In 3 days Activ Energy 2100mAh Rechargeable "Glitter Edition" AA Batteries 8 Pack $12.99 @ ALDI


Per this post & this comment by Elyxar, Aldi have an 8 pack of rechargeable 'Glitter' batteries for $12.99.

Seems like good value against Ikea's Ladda 4pk at $7.99

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    Ah eneloops. Your nostalgia on ozb will not be forgotten.

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      Dude, we don't say that name anymore. Our new girlfriend 'Xiaomi' gets triggered…

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    "Glitter Edition" Batteries

    Much better than Samsung's fireworks edition batteries.

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    Anyone know how these compare to Laddas/Eneloop Pros?

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      It will be a gamble.
      Not worth the $3 saving, but if you are a long way from Ikea and need some, it may be worth the convenience.

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      try this review
      includes: IKEA LADDA, Energizer, EBL, Harbor Freight Thunderbolt, PowerEx, Rayovac, Duracell, Varta and ActiveEnergy

      3:55 start of the ActiveEnergy review


        Unless I'm seeing it wrong, that's reviewing the "Varta ActiveEnergy" which is not Aldi's "ActiveEnergy" battery. 2 different brands using the same name?

        I could be wrong.

        To the original question I think it's hard to pass up Ikea Ladda's unless there are none nearby, Aldi is probably in 2nd position.

        Side note, feels like I'm listing to a stock trader listening to that video :)

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        On those ActiveEnergy batteries, glad it's not just me… have bought a couple of packs here and there with various ratings on the pack 2100mah, 2500mah, the capacity has always been grossly overstated.

        I'd say stick to LADDA or Turnigy for cheaper cells.


      Same chemistry, probably same design since they are the ready-to-use kind. I use the standard Aldi ActiveEnergy batteries in fairly demanding flashlights without any concerns.


      I have 8 of each that I use in game cameras. I am only 6 or so charge cycles in, but so far the Ladda seem to give a slightly longer runtime regardless of which camera they are used with. My "testing" is more anecdotal than anything though.

      For those that care, the Ladda 2450mAh are made in Japan, the ActivEnergy 2100mAh are made in China.


    Will they also have AAA ?


    Size AA in title might be useful?

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    This doesn't look positive, unless the addition of glitter magically transforms them.

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      Of course the addition of glitter magically transforms them!
      Say it with me now. Once you go glitter, you wont send 'em to litter.


      I've got two sets of the non-glitter version, which I use in low-draw devices around the house. So far they've been just as good as the Eneloops I use alongside them. YMMV