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Kayo Sports 2 Month Basic Plan $5 for Telstra Customers (for New Kayo Customers)


Found this on Telstra's My Offers.

Exclusive to Telstra, get up close and personal with your favourite sports with 2 months of Basic Kayo for just $5. Streaming over 50 sports live and on demand, Kayo brings you the best Aussie and International sports including Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Motorsports, Basketball, and Rugby.

Monthly subscription, from $25/mth after offer period.

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  • Doesn't show up for me. Only have Telstra prepaid mobile.

  • Kayo $5 for first 2 months offer terms

    Requires internet & compatible device. Data charges apply. Subscription required. Offer redeemable until 14/04/2019 for Kayo Basic service only. Telstra customers only. Only new customers to Kayo can add this offer to their Telstra carrier bill. $5 offer provides access to the Kayo Basic service for 2 months only. Customers will be charged $25 for their third consecutive month unless they cancel prior to the third month billing date. Valid credit card details required to redeem offer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other Kayo Sports offers. Offer may only be redeemed (and Kayo Sports service may only be used) within Australia.

  • Offer is redeemable until 14/4/2019 according to the "things you need to know" section

  • It's about time we got some decent sporting deals in ozland… been shafted for years having to pay for premium package just to get sports. I'm in balls deep.

    • +18 votes

      This is not a "decent deal": major sport was to remain free in exchange for allowing the Foxtel scumbags to operate in the first place.

      Now the private sector is doing it's usual job of ripping people off while morons keep voting for the two corporate tool political parties that said this wouldn't happen.

      • Like everything, It all comes down to money mate.

        It's all well and good saying it should be "free" but who's paying the multi-million $ salaries for the hundreds of players/coaches/support staff for each club?

        And if you say that well they don't need that much money they should all just be on 80k, well, then we'd all be watching a 2nd rate game, which you can already do for free if you want to go down to your local sports club on the weekend. It's a world economy now, the best players would just go elsewhere to find the money they "deserve"

      • There are more sports out there beyond AFL & the cricket, mate, and those were rarely, if not never, on FTA.

      • it's ~$12 for sport per month if you split with mates….it's more than reasonable for national and international sport…money has to come from somewhere…every dollar counts as it finds it's way back to clubs…it helps improve facilities and retain players….its $12/mth.

      • That said, in South Australia, there have only ever been a few sports that were ever "free to air". Aussie Rules (some), cricket played in Australia, some tennis and F1/Supercars. South Australia has never had NBA, EPL, MLB, Serie A, NRL, Rugby Union, NHL, NCAA or NFL free to air. Cable TV in Australia has opened up the world of sport the rest of the world watches AND helped make it a viable business. Football in the UK and the NFL were both bankrupt and directionless before Rupert Murdoch plowed billions into them (not to sing his praises too loudly).

        Today, AFL, cricket and tennis played in Australia are all still free to air (none of these sports make money for their broadcaster) and very little has been lost to Cable. In fact, more sport has been generated as content which you can buy a ticket for and go to the ground with the kiddies.

        • I grew up in the 80s and 90s in SA and we had all that sport on FTA TV. Other than NCAA obviously. Watched the world series many times along with NBA games and finals, Rugby league and union. They were even showing NFL games as recently as two years ago on FTA. EPL has always been around other than the last few years. NHL was shown too but only briefly. Whether it was game of the week, play-offs or full seasons all those sports have been shown. Don't know which state you grew up in but it wasn't SA! Unless you were a country boy?

          • @Monstalova: Lol what? When was there Rugby Union on TV other than Wallabies games? Even Wallabies games weren't broadcast into SA until the 1991 World Cup. NBA? There was a one-hour highlights on Channel 10 on Saturday mornings. The EPL was one hour on ABC on Monday nights and the FA Cup. That's not what I meant by "coverage". Italian soccer Sunday mornings 1 hour. The NFL was zero in the 80s until ABC started showing the Superbowl and only the Superbowl in 1990. That was it for the NFL. I do remember baseball on Saturday nights at about 1 am as well as the World Series - that's still slim pickings. NRL Friday night midnight replay from about 1996 and a Sunday game from about 2000. My point was that there is more sport on FTA these days than ever existed in SA during the 80s and 90s. You sure you weren't thinking of Iron Man or Ten Pin Bowling?

