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PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription $59.95 (25% off) @ JB Hi-Fi & EB Games


Just got an ad for this while on youtube but can't find any further details. Possibly in-store only.

$59.95 JB Hi-Fi - Online or in-store
$59.95 EB Games - In store only. Stacks with free PlayStation promotional socks (EB Exclusive) Thanks Gengar

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    Perfect timing.
    Thanks OP :)

    • ^This
      Literally bought my Amex-discounted PS4 yesterday 😆

      • +1

        Literally bought my Amex-discounted PS4 yesterday

        I metaphorically bought one !!!

        • Thanks for not disappointing, I was sure someone would pull me up on that.

    • Word.
      Mine expires on the 27th of this month.

  • +9
    • +17

      what a time to be alive

    • Still showing $79 on EB. So they are charging $20 for the bonus socks?

      • Go in and price match perhaps?

    • price expired? showing $79 now

  • Still $79 on JB website

    • Updated now

  • +1

    Wow! This is an awesome price. I may just sign up!

    • Might be worth getting a PS4 first…

  • Can it be stacked?

    • +3

      From memory you can stack 3 years.

    • +4

      Can it be stacked?

      Yes, they are flat

  • +3

    Nice! I’m already paid up till about 2022 thanks to these. I think I’m at maximum stacks, but it’s good to see. Thanks OP.

    • Pancake Parlour would call it a short stack.

    • Why not buy, and just redeem next year?

      • Too late! Went down and bought one for storage. will add it on next year. So I'm good till Feb 2023 now :D

  • +2

    This price is the new bottom. Get it while you can!

    • It has been $56 before, $4.6P/M vs $5 P/M ($60/12)
      That being said, time to stack and get some socks lol

      • +1

        Socks calculate at $20 then.

        • +1

          $59.95 - $56 = $3.95

          • +1

            @muncan: Ohhh my bad, thought it’s $59 at JB only. Ta!

      • Pre or post price rise? I still stand by my comment. 25% on psn cards (which is rare) pre price hike was a good deal but now it just takes the sting out of a full price.

        • Cant remember but agree, only ever add on when there is a deal once a year or Days of Play time

  • Link for JB

    • Thank you, updated main link.

    • this link is showing $79 for me

      edit: nevermind, its $59 now

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    Could this be used on PSN Plus UK/Europe, or only AU?

    • +1

      Yeah I'd also like to know, all my PS plus games are tied to a UK account and topping it up from Australia is a major pain in the ass

    • +1

      AU PS+ vouchers only work on AU accounts. There's no crossover for any country/regions. Unfortunately.

      • Thank you :)

  • So this does stack yeah? Just signed up for a year a couple of weeks ago…

    • +2

      Indeed it does

  • +5

    Just purchased from EB Games Castle Towers. No socks! The socks promotion was running December last year and there is limited stock in stores and because the socks had no value as a gift item, it didn't get onto their inventory system so she couldn't tell me which stores have any socks if any, so good luck all you sock Hunters!

    • I purchased from EB Rockdale Plaza(NSW), combined with a 10% off voucher and the lovely EB guy went at the back and brought 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of Fifa 19(FUT 19) shoe laces!

  • +10

    Just purchased form Sydney city EB store in myer food court. Plenty in stock and socks seem to be decent quality. 58% Cotton lol. Don’t go to EB store in Sydney galleries as their back room was flooded last night and all socks are drenched

  • +2

    I was going to pull the trigger on this last night but something told me to wait - thank you OP!

  • +1

    miss the days when we saw $35 PSN subs

    • +1

      Miss the days when you didn't need Plus to play online, and the name Plus actually was indicative of being an additional thing and not a necessity to enjoy the full experience of the game you just paid 100 dollars to play.

      • -1

        You pay $100 for your games? You’re doing something wrong then.

        Plus is also no different from Xbox Live. PS Plus free was nice in the PS3 days, but online was terrible especially when compared to Live. Now you get what you pay for - much better, reliable online connections.

        • -2

          No, I obviously don't. I also don't pay to be online, if you do, you're doing something wrong then.

          Plus is no different from Xbox Live, they are both bullshit. PS Plus was never free on PS3, and the online last gen was pretty well spot on compared to Xbox. Now you pay for what you don't get, as the odd time I play on PS4 it's way less reliable than Xbox and the connections are infinitely worse than 7 or 8 years ago on PS3, much less reliable connections, and so on.

          In short, you and everyone else who goes "well Xbox charges, so it's okay for Sony to" are wrong and or stupid. Complain about Xbox too. No one should get away with it. If you think you're getting your money's worth then go ahead and enjoy, I ain't gonna tell you otherwise. But saying it's okay for you to pay for 2 online ecosystems because 1 of them already charged is dumb.

