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1,000 Free New Yorker Pizza Giveaway (18-22 March) @ Domino's (Facebook Required)


Just saw this on Frugal Feeds.

Domino's Instagram page

From 18 to 22 March 2019, you can get one of 1,000 Free New Yorker Pizzas on Instagram!

To take advantage of this deal keep an eye out on their Instagram page here, and when the post is up, click the link to get your free pizza code!

There’ll be a new Instagram post every day with a link to get the code and there’s a limit of one free pizza per customer.

18 March Sold out
19 March Sold Out
20 March Sold Out
21 March Sold Out*
**22 March will be in person at Domino's Queen St Brisbane 12pm AEST

Note: Links are released on Domino's Instagram Stories, not the regular Instagram page. You'll need an Instagram login to see the claim link but only Facebook to claim it.

Link to Terms and Conditions

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    • sorry but this is the crappiest thing ever!!
      They're giving away free pizza so it's not their problem that you're constantly refreshing!


  • the swipe up to redeem thing is going to catch out those on the computers. my phone is lagging hardcore but its needed to swipe to get the offer

    • +1

      Nope, you just hit the 'more' at the bottom of the post and it takes you straight to woobox (telling you they are all gone)

  • +14


    Story posted at 15:56:27

    Direct link https://woobox.com/kx9vtc

    • +2

      omg you frikking legend. +1000 upvotes to you

      Edit: anyone going to point out all 3 of us basically said the same thing?

    • Wow thanks! My story wasn't even updating. You're a legend mate

      • Same here

    • You're a legend

    • +3

      Hopefully the people who got a free pizza after reading my post were first time winners. I didn't enter this time :)

      • +1

        I was for sure, thanks to you, I got one today. Thanks!!

  • its out

    • +1

      damn that was quick!

  • +1

    Got ONE!

  • +1

    got another.

  • +2

    Woohoo!! Finally got one

  • GO GO GO

  • Two in a row!

    • Not cool…

      • Hey, two free pizzas is pretty cool.

        Hopefully score another tomorrow!

        • Depends, are you going down to the CBD?

          • @Smogul: Oh, yeah nah. Forgot about that!

  • +3

    Gone in 18 seconds

    • Shit lol really??
      Wow that's amazingly quick.

      • I was about to stop at 4 lol. Luv u Domino's!

    • wow!

  • +1

    Got one this time!!

  • +1

    OMG! All that wait was worth it.

  • Whattttttttttttt
    Logged in with facebook and it said I missed out.
    Welp time to go eat breakfast… at 3 pm…

  • -1

    This is such bs, Facebook requires log in AGAIN!!!!

    • Mine just said "Continue as John" (not my real name lol)

  • +3


  • Crying now lol #nexttime

  • FINALLY got one, just saw Blurn's comment in time, thanks mate!

  • +1


  • +1

    It's a miracle! 🙂

    • all gone now

      • +2

        Did you get one? I hope you did. Fourth time lucky for me!

  • +1

    So I was just getting off the bus when this happened lmao.
    I don't hate Domino's anymore 😂

  • Lasted less than a minute jesus

  • +9

    time to UNFOLLOW @dominos_au

    • +1

      You don't have to follow them to access their story :)

      • +2

        I got one without following them :)
        (And without an Instagram acct haha)

      • +1

        it's like a protest, for missing out :-P

  • +3

    haha sweet, finally got 1

    so, ozbargain meetup in the city tomorrow for the last free pizza?

    • +5

      More like OzBargain brawl in front of Domino's

      • Haha, just saw it's in brissy… I thought it's in Sydney… too far for me

  • Dam missed again

  • missed out for a forth time :(

    • Me too :(
      All those greedy people who already got one going for more (and are getting more).

  • Anyone think they've conveniently missed one decimal point and are giving out 20, instead of 200?

    • +1

      Why does an integer require a decimal point?

      • You know what I mean…Valvoline.

  • +3


    Lucky folks in Brissie

    • omg thank you - somewhere I can easily get to

  • +2

    "The final 200 vouchers will be given out IN PERSON!
    Where: Domino's Queen Street, Brisbane CBD
    When: 12pm AEST Friday 22nd March!"

    • +3

      Well I'm glad I got this one. Definitely not flying up to Brisbane for a pizza 😂

    • +2

      Time to get that flight.

      • +1

        Aaah still happy with 3/4 pizzas that was achievable!

    • I guess some people will start queuing in front of the shop in the morning lol

  • Like seriously this Domino's thing not the best way of giving away free pizzas next time they should just do the queue then everyone gets better chance of getting pizza.

    • so.. how do you reckon they should do the queue thing? first come first served? This is what the instagram app did, no matter how they do it, those that missed out will complain bitterly.

      • They did another promo last year where one had to physically cue. Also they gave out numbers or something so you couldn't get more than one pizza and everyone had a fair go. Seems like lotsa probs with the Instagram way of doing things. Not complaining just observing.

        • to physically queue there they are only offering free pizza to the locals… all the money spent on the promotion for one location is kind of ineffective. At least on instagram they can offer it to everyone across australia

  • Giving away another extra code I have: 007129108261 (exp 1/4)

    • The voucher 007129108261 has no uses left.

      • someone else must have used it before you then, sorry mate!