            • @Dentshop: You have an awful and selective memory! They used to show game of the week for NBA all years through the 90s and during the mid 90s there was at least two shown plus most play-offs and all finals. NRL was at least three games per week. Usually Broncos and Bulldogs live. Union had all kinds of games from Super 8s to internationals. With many replays shown later at night for all rugby. EPL had full highlights and at least 3-4 games shown per week on SBS and ABC. Go to sleep you're drunk! Stop trying to say that's there's more now. We had everything back then.

              • @Monstalova: Most NBA play-offs? Oh please. Super 12s were shown in the late 90s, I remember that - there was never Super 8s in Union though. The 3-4 EPL games per weekend is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. We had everything back then!!


      That’s why I gave up on watching sports a decade ago.

      Best decision ever from a financial and time-management perspective. Being a sports fan is seriously on par with being a drug addict in terms of the amount of money and energy it sucks up.

      • Kayo is costing me $150 for the year. They're some pretty cheap drugs your talking about.

      • Being a sports fan is seriously on par with being a drug addict in terms of the amount of money and energy it sucks up.

        But the excitement both give …

    • Or using 'alternative' sites, which are now riddled with Malware, and extremely dangerous.

  • just need EPL and i can unsub from optus and foxtel

    • EPL won't be anywhere besides Optus Sports any time soon unfortunately :(

    • Optus Sport is basically just EPL

      • How much is Optus Sport and how do you play it? There's no optus app on my tv (or my telstra tv, for more obvious reasons)?

        • There's an optus sports app and also my fetch tv box has the optus sports channel which is basically just all EPL. There's a catchup section too.

      • U r kidding. Optus has UCL, European cup and World Cup, the toppest competitions in the world.

      • People like to complain about Optus Sport a lot but for $15 a month, getting all 380 PL matches a season, all Champions League matches and all Europa League matches is incredible value for money. People outside of Australia pay a lot more for this and have to sub to different services to get it as well. Even in England, where the EPL is being played, there is NO way for someone to have access to watch every match, because some matches are split between Sky Sports and BT, and a number of them are not televised at all, so no way to watch it.

  • I'm not a Telstra customer. Whats the cheapest way to be one to get this offer?

  • Bloody hell I signed up for the trial 20 minutes before this.

  • "Only new customers to Kayo can add this offer to their Telstra carrier bill."

    So if you already have a Kayo account, you can't add it to your telstra bill. But can you still use this offer? Doesn't say the offer is only for new Kayo users, just that you can't add it to your telstra bill.

    E: actually I assume to take this up it needs to be billed through telstra and isn't a promo code that can be used on the kayo site.

  • I use Foxtel go now from my home account with sports, do you get more on Kayo?

    • No - you will get exactly the same sport channels + replays (assuming u get replays)

      • No, you get less - no Liverpool TV, Chelsea TV, Manchester United TV, and Eurosport on Kayo.

      • Replays work way better on Kayo. You can just start watching the match after any time it has begun, no need to wait until it is complete and for a replay to be uploaded. A bunch of other useful features too, and its quite a good user experience compared to the quite crusty Foxtel now.

        • …features like picture in picture on AppleTV. This will definitely be getting a good workout this weekend!

    • You get the sports listed plus their associated shows (e.g. NRL 360), sports docos, replays, condensed versions of games and also the FOX sports channels like 501, 502 etc.

      If a game is on live, you can go back to the start immediately. Also, game replays are up as soon as they're finished.

      No TV guide though which sucx.

  • Pretty crap that if you've already signed up with Kayo with one existing mobile number, you cannot sign up for another account using the same mobile number

  • All Sports. Good for Formula 1

    • Nice list. Kayo doesn't make it easy to find strangely.
      Do you get replays of every F1 qualy and race? I read somewhere that a small number of races might not have a replay?

      • Not sure. I haven’t used the service. It doesn’t appear to be available to pre paid customers.

      • I can't speak for every round, but I expect it will be for qualy and race. I have just signed up for the F1, unfortunately I didn't see this deal before hand.
        I think the best thing about Kayo is that you don't have to wait for the replay of an event.
        I was watching Australian F1 practice yesterday and I had the option of watching from live, or from the start of the event. Same for the cricket. In fact with the cricket you can turn on little tags in the timeline that allow you to jump to the next significant event such as a wicket etc until you catch up to live.
        A nice feature is that it has an option "no spoilers", so when you are loading a replay you don't find out the result beforehand.

