out of stock Refurb: iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB 2017 Wi-Fi + 4G LTE US $401 (AU $566) [New - US $477 (AU $673) - Buyspray] Shipped @ Good Deal eBay


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Price in title is including 10% off and all import charges are included

1 Point / $1 Spend @ eBay AU via Qantas Mall / Velocity eStore

New-never used for US $477 (AU $673) delivered from Buyspray

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    Don't forget 10% off eBay.


    only 64gb and Rose Gold colour available, plus don't need Student Edge for discount as POUR10 works for 10% off

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    good price for Pro



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    To say anyone else a google this is the immediately previous gen with the A10X Fusion (i.e. faster and more RAM than the current iPad 6th gen.)


      Seriously when comments like this are routinely downvoted we need to remove the anonymity or just remove downvotes all together.

      Thanks mate I appreciate the time taken to comment and contribute.


        Yeah I seriously want negs on comments regulated. So many hilly billys negging comments for no reason


        It could be because this isn't the last generation model. There's only been one gen of iPad Pro 10.5-inch so far due to it not getting refreshed when the new iPad Pro 11-inch came out and the 12.9-inch was refreshed on Generation 3.

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          I actually didn't realise that this model was still for sale ($1179!)
          But somewhat similar to Apple keeping the iPad2 for sale as a cheap option, I don't think it's incorrect to claim that the iPad Pro 10.5 is a previous gen model.


            @coxymla: The 11 inch would be considered as the latest model of the Pro line. Your double negatives are causing my head to spin but I think we might ba agreeing :).


          It is the second gen iPad Pro.

          The third gen starts at 11".

          They are not going to refresh this model any more. It's successor is the button-less headphonejack-less iPad. So basing 'gens' on refreshes makes no sense.

          I Purchases local stock 512GB LTE model for $950 after 20% off and paying with 15% off gift cards.

          This is a decent price, but 64GB is not enough for me.


            @lostn: It is more about the bang for buck. If they get rid of the home button and have a smaller bezel then the “lower end” might be a better bet for a lot of people.


              @try2bhelpful: I getcha. I did not expect them to go the premium route. Since the iPad 9.7 series doesn't even have a laminated screen.

              If they do get rid of the home button and add slimmer bezels, I think it would distinguish itself enough from the 2018 iPad that they will keep the 2018 iPad around. I also think that new model would cost more. Both would serve their own particular market.

              I think they will confuse the market with this new model because it will look like a slightly smaller iPad Pro gen 3 as opposed to a successor to the cheaper iPad 9.7 2018. The customer won't know where it fits in the grand scheme of things when you have too many models that are similar to one or the other or both.

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                @lostn: The one about to be released should be the replacement for the 9.7 inch model, it will probably be spec’d down from the Pros. The average consumer doesn’t need a full blown Pro, and won’t pay the price, but they also look at the Pro and think the home button and bezels are a waste of screen real estate. Me, I went from a Mini 4 to a Pro 11, because I don’t think they will give me my mini 5 with no home button and smaller bezels. If I was buying now, I would wait to see what Apple is about to deliver.


                  @try2bhelpful: You ended up being right.

                  They released a new 10.5" iPad Air which has a screen comparable to the Pro (true tone and wide gamut but minus the 120hz). It has the exact same body dimensions.

                  They discontinued the 10.5" Pro, so this one replaces that.

                  I only bought a Pro 10.5" a few days ago because I thought they would never make another 10.5" Pro and from here on all the Pros will be slim bezel, no home button and no headphone jack. I got the Pro 10.5 because I thought it would be the last non-budget iPad to retain the home button and 3.5mm jack.

                  I kinda wish I waited. The new Air is in some ways still inferior to the 10.5 Pro (camera and speakers), but it matches it in all the places that matter. And it's cheaper. And the kicker is, it retained the 3.5mm jack. So I panic purchased the 10.5 Pro for nothing really. I thought it was going away for good, unless you buy their budget 9.7 models with the inferior screen.

                  I had no idea there was going to be new iPads announced this soon and even if I did I was expecting it to be 9.7 2019 which is the same as last year's model but with a spec bump. Did not expect Air to return, or for it to be 10.5. And biggest of all, I was not expecting a refresh of the Mini. I thought they were done with the Mini. They abandoned it for so long. It was poor value for the price.

                  The big question for me now is, what does Apple have planned for the 3.5mm jack? I never believed their claim that they were phasing it out because it was a technology that needed to die. It was marketing BS. They simply ran out of space on the iPhone and took an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade by selling expensive Airpods. Why would they retain it in their iPads if they were really trying to kill 3.5mm?

                  But then they removed it from the iPad Pro gen 3. This was when Apple defenders said the writing really is on the wall for 3.5mm and they had a legitimate argument since the lack-of-space reasoning should not apply to the iPad Pro.

                  But now they bring it back again, so I'm a bit confused. Why do some models have 3.5mm and others don't? Are they trying to kill the 3.5mm standard or are they not?

                  I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 last week knowing it might be the last iPad I ever buy due to it still retaining 3.5mm. And the home button. I won't buy budget iPads. But this new Air is comparable to the Pro, and retains both features. So I didn't really need to after all. As long as they continue the Air line there will still be an iPad I can use.


