expired Google Pixel 3 $300 off - 64GB $899, 128GB $1049, 3XL 64GB $1049, 3XL 128GB $1199 @ JB Hi-Fi


Link for all the Pixel 3s
Also at Google store for same price, credit to eecan


Meet the Google Pixel 3.
Capture the perfect shot every time, get things done with the Google Assistant,[1] enjoy a battery that lasts up to a day,[2] and more.

A camera so good that it deserves unlimited online storage.
Get everyone in the picture with wide-angle selfies—no selfie stick required. Snap portraits like a pro with Portrait Mode. Capture smiles, not blinks, for a great photo every time. And save all your favourite moments with unlimited online photo storage.[3]

Charges fast. Lasts long.
Pixel 3 comes with a battery that charges fast and wirelessly (wireless charger is sold separately), and lasts up to a day. It’s even smart enough to limit battery usage for the apps you don’t use often to keep going longer.[4]

Your Google Assistant.
Get help from your Google Assistant: get sports scores, news, commute times, weather info and more – all with a simple squeeze, or just by using your voice.[5]

The joy of missing out.
Disconnect from your phone when and where you want so that you can focus on time with family and friends. Set timers on apps and turn off visual notifications. Use the wind-down mode to turn the screen to greyscale and get ready for a good night's sleep.

Make your world come to life.
Search what you see with Google Lens[6] to look up clothing and home decor, copy and translate text, and identify landmarks, plants, and dogs. Play with life-like AR stickers for your photos and videos.

Key Features

5.5 inch display + frame
FHD+ (2160 x 1080) flexible OLED at 443 ppi
3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5
Always-on display
Now Playing v2

Metal Frame + Soft Touch Glass + refined iconic shade
IP68 water and dust resistant

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845
2.5 Ghz + 1.6 Ghz, 64-Bit Octa-Core
Adreno 630
Pixel Visual Core™
Titan M Security Module

Rear Camera
12.2 MP
1.4 μm
Autofocus + dual pixel phase detection
Optical + electronic image stabilisation
Spectral + Flicker Sensor combo
f/1.8 aperture
Field of View: DFoV: 76°

Front Camera
8 MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
Wide-angle: ƒ/2.2 aperture & DFoV 107°
Telephoto: ƒ/1.8 aperture & DFoV 75°
Wide-angle selfie + natural passive authentication

Rear Camera:
1080p @ 30fps, 60fps, 120fps
720p @ 30fps, 60fps, 240fps
4K @ 30fps
SloMo 1080p @ 240fps

Front Camera:
1080p @ 30fps
720p @ 30fps
480p @ 30fps

Active Edge v2TM
Proximity/Ambient light sensor
Pixel Imprint – Back-mounted fingerprint sensor for fast unlocking
Android Sensor Hub
Advanced x-axis haptics for sharper/defined response

In the box
USB Type-C™ 18 W adaptor with USB-PD
C-C cable (USB 2.0)
SIM tool
Quick Switch Adaptor
3.5 mm to USB-C Headphone Adaptor (aka Headphone Adaptor)
USB Type-C™ Earbuds

OS + Assistant
The latest Android 9 Pie + Google Assistant

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    It's not a bad deal by Pixel pricing standards, but I still think it's expensive for a 2018 phone. It's competing against S10 which is priced in the same ballpark or thereabouts.

    That's the problem with Androids that get updated late in the year. They compete against phones earlier in the year with the same hardware (like the Galaxy S series) but the ones that released earlier in the year will have had price cuts and are selling cheaper. Then a few months later, new gen phones will be out for the same price but with updated hardware and sometimes nifty new features.

    The Note has the same problem and imo doesn't really need to exist because I don't see anyone use their stylus on a Note.


      And you could easily say people won't buy the S10 as the Note 10 will be better…. including myself.

      As for the stylus I don't care, I just want the biggest and best Samsung screen.

      • +2 votes

        It won't be better though.

        It will have the same CPU and likely RAM and storage. The screen size will be about the same as S10+. There might be a milimeter or two extra which is imperceptible.

        It will cost more than S10+ and the only real difference is the stylus. I use that thing on my Tab S4, but can't see myself bothering on a phone when I can just use my finger.


          You don't know that. The camera is rumoured to be better anyway.