  • I tried this but it's maximum of 1080p 60hz, looks so blurry! Some shows are only 720p

    • I was Chromecasting from my phone or tablet and I had sync issues where the sound trailed. Switched to Vodafone TV and sideloaded the Kayo app and it's flawless.

      • I can't get it to sideload on vodafone TV. I keep getting a parsing error. Any hints?

        • I had that issue at first.

          You have to enable installing from alternative sources. Also, disable verification by Google (the setting underneath). After that it works amazingly well.

  • Looking forward to watching some … Chess Boxing!

  • Hmm so I just signed up for this, picked the $2.50 deal, all signed up. Checked credit card and they’ve billed me $25 + $1 random extra. Did I miss something?

    • you just got kayo'd

    • Don’t they bill your Telstra account ?

    • Same here….. $1 authorisation (to check the CC can accept payments) and the $25 authorisation.

      Did you choose Telstra (add to bill) for payment option or Credit card? I chose credit card. I used my existing Kayo account, from an earlier trial, but it clearly said that it would be $5 for 2 months…..

      • Same chose credit card and clearly said $2.50 a month, but seems we both got screwed.

        • What have others experienced? Has it authorised $1 and $25? Or $1 and $2.50?

          • @dockersrule: I'm on live chat now and the guy is basically disputing my claim that I signed up for the offer, and wanting evidence that I actually signed up for it. Like it's my responsibility to prove I clicked a button that I was clearly presented with! What a joke!!

            • @jessejackson: Telstra live chat or kayo?

              • @dockersrule: Kayo. Now I'm being presented with an offer of a free first month, and 75% off my second month, like they're doing me a favour…. which actually works out to more than the bloody offer I actually signed up for!

            • @jessejackson: Charge back with your card, see how they like that

              • @Mooncakes: Charged back it is. jessejackson got further than I did, I'm basically being told the link from telstra hub is invalid, that I should have received an sms or email for the signup info, and that it's my fault they charged $25.00 instead of the $2.50 that it said on the payment details screen, so I should bear the cost. I've contacted my bank and have lodged a dispute.

  • For me this is perfect but sadly already been using it.
    Only watch Moto GP, WSBK and will watch F1.

    Much cheaper than the MOTO GP pass alone…

    • It isn't though. MotoGp pass cost me $209.24, That's $17.44pm. Kayo is $25pm.

      • I thought it was about 150 euro, plus it doesnt include WSBK

        With my thinking it is $9~ per month per sport I (personally) care about

        Plus there is no yearly option for Kayo sadly, the monthly for MotoGP pass is about 20 euro, if you were to compare monthly cost

        Plus all three sports end in November, besides F1 Abu Dhabi

        • For sure mate. If you are into F1 and WSBK Kayo is a no brainier, but as a rabid motogp fan like myself, those classic races are well worth the asking price!

          I checked my bank statement for that price, I guess it will fluctuate depending on exchange rates?

          • @Spic3y: Yeah I used to get the GP pass too, binged watched a lot of the full old races, was great! Especially the Doohan, Stoner etc ones

            Yeah it would for sure, plus probably getting a bit cheaper vs previous years.
            I was tempted when they had a decent black friday sale on passes!

  • Keep getting this error - Couldn't create user subscription. Please try again later.

    • i got the same error trying to add it to my subscription I ended last night. Live chat suggested to try tomorrow

      If it doesn't work 2moro, ill just create a new account

      • They already charged my card $1.

        I used my original account via the Telstra offer link.

        Wasn't going to create a new account unless last resort.

        The card I used had minimal funds. Wonder if it was trying to bill the full $25 rather than $2.50. Maybe that's why it didnt go through?

        • I'm questioning if this offer works at all. At least 2 of us here so far have been charged the full amount after choosing the $5 offer.

  • What does this mean?
    Selected matches live with all matches available on beIN SPORTS channels

    so not all matches available right?

    • Likely that not all live matches are available. If there are 7 Serie A games at the same time - only the Juvent… I mean only one or two games will be shown live.