out of stock [PC] Claim a Free 1 Month Origin Access Basic Code + Anthem Vinyl + 1000 Apex Legends Coins when You Register an ASUS Product


Apparently this works with products regardless of age. Some people reported it working with motherboards they bought six years ago.
Seems to work with all types of Asus products as long as you have the serial number.

For those of you who have an Asus motherboard and run Windows, here is how you get the serial:

  1. Use "CMD"
  2. wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

That should give the serial you need for registration.


Register your ASUS products now to get a free Origin Access Basic code and an exclusive vinyl


This promotion is conducted during March 5th and June 30th.

In order to acquire a free Origin™ Access Basic code, please register your ASUS products to particpate in this promotion. With this code, you can experience Anthem™ for 10 hours and over 100 games for one month. Meanwhile, you will also receive an ASUS exclusive vinyl (Wildwood vinyl) to customise your Javelin!

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