[QLD] Full Priced Multiple VR Gaming Sessions $52.80 (40% off) @ Zero Latency (Brisbane)


40% off full priced VR session booked online

Zero Latency
34 Chester St, Newstead, QLD

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    Am I doing this right but its $88 per person?

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      Don't forget to enter the discount voucher "Brisbane40"

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        I get that but say I take a group of 6 then that's 528 normal pricing! Even with the discount it's an expensive hour. Bugga that can can all go out and hit the town and rent a place for the night while we're at it.


    Where is their contact number?


    I did zero latency in Melbourne.. suffice to tonight say there was a lot of latency..


    Did this in Japan. Amazing experience.

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    I have been 3 times now.

    The mobile computer is on your back as part of a vest. You carry a gun which has a trigger, shut gun pump action (when using the shotty), change weapon button, and a reload button. That is all the controls. Anyone can do it. You have VR goggles and a good gaming head set on (turtle beach if i remember correctly - feel free to correct me).

    You and your friends play co-op* to kill zombies or robots. You can talk to each other (and your game operator) using the headset.
    *Unless you are playing the new PVP game.

    It is really immersive and super fun. I highly recommend this as an experience but please don't book any sessions until after Monday (after the guys at work book out a couple of sessions). OK that last part might generate some down votes… :P

    Edit: Still the last post

    So the best part of this is that you can walk/run around shooting stuff with out any cables.
    A high end computer with a vive pro may have better graphics - but the free roam / cord free / co-op in the same room / multiplayer experience is really good.


    Any discount in Melbourne