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Portable TENS Machine $39.99 @ ALDI


Seems like a pretty good price and cheaper than the ones on ebay. Good for pain relief and muscle stimulation etc.
I have a tens machine (not the Aldi version) that I use for the back pains - highly recommend it :)

Product Description

3-in-1: TENS, EMS and massage device
68 programs for pain relief, muscle stimulation and relaxation
3 body zones (neck, back and knee)
4 adhesive electrode pads 40mm x 40mm
2 big adhesive electrode pads 110mm x 80mm
56 pre-installed programmes
12 custom programmes
Lock function for safety use
2 channels with adjustable intensity
Easy application, big buttons and display backlighting
Belt clip
Storage bag
Quick start keys for 3 body zones

Other Home Care stuff from Aldi here https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-wed-13-...

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    Nice find. What kind of back pain do you have?

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      Shagger's Back

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        Try cowgirl. Or reverse cowboy if you're gay.




          Or put a very thick pillow under her hips.

          Puts everything at a much less jarring angle.


    don't use if you have heart issues


      Why ? I have angina and lower back pain, was about to buy it when come on sale, is it bad for people with issues like these ?

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      You can always plug it into 3-phase and use it as a defib.

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    my one goes up to 11.

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    I don’t know about the pain relief side of it, but as far as “muscle stimulation”, I was told by my specialist and the few physiotherapists (that I used during my rehab after a sport injury) they absolutely don’t work and kind of a pseudo science. Just thought to share if it helps someone.

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      Mrs. Z got one years ago and I've tried it myself. I can't say that it does a lot for the actual stiffness and pain, but it does have a mildly relaxing effect. I wouldn't depend on it as a primary method of therapy, but as an adjunct it may have some minor benefits. I'm not convinced a ~$40 device is going to be as effective as a more expensive one, although at this price it's worth trying. YMMV.

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      "I was told by my specialist and the few physiotherapists (that I used during my rehab after a sport injury) they absolutely don’t work"

      of course they will say that, otherwise everyone will just buy this machine and they are out of jobs.

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        Big physio, it's a conspiracy

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          Yes, should've asked your Chiropractor for a second opinion.

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            @Steptoe: I did, but he kept telling me to come back twice a week for six months so he could tell me it again and again.

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        EMS seems to work. By contracting and releasing the muscles it seems to help loosen them. It won't magically fix pain but it can help if muscles are really tense.


        I had a physio that used to use one on me.

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      The UK's National Health Service says while there isn't enough good scientific evidence at the moment, healthcare professionals report that it seems to help some patients depending on the condition being treated.

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        Sounds like exactly what you would say about a placebo.

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    Just FYI, I've had one for about 6 years and I got it fully covered by my extras insurance (Bupa) so if anyone has extras insurance look into whether they cover a tens machine.

    Just be aware that this tens machine won't be covered by your insurance as they require that the provider is registered with them. So in most cases it's only chemists related places that are registered with insurances. Worth a thought as you may be able to get one with more features etc and it'll be fully covered (not to mention your local Aldi might not have enough stock)

    Edit: make sure you check for any other requirements regarding insurance covering it, for example Bupa now require you have a letter from a doctor stating you need a tens machine (which is easy enough to obtain anyway)


      thanks do you still remember / can give link to the one that you got and from where?
      im with bupa too. i have issues with leg/knee/hamstrings/etc


        This might help you: https://www.tenspainrelief.com.au/tensstore/pages.php?pageid...

        I have never used one nor this site but it appears to cover most of the major health insurance providers.

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        I got it from a chemist in Northland Shopping centre (Melbourne, Northern suburbs) about 6 years ago. In saying that, pretty much most chemists are registered with health funds (at least with Bupa), for example most chemist warehouses are registered and stock different types of tens machines.

        I haven't checked the fund rules in years for tens machine (for Bupa) but this is my suggestion:

        1) Make sure you have tens machine available on your fund and waiting periods have been served and then find out how much you are covered for (thereby, to maximise the benefit)

        2) Either speak to Bupa OR just rock up to the chemist and ask them if they are registered with Bupa. If they are, they will have a provider number (which basically identifies them to the health fund). Generally speaking, most chemists know if they are registered, but it sometimes does occur, where the worker won't know 100%. You can call Bupa and ask if a specific chemist place is registered although as an ex-worker of health insurance, it's sometimes hard to find if a chemist is registered (for many different reasons). So, my suggestion is just ask the chemist themselves, they should know.

        3) Once you confirmed the above, just roll into your doctor, explain the issue and get a letter stating that you need it.

        That's literally it. Now this was the rules for Bupa years ago, but again I haven't checked in years, but I highly doubt the rules have changed dramatically. But for your sake (so it's payable just call to confirm if any other rules apply).

        This all might sound complicated, but I assure you that it's an easy process, and shit if you are paying for a health fund, take advantage of it.

        You can also buy (as comment above me) tens machines online. Again, just make sure that the company etc is registered with Bupa specifically (or whatever health fund you are with). Most websites will tell you if they are registered and with what fund, but you can call Bupa to confirm this info.

        In regards to what model, sorry I got no idea, my tens machine doesn't even have a model number lol (just checked) - but they all pretty much do the same thing - so you're good with whatever you go with.


          thanks. interesting on this one:

          i'll call/visit bupa to ask how much i can get back, but found this:


            @ChiMot: Ahhh yes, I've used that one before, that should be covered.

            As long as you have health aids and appliances on your cover and served waiting periods, you'll get something back. How much depends on cover.

            Just make sure you get the doctor letter first before you buy the tens machine (once you find out if you are covered and for how much), Good luck.

            edit: Again, for anyone else reading this - call your health fund first and find out what rules apply in order to be covered for a tens machine.


    Probably a long shot but has anyone used/know anyone that has used this one for labour/contractions?

    I have heard that TENS machines can be effective in labour but then everyone is talking about hired ones (where hire costs more than this) so I am dubious about how well this one in particular will work….


      My wife has. It's a useful distraction and she found it good to take the edge off a little. I'd probably hire/buy a specially designed TENs machine though as you don't want to fiddle with the machine while you are in labour pain. The pregnancy ones only has one big button.

      They aren't scientifically recommended though, so YMMV. I've tried it once with a mild stiff back before and it seems to alleviate the pain.

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      I used a labour specific one for labour and would definitely recommend. The labour ones have the boost button which I used a lot and our midwife taking our birthing class said the boost button was necessary. I used the Ellie tens machine.


      used this one for labour/contractions?

      It helps a little. In the way that a band-aid helps for a severed limb.


        So you've tried both?


          I've seen women in labour :-)
          Would take the epidural myself.

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      I used a TENS machine that I hired from the hospital for free during labour and I didn't need to have an epidural (didn't want to either). Although after 18 hours in labour and failed to progress, I had to have an emergency c-section. I think I have a high pain threshold though. Try asking your hospital if you can hire a TENS machine from them.


        Definitely not free at my hospital unfortunately but from what I am hearing/reading here and on other forums, I think I'm better off just hiring a purpose made TENS machine rather than saving $20 or something to buy the el-cheap Aldi one lol.


          Forgot to mention, if you don't want to have an epidural then I'd say hire a TENS machine. Otherwise don't bother and just have an epidural :)


    Shocking deal from aldi…


    Got one of these today and think it's a really good kit. I've only had experience in the past with two other machines. Lots of features, instructions are actually well-written for a change, and you get some decent pads and a carry case. Have been using the Massage function to help my tight crappy back muscles.


    Does anyone know if any stores in Sydney area still have stock of this?