expired 6"×4" Photo Print $0.05 Each @ Harvey Norman Photos


For a limited time only, you can print 6" x 4" photos
at Harvey Norman Photocentre for just 5c each!

Got it from EMail.
Unlimited next day prints at 5c each

Seems pretty cheap

Just expired. Seems like an extended deal. For extra 8 days.

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Harvey Norman PhotoCentre



    We’ve got a few hundred/thousand wedding photos to print.

    Would this be the best way to do it?
    Or are there online services for bulk photo printing at cheaper prices?

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      Rarely print photos, but 7 cents was the cheapest I printed at Kmart back fee years ago.

      So I guess this is pretty good price.
      Would be hard to find cheaper than this

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      5c per print is as cheap as it's ever been. I can't imagine there'd be anywhere cheaper, especially in today's market. Plus, AFAIK HN still has wetlabs which are arguably better quality.

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      I don't know about cheaper, but are you sure you don't want them a bit nicer or bigger? Who are the photos for. Dumping hundreds of photos on them to print for 5 cents each you can't go wrong though. can't even get 6x4 inch worth of genuine ink for that cheap let alone the paper.


        We are sending them out to our guests :)
        Our personal ones we will have select and canvas/large print them


      Sign up with Kmart, HN, Snapfish using dozens of email addresses. They most likely offer 30 or 50 free printing for new customers.

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    These cheap and quick services rarely give you the wow result. I find there are always appear too dark and or the paper is very thin.

    It's good for a holiday pic keeper but do a proper one for wedding pics imho. Thanks OP

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    I think HN is 8c usually right?


    I tried HN when it was free last year. Their software was sh** and buggered my photos up. Took hours with customer support to get it right. Not worth it.

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    Definitely a great deal. Even at the normal cost of 10c for next day, HN quality is the best around by far (well, around me and compared to Kmart, Officeworks and bigw)

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    Just tried 2x stores (Coburg & Preston) and both had faulty USB ports - if you’re planning on going to these stores make sure you’re printing via Bluetooth or SD card.


      As per my post above. They don't seem to have a good handle on the technology side. Excellent if you value your time at $0, otherwise not a great bargain.

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    Good deal if you have a lot of prints but If you use the Snapfish app you can get 50 free prints a month, which might work out better for some people.

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    Definately a Loss Leader.

    Order up big, and make sure you buy nothing else whilst in-store, and you've definitely cost Gerry money.

    It's a good feeling.

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    Throughout each year I add all images to that current-year-folder (through cloud storage) so when it comes to print time, its easy to do and there is some sort of organisation. Mind you I havent printed for a few years so I'm catching up on 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    Defiantly a winning price!

    winner winner chicken dinner.


    Great Deal


    How does the quality of HN compare with Officeworks? I was super happy with how they came out at Officeworks, I like the semi matte finish and the colours seemed fine. Great for 10c each.

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