This was posted 2 years 8 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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5% off Sitewide @ eBay ($70 Min Spend, $50 Max Discount)


Active from 4:30pm Mar 12. Expires at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Not listed in the terms, but as always, it appears the following exclusions apply: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730).

At time of posting, code works for Officeworks, Bunnings & Coles. Update 15/03/19: No longer working for these stores.

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    • Where?

      • Earlier today ask the moderator.

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          I am pretty sure someone listed this code as a post a few mins ago! But has since been removed by the mods. Weird!

          • @aspirepranesh: Yeah it was posted by me.

            • @Pricebeat: Weird! Why was it removed?

              Screenshot says its "Unobtainable"

              • @aspirepranesh: Ozbargain rules

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                  @Pricebeat: Ugghhh! Sorry mate. I think it's unfair (nothing against TA personally) , but credit where it is due!!

              • @aspirepranesh: Can't let someone other than TA get the upvotes for an eBay deal… It's in the OzBargain rules.

                • @NigelTufnel: 2 members previously posted this deal (this morning and this afternoon). The code did not work, nor did it have a start date/time. It was therefore removed as unobtainable deal. It also goes against our actual rules/guidelines which have been there for years. Upcoming Deals

                  Deal posts that reference an upcoming sale or deal without information about any specific offer, or have an unknown/indefinite start date may be unpublished.

                  Posting a deal first that doesn't work or doesn't have the required information doesn't give you some 'hold' on the deal, it will be unpublished until someone posts a deal that works or has the required information, nor do we want to encourage that behaviour.

                  Please don't spread conspiracy theories, information can be found in our guidelines or if you have questions: Talk with a moderator.

                  • @hamza23: Thanks for the clarification!

                    Wish you guys could jump on these things earlier to clarify before people start making accusations.

                  • @hamza23:

                    Please don't spread conspiracy theories

                    We need another R U OK? day

                    if you have questions: Talk with a moderator.

                    Why would conspiracy theorists talk to moderators? That would defeat the purpose of making conspiracy theories.

  • How is this different from ?

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      Different code

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        At time of posting, PLAY5 works for Officeworks, Bunnings & Coles. PURCHASE5 doesn't.

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          Not to mention PURCHASE5 can only be used 3 times so if you have used it up then PLAY5 is available for use now.

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      This one's from TA.

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    And here come the upbots…

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    This Is ridiculous. 5% off used to be min spend $30,then $50 and now $70.. for $3.50 discount…. Certainly they see there is no competition at all

    • Amazon is pretty good competition so far, with free shipping on prime and no minimum spend.

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        Prime is NOT free, so you got to pay first, to get the FREE shipping.
        ( minimum spend of AU$ 49 on Amazon.AU qualifies for FREE shipping though )

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          Same as ebay plus is not free. The amount of .99c things that I bought and also the discounted stuff from Amazon US. It pretty much paid for itself in just cashback. Also I have been using prime video at times. So yes it is free shipping for me. Especially when I got it on 50% credit back with AMEX

          Asked to price match something on ebay and they just provided me $10 credit right away.

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            It pretty much paid for itself in just cashback.

            You lost money.

            So yes it is free shipping for me.

            You lost money.

            Especially when I got it on 50% credit back with AMEX

            You especially lost money.

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              @Diji1: You lost time writing no information in that comment. Time is money. You lost money

    • Why do people still upvote these crap ebay deals?

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    $70 - $1000 spend on eBay, to get this 5% discount.

    So, the discount is between $3.50 - $50

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      This code is good if you are spending below $150 or using the code on OW, bunnings and coles. otherwise use 10% off via Student Edge

  • Waiting for ebay Bing Lee 20% off

  • code not working for items im trying to buy in following category.
    Phones & Accessories>Mobile Accessories>Other Mobile Accessories

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    How mediocre.

    • They're very generous.

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    Ebay ab testing to see if you'll still buy more stuff at a lower discount. Don't fall for it.

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      I think the horse has well and truly bolted on that one … the AB tests found that three percent was too low but 5 is pretty good!

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    Why the hell do people upvote these crap deal

    • Yeah these eBay posts have turned into nothing but advertising for eBay. Even the 20% off discounts have become meaningless as the prices just get jacked..

  • You good man, why are you still promoting for Ebay when it's 0% cashback :(

    Is it ever gonna get lifted?

  • "at eBays discretion" aka 2 weeks as the discount is stingey lol

  • I suppose an easy 5% is an easy 5% so it's appreciated, but gone are the days of enthusiastically upvoting an eBay deal here; it's either not really a stand out deal (like those 2% cashback increases in the past), or it's a 20% code with only jacked prices.

    • Or all good stock removed and flooded with old junk.

  • $50 max? Absolutely pointless. I'll keep an eye out for a 2% off sale with a $25 max discount next…

  • eBay prices are so jacked up that 5% is nowhere near to offset the jacked up amount. I'm mainly interested in tools video games and certain electronics components.

    eBay had its days. I used to spend thousands and thousands of dollars there for electronic parts, tools etc. But now it doesn't come close to what Amazon AU/US offer me (screw the greedy Amazon third party sellers who jack up prices 3-5 times their normal prices).

  • At time of posting, code works for Officeworks, Bunnings & Coles.

    Looks like Officeworks and Bunnings has been removed.

    • Thank you. OP updated.

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    I won a bid and this code didn’t work but the PURCHASE5 worked. Can someone confirm if this is expired?

    • PURCHASE5 worked for me earlier where as PLAY5 didn't.

  • play5 didn't work for me, purchse5 works

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