 15 years.

    • IMO the R5 2600 and RX 580 is the better deal.
      Not that it matters much in games such as Dota or CSGO, but the 8GB of Vram will be in the long run, will be better for newer titles.
      The 2300x is only 4c/4t compared to the R5 which is 6c/12t, again might not matter much in Dota or CS but the 2600 is a much better buy.
      Either way you go i would recommend getting the B350 motherboard upgrade.
      I would also recommend the system ram upgrade too but at $149 that's a rip off. You can grab a 16GB 3000Mhz kit for $189 + postage from PCCG (you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere).

      • Yep, agree on the RAM; a few deals on Amazon (~$175) - and sell the 8GB stick for $70.

      • thanks for your reply!!

      • Would you recommend upgrading the PSU as well or would to original 550w suffice?

        • The included PSU wattage is a little misleading, you only get 360w of that 550w on the 12v rail.
          It leaves very little room for future hardware upgrades or overclocking.
          If the R5 2600/RX 580 deal comes with the same 550w PSU i would definitely upgrade.
          For this system i would probably put the PSU on the short list of things to upgrade yourself.
          Though if you have the extra $16 (with the plusmore code) i would probably just grab the 750w upgrade now.

          • @Neggy-Z: Good eye. I totally oversaw that psu potential problem.

            The 750W upgrade for $16 is a very good cheap safety feature imho especially if you are going to do some upgrades in the future which if I got this would certainly do.

  • Luke any way you can price the RAM upgrade more competitively? Your deals are so sharp for pricing on everything else seems strange that another 8Gb costs $149 - having to buy it somewhere else and mess around makes the whole thing less appealing.

    • 14 friends and myself are buying this as a gift for a friends birthday and I know he cannot game on 8gb of ram, but paying an additional $149 for 16gb total is pushing our already tight budget per person

  • If only this were like 50-60 more and had 4gb more ram!

    • If you're really looking for bargain RAM I think the same stick that comes with this is $59 at U-mart which means you could turn the 8gb into 16 pretty easily

  • Deal looks to be back on with the new PROGRAM20 code!