          • -1

            @TheDukeOfNukem: I never said it is ok for one to charge because the other does, but I can see how that can be misconstrued. Sony needed to up their online game, big time, as paid Xbox Live was far superior to free PSN in the X360/PS3 days. So they now charge for a much better service, which I’m ok with as I can notice the difference. If you think the online isn’t far superior for PS4 than it was in the PS3 days then you’re wrong and stupid. It’s much much better. In a perfect world yeah it would be free. But a few dollars a month is absolutely worth it when when the service is significantly better than free PS3 PSN was.

            • @DisabledUser48727: I may be stupid, and wrong about a lot of things, but I never really had an issue during the PS3 era online. I played the living shit out of MW3 and Uncharted online and so on and can't recall a single issue. Meanwhile on PS4, when I actually used the thing, I can't tell you how many problems I've had, and literally since midnight day one, and on two different PS4s (one being a pro), I can't even load up my friend lists or go on the store after the machine's been on for about 5/10 minutes, it's like it just forgot how to do it, it will never connect. Maybe you upgraded your internet between the PS3 and the PS4 era, thus resulting in a better experience? I'm on the same old ADSL2+ I was back on the PS3 because this shitty old house apparently has trouble doing anything else with it's wiring or whatever, and performance wise was much better a few years ago on the same connection.

  • PSA: Reminder that you can sign up to 12 months PS+ using the Indonesian Store for around $35-40au, no VPN required.

    Just need a free to create Indonesian account, all PS+ benefits (online play, free games) can be used on your Australian account (minus cloud sync). Refer to previous OzB posts.
    Games are sometimes different.


    The only possible negative for you could be that you lose access to your previous Australian PS+ game library, until you ever re-sign with AU PS+.

    • It's worth pointing out you can't use Australian credit card on Indonesian store so have to buy PSN card from a 3rd party web site and the amount of Rupiah needed for annual card isn't sold so have to get bit more Rupiah. IIRC it cost $45 and with all the hassle with 3rd party, no cloud sync, different PS+ games etc might as well just buy locally.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got my free socks too. Strangely enough the EB Games here in Gold Coast didn't know about the cheaper price, they had to look it up on the computer.

    • I tried in Sydney Westfield one and they were clueless and it didn't show up in the system. Lucky JB was nearby and that worked. No socks tho 🙃

  • Tempting, I wonder how often these deals come around?
    I am subscribed until 29/08/2020 so this is not urgent and I wonder whether saving $20 today will be appreciated in 18 months time?

    • +1

      These deals come back quite often, I'm in a similar situation, so I won't stack until around e3 or Black Friday sales.

    • +1

      Might be good to snag a discounted gift card when they come around. I grabbed a few EB Games gift cards last time eBay UK had a 15% off site wide sale

    • +1

      Dont forget Days of Play time which is about mid-year

  • +1

    and my ps+ sub expires this week…. this is no coincidence

  • Does anyone know how long after purchase I have before activating? I dont need immediately.

    • Per jb link “It expires 12 months from date of purchase”

      • -1

        I too would like to know this as I have a long backlog of single player games and dont need multi atm

    • You can stack up to 3 years IIRC

  • It's still showing up as 79.95 for me, at JB HI-FI

  • I confirm that i got the 12 Month Subscription $59.95 in store at JBHIFI today

  • Price just went up when i was about to check out at JB. Back to 79.95 now.

    • Showing $59.95 for me still

      • +1

        I tried again and just got it now. Was frustrated as i just got the jb egift card from suncorp. Thanks Ops

  • I hope Target gets in on this like they did last time. Got a giftcard I'd love to use.

  • can anyone confirm what date format sony lists your psn plus subscription? mines showing 7/12/19, but im not sure if its dd/mm or mm/dd…

  • +3

    $59.95 at EB Games, if you're in Sydney (Galleries) their socks got ruined by the storm last night, the one in pitt st mall in the food court had plenty in stock (oops someone already posted this!)

  • Aargh, I forgot to ask for the socks.

    Anyway, thx OP.

  • Can this be purchased now, but not activated until a few months from now?
    Long story short, have a N.A. account with PSPlus but its expiring in June and I'll switch to my AU account and activate this.

    • +1

      It says on my EB receipt: Sony Europe blah blah… expires 12 mo from date of purchase.

      • So you need need to activate before 12 months expiry.
        Awesome, thanks!

  • Guys, it's $59.95 when you extend for 12 months in the PS4 PS+ online store.
    No need to get up.

  • +1

    If you have Suncorp, you can get 8% Ebgames digital gift card for $55.15. you get the gift card instantly so can do it while your in store. Also you can select the exact amount (eg $59.95) for gift card so no left over credit. Just did it today.

  • Nice lady at EB Games Blacktown gave me an extra sock because they had too many! Good luck!!

  • Is jb hifi still giving out $10 credit for digital receipts if bought instore?

  • Bought. Was on a month to month subscription and about half way through a month. Just activated my 12 month purchase, no idea what it will do. Assuming it's worked it out nicely.

  • Thanks OP, picked one up at EB.

  • Can you retroactively play games that were listed from previous months in Instant Games Collection?

    • No, the monthly free games appear in the store and you still need to "buy" them to add them to your library.

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