Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Version SD 855 6GB 64GB AU $693.61 (US $499) + Shipping @ Giztop



I've been looking out for a good phone for a while (checking the mobile phone deal page on ozbargain multiple types a day for a very long time now, it was doing my head in) and came across this deal from Giztop. I haven't purchased from them before but have done so now, using Paypal. But the deal looks to be a bargain, for flagship from 2019 with SD 855, 6GB RAM, B28, NFC, and AMOLED. Giztop also claims to be offering a 2-year warranty, not sure how useful this will be.

There is a notch and you can't expand the memory, but i can live with that. Keen to hear your thoughts. You could also get the mi mix 3 at this price for those wanting a phone without a notch.


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