          • +1 vote

            @scuderiarmani: I'm basing it off the Notes that have released in the last 5 or more years. Including the Note 7 that explodes.

            The last time the Note had an upgraded CPU would have been Note 3 or 4.

            Later years you did get options for more storage and RAM, but that would make an invalid price comparison.

            The Pixel 3 series came in 64 and 128GB storage options which is actually less than the S9 series which had 64 and 256GB, and the 256GB S9 could be found cheaper than the 128GB Pixel 3. Now the Pixel 3 is competing at a similar price bracket to the lower storage S10 series at 128GB (minimum). If you shop around you can get the equivalent S10 or better for cheaper than the 3/3XL. But not everyone has access to that pricing (I do). There will be more accessible offers in short time though.

            • +1 vote

              @lostn: I'm not saying it'll be significantly better… But the S9 isn't an upgrade worth it if you gave a Note 8….its arguably a downgrade.

              Note is better than S, every year.

              A phone coming out 'next year' doesn't sound as good as phone later in the year.


          The biggest difference between getting a pixel and a samsung, is all the terrible samsung bloatware they install that you cannot remove. Like you get mcafee anti-virus nowadays, like a dell pc. It's actually getting worse.

          So a pixel might run things faster, even on worse hardware, because samsung just dont make good software, they are not a software developer like google. It's not like the samsung will be chugging along, but small differences in power will probably mean there is no difference.


      I agree! I think the Pixel certainly has many strengths, e.g. it probably has the best camera, and I think most people still prefer stock Android, not to mention the quick updates. However, I just don't think that it's competitive with at this price point. The SD 845 is last generation technology now (i.e. it's more competing with the S9 than S10), and it just looks like a last generation phone with the large notch and bottom chin. The 4GB of RAM is also a bit of a letdown. Ultimately, I don't think the Pixel 3 XL is as much of a jump over the Pixel 2 XL as I hoped.

      I really think the S9+ is a similar grade phone to the Pixel 3 XL at a much cheaper price, whereas the S10/S10+ is a better phone. That's not even considering competition like the OnePlus 6T.


      Not to forget, S10's facial recognition has been proven a flop (yet again).

  • +2 votes

    Been this price before it will come down more just wait

    • +3 votes

      Or buy early and just claim price protection instead of waiting for a sale.

      • +1 vote

        What if mobileCiti have it cheaper or another store Ebay ? It was this price from google in January it's overpriced

        • +1 vote

          28 degrees PP can be matched against other Aust stores, but only for a year. In the old side though their merchandise protection is also a year so I don't have to worry about whether my screen smashes during that period


            @MeesusEff: So you can buy something at any price and within a year if a Aus retailer has it cheaper u get the difference refunded ?


              @ABUKEE: Yup, and you can claim a higher amount as well. $1000 for PP, and $2000 for MP. Can't remember exact figures for Coles, think PP is 2 years but $600 drop and MP 6 months $1000?


                @MeesusEff: I wasn't aware of this until now. Care to explain what PP n MP stands for and is the price protection included as part of all credit card purchases?


                  @ozshuttler: If you use the cards to purchase your items yes, even proportionally pay ie. half cc, half cash. They prorata what you get.

                  I can only comment on Coles and 28 Deg as thats what I use, not all credit cards will offer these. My ANZ Rewards offers these protection too but the conditions aren't great.

                  Price protection : if an item you bought drops in price in X amount of time, you can claim the difference. Coles : match to same store/franchise only but over 2 years ($600 limit per item?), 28 degs can be matched with any other Aust retailer but only for 1 year ($1000 limit per item). This can't be applied to some items such as jewelry, watches, groceries, services, tickets etc

                  Merchandise protection : If you item is lost/broken/stolen within X amount of time, you can submit in a claim for your money back (no depreciation). You do have to submit an official quote or report to go with it but thats pretty standard so people don't take advantage of it. Coles has 6 months cover, 28deg has 1 year cover.

                  The cost is 1% of your closing balance but if you pay off your balance before statement date, its basically free


            @MeesusEff: Don't you have to pay a percent of the closing balance to get pp with 28 degrees? Not really free?