                    @lostn: I keep on eye on the past release dates and the rumour mills, they tend to be pretty accurate. If you bought the Pro directly from Apple you have 60 days to return it for a refund. Even if you didn’t it might be worth going to Apple and begging for a changeover. Our family motto is “you don’t get what you don’t ask for : ) The mini 5 is a shock, there have been rumours but I thought they had adandoned it. The lesson is Google before you buy to see what is coming up.The thing to keep in mind is Apple always has a changeover period so you still have time to buy the old model before the new comes online.

                    This looks, pretty much, like “update the innards”. Still bezels, still home button so it doesn’t surprise me the 3.5mm jack is, also, still there. I am disappointed with the continuation of the home button and bezels. This makes me happier about my 11” Pro choice.




                      @try2bhelpful: I'm the opposite to you.

                      I can do without the bezels but I want the home button. That button can be pressed 3 ways: single press, double press, and long press.

                      The button needs to be replaced with three different swipe gestures to replicate the 3 different functions. That's a bit annoying, but something I can eventually get used to. But since I always hand down my iPads to my computer illiterate elderly mother, there's no way she will understand how to use the new swipe gesture system. It will confuse and frustrate her when she's not doing it right. It requires a degree of precision she won't have, and it's a lot to remember. The simplicity is gone.

                      I probably need to buy an iPhone 6S for her soon also before they are gone forever.


                        @lostn: The double press on the power button to confirm is a PITA for Face ID. You can set it the Pro with a soft home button using assistive touch and you can move it around the screen to be out of the way.


                          @try2bhelpful: For me, double press brings up task manager. Long press for Siri. Single press for home.

                          I don't think my mother can relearn all the new gestures.

                          I'd be ok if they had on screen buttons like Android but they don't.


                    @lostn: I have an ipad air 1 and I'm considering upgrading.

                    Do you regret buying the pro over the ipad air 3?

                    If I get it right, processor wise the Ipad air 3 has obviously the edge being newer, screen and speaker wise the Pro 10.5 is better. I think in term of use the pro would be more comfortable as the better refresh rate and 4 speakers are non negligible benefits. Plus, if it's netflixing around and use as a punctual web browser, the pro would still feel better? I see the ipad air 3 as a better option if you game a fair bit or use some kind of heavy processing app (which I fail to name). In term of price, wouldn't the pro be cheaper?

                    Please feel free to contradict me if I'm wrong

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                      @Bubbleshark: The Pro is not cheaper. The Pro 10.5 is better but costs a few hundred dollars more than the new Air.

                      The improvements are not worth the difference in price. I'd rather have the Air. But it's ok, I'm happy with my Pro.

                      There's some DRM issue with iOS devices that prevent them from running at full resolution, but I don't remember the specifics, so I don't use it. I also don't think 4:3 screens are ideal for watching that kind of content.

                      I believe the Pro also has more RAM and more cores.

                      For most people the Air should suffice and would be better value.

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    Also worth noting that the 2019 iPad 7th gen may be announced as early as 25th March amd available 29th

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      Yeah, I would probably wait.


      I don't think that would affect the price of this model. It's predecessor is the iPad 2018. That one will get cheaper until cleared out. This one is in a different price bracket.

      An iPad 9.7 2019 would not make this model cheaper any more than it would make the iPad Pro 11" cheaper.


        It might not, but it might affect your decision of which one to buy (6th gen, 7th gen or second hand/refurbed iPad pro from Overseas)


          It seems you were at least half right.

          The new model ended up replacing this one. This one has just been removed from Apple's site.

          It fills the niche that the previous 10.5 Pro filled. It's also a little cheaper.


    Can you have tax invoice with this and use that to claim tax deductible for work devive? Thanks


      Very certain the seller does not have an ABN. eBay might though since they collect the GST.


    Total coming to 407 USD for me .. instead of 401.

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    This is not a refurb, it is a second hand iPad from overseas.

    Apple refurbs get a new battery, shell, box and accessories.

    This gets none of that.

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      Hmm. I don't trust this seller then.

      It cannot be manufacturer refurbished if it is missing all of those things. It was probably done by a third party repairer.


      THIS. I would be extremely wary of purchasing this sight unseen.


    Care: This is for the new link.

    Condition: New: Never Used :
    Seller Notes: “Item Is In Excellent Condition. iPads are 100% Functional. This item will not be in the original packaging and includes MFI certified power cable and UL approved power adapter. 60 days seller warranty included. Device may show some light scuffs or marks from handling.”

    60 days seller warranty - sound suss for a new never used iPad.

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      How can it be new and have scuff marks? How can it be new out of the original box?

      They have a heap of iPads that were removed from packaging and then handled without turning them on?

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    Decided not to buy this one… Calling bullsh!t on "manufacturer refurbished".

    Should be in a box with new accessories…


    How long will the model last roughly?

    I got a 2nd gen Mini and its at the point I can't use maybe 1/2 the apps I want to.

    If I get this, cant I expect 3 years still being able to use apps?


    seems legit
    99.6 seller rating
    10% off from ebay.

    currently cheapest new 9" ipad is 430$, how much will it be after the mar 25th announcement? and would this 2017 pro model still outspec the new model?


    Smells like stocks sourced from the HuaQiangBei second hand electronic market in Shenzhen, China.


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