out of stock Decor Go Bento Lunchbox 2L $3.75 @ Woolworths


Good price drop from $15 to $3.75 as per Pricehister

Product Details

  • Take lunch on-the-go with the Decor Go 2.7L XL Divided Lunchbox. Designed for superior function and style the set includes an extra large base big enough to hold a sandwich, banana, snacks, crackers, juice box and more. Use the two snack compartments with soft peel lid to keep wet foods such as yoghurt, sliced fruit and dip separate so there's no more soggy lunches. With an airtight seal to keep lunch fresh and secure clips the Decor Go XL Lunchbox is the ultimate lunchbox.
  • Secure clips
  • Airtight lid seal to keep lunch fresh
  • Crystal clear premium Tritan material lid
  • Two snack compartments with soft peel lid
  • Removable hinged lid which can be easily removed for cleaning and then secured back onto the base so it won't get lost
  • Ideal for meal prep
  • Microwave safe, remove lid to microwave

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    Anyone knows where I can get one in glass similar to a pyrex? Needs to be bento style too..


    Perfect container for your scoop of ice cream tonight.

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    A word of warning:
    I am pretty sure these are the design I have seen in many Woolies recently, and virtually every single one has been broken (one of the clips is snapped).
    Since only one side unclips normally, it would seem that people have broken the "fixed" clip trying to take the lid off in what they assume is a normal way.

    Additionally, the lid seems to be quite difficult to remove; so bad in the few unbroken ones I tried, that I was convinced I would spill the food in the process of opening it.


    Can we click and collect? Already see these on gumtree 😂

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    Of course this happens after I buy something very similar.


    It says airtight. Does that necessarily mean leakproof?


    No more

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    I bought 2 of these for my kids. Both lasted less than a week before the 'removable hinge' broke with normal use. REALLY REALLY horrible design. Like totally avoid. Even at this price DONT BUY IT FOR KIDS! Decor should be be ashamed for releasing this rubbish.

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      May have been a bad batch as mine has been fine.
      Doesn't deserve a neg vote that's for sure

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        2 units broke in a week, that's worth a neg any day of the week. Price is good, product is awful. And by the comments above I'm not the only one.

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      Yep. Bought two. One has already got a broken hinge and don't use the other much anymore.
      Wasn't the kids breaking them it was because we removed the lids each day for cleaning and that's when it happened.


      I bought 2 of these for my kids. Both lasted less than a week before the 'removable hinge' broke with normal use.

      Interesting feedback, since that is exactly what I suspected would occur with kids or others using them on daily basis.
      Based on how many broken ones I have seen in store, the design is, as you say, "Rubbish"

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      I think Decor are losing the plot. I bought a few of these last time they were half-price at Woolies and they're a terrible design as well. Supposedly leak-proof, but getting the lid on flat without one of the corners popping up is like mission impossible.

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    If you're looking for an alternative to this, and one that I know has been thrown around and the hinges are of excellent sturdiness. Try the COLES Bento Box. It's not 75% off, but you get a very ozbargain worthy 50% off. https://shop.coles.com.au/product/sistema--to-go-bento-box-1...


    Looks pretty good for all your tapping on/off needs at home


    Ok. Little bit of confusion happening.
    Title and link is for the 2L version. Description is for the 2.7L.
    Similar but still different.


    "Sorry, temporarily unavailable."


    Sold out apparently.

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