              @yozza: I pay off my balance before the statement date, or close to $0 balance so that even if I do get charged it will be $0.10-3. Most I've gotten charged a month is $12 because I forgot, but I've gotten about $7k back so far between 28deg and Coles in 3 years.

              Insurance cost 1% of closing balance for both Coles and 28deg now.


        Yes this mindset! Given how much time we spend on ozbargain, I'm surprise not a lot of people have this mindset.


          I think people just don't like signing up for too many credit cards or are not aware of this pretty cool perk.

          If you buy a phone say a month after it releases, you'll be able to claim a price drop when its successor releases a year later and it gets heavily discounted. Why wait for a sale when you can enjoy it sooner?

          • +1 vote

            @lostn: Some people can't be bothered with the whole process of keeping track and claiming etc. Whenever I explain to them the claim process, they go "oh it's too hard"… Like hello?? "free" money for 5 mins work?!

            I find the Coles PP is the absolute best for buying physical console games. I just buy it from EB at displayed price as they have the highest chance of stocking after 2 years. Have gotten 80% approx from every game I've bought so far


              @MeesusEff: Exactly. I'm amazed how quick and easy the process is. Whenever I've claimed it, it more or less got approved the next day with no proof being asked for.

              Keeping track of price changes is a bit of a bother, granted. But that's what this site is for. Other people are alerting you of new bargains all the time, and if it's a popular item you have bought before, you don't even need to do your own research.

              • +4 votes

                @lostn: What's the best cc for price protection?

                • +1 vote

                  @dresh: had a look at this last night.

                  28 Degrees - 1 year time frame (most seem to be like 28 days), no annual fee, protection is i think 1% of month balance - which can be negated if you pay before they send you the monthly statement.



                    @mixology: issue with doing this though is you don't earn any points


                      @yozza: You can earn Flybuys with the Coles one, rates depending on whether you choose the free card or the other ones


                      @yozza: yeah i agree was looking for one that provided points too, but the yearly fees is something i don't want.

                      But points are near worthless - 800-1500 points is like at best 2.28c each point? (based on QF https://www.ausbt.com.au/what-is-a-qantas-frequent-flyer-poi...). So a benefit of ~$34 depending on what you use it for. But also depends on the earning rate which might be less than 1:1, or if you baller 2:1 for the higher end cards.

                      Also other credit card companies provide less than a year time frame, so you cant take advantage of price drops a year later when the new gen models releases - which could be a good potential reimbursement depending on whether you be able to find some juicy deals on Ozbargains :).


                        @mixology: as you say it depends, but I did a round the world trip on points, business class. worked out as 8% value on each $ spend


                    @mixology: Does that mean that I can just use it to purchase a phone, pay it straight away to avoid the 1% monthly balance, and then keep using my AMEX for everyday spending for better points?


    Don't do it, so many issues.


    This S9 Partner Deal just makes all other recent phone deals seem unattractive. I hope more stock becomes available for that and I can manage to get my friend to purchase in time…

  • +1 vote

    I guess each to its own, if you want the stock android experience and unlimited full photos Google photos storage, this phone might be for you. Otherwise, yes, there are better spec phones out there that makes this phone a bit obsolete now.


    OZclearance is selling AU STOCK 128GB for $1049

    $944.10 with Student Edge

    Catch is that it's NOT PINK

  • +1 vote

    FYI this discount is now also live direct on the Google Store.



    Pixel needs to upgrade their hardware first and for that kind of asking price


    The notch just kills it….


    I purchased a Pixel 3 last month and thankfully have not had any issues, it's definitely the best phone I've ever owned. $900 is still too expensive, I got mine down to $750 from Harvey Norman.

    • +1 vote

      I got mine down to $750 from Harvey Norman.


      • +1 vote

        Harvey Norman had the Pixel 3 for $900 and there was also an AMEX deal at Domayne (spend $750 and get $150 back). I purchased $750 worth of gift cards from Domayne, redeemed them at Harvey Norman and paid the remaining $150 with cash.


    Noooooo I only just bought one on Sunday 😭😭😭


    Better to wait for the pureview phone by Nokia to flop then pick that up at a bargain price. Who needs a flagship?


    disappointed with the price drop just after 5 months. but great deal


    The online stock checking seems to indicate limited around Melbourne CBD. Anyone know if this is the case?

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