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GO Isotonic Energy Gel - 30 Pack (Blackcurrant) $29.99 (Was $105) @ @ Science in Sport


short dated stock (end of April 2019) hoping it will be useful to any endurance athletes
also available in orange flavor: https://www.scienceinsport.com/au/shop-by-sport/cycling/sis-...

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    That RRP is such bullshit..


    $62.68 $83.58

    Same here

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      This episode of Catalyst was enough for me to believe this type of product is also BS.



        Why so?
        That's referring to a low carb diet, this is a sports supplement, not a dietary regime.

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          Only the comment about the Gels from someone who first commercialised them https://www.squeezy.de/en/squeezy-story/

          But what about athletes? It's always been assumed that carbs are an essential fuel source for exercise. Professor Noakes has spent years as an exercise and sports scientist, preaching the benefits of carb loading before a big race, even published it in a widely popular book called the Lore Of Running.

          Professor Tim Noakes
          I spent 33 years of my life telling athletes that they must carbohydrate load, which meant that for the last three days before a marathon, you should eat 700 or 800g of carbohydrate. And I was the first in the world to produce these GUs that people lived their races on. So if you go to the Ironman, you'll see people taking GUs every half hour or so. So myself and Bruce Fordyce, who's the great South African ultramarathon runner, developed that product and I apologise because that was completely wrong.


    For delivery add $10 on orders below $70


      Ow… If free delivery I will get. Any coupon, or new account promotion?

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        use coupon code 'CHAMPION' to get $20 off any order (no minimum). Extra 10% off when buying an energy gel is also stackable (it seems that they have made changes as short dated stock gels are not eligible). It's also showing "FREE GO ISOTONIC GIFTS ON ALL ORDERS".


    Short dated stock - needs to be consumed before the end of April.
    Unless you're doing a heap of exercise between now and then, steer clear.


    GO Isotonic Energy Gel - 6 Pack (Apple) short dated stock until May 2019 is $5.99.

    claim your free 6 pack of energy gels by using coupon code "STRAVA6PACK".

    Simply add $10 worth of sports nutrition to your basket to qualify.


    Labor-day gave free 6 pack also.
    So $40 for 36 posted.


      If I'm not wrong the free 6 pack is stackable using the coupon code.

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        Yep I got 30 Orange 6 free black current

        SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel 60ml 30 Pack - Orange

        SKU: S100087

        1 AU$29.99

        FREE - GO Isotonic Energy Gel - 6 Pack (Blackcurrant)

        SKU: S002962-Single

        1 AU$0.00 Subtotal AU$29.99 Shipping & Handling AU$9.99 Tax AU$0.91 Grand Total AU$39.98


    I managed to get 30 + 6 from STRAVA6PACK and another 6 from LABOR-DAY so 42 in total.


    i got a free 2 x 6 pack gels code a couple days ago with free shipping over $15 (unique code)…
    ended up ordering 5x 6 pack gels (30x gels in total) for less than $18 delivered

    ..if youre signed up to their email list check your inbox


    Very happy with my order delivered today…

    30 pack blackcurrent flavour dated Jan 2020 plus the 2 free 6 packs (dated May 2019). I paid for 2 extra 6 packs so all up 54 gels for approx.$50 delivered.

    Thanks OP.


    How do you drink this?
    Taste better if you add water?