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15% off iTunes Gift Cards ($30, $50) @ Australia Post / Officeworks


Greetings everyone, 15% off iTunes Vouchers at Aus Post, however officeworks havent matched yet so you can get a total of 19.25% off with a price match. Officeworks have now matched.

$30, $50 variants available.

Go in store or call 1300 OFFICE to match.

Catalogue Link

As always, enjoy!

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    Just wanted to say well done on the maths on percent saving.

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      I'm still at a loss for how they calculate the percentage. How do they do it?

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        The gift cards are 15% off
        In this example we will use the $50 for easier calculations
        Cost of Gift card at Auspost:
        Office works price beats this price by 5%
        You can work out the price paid at office works by
        The difference between price paid and actual value of gift card
        Total saving is then worked out by

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          Simplifies down to

          0.15 + (0.85*0.05) = 0.1925
          0.1925 * 100 = 19.25%

  • Nice! Thanks.

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    Can finally pay off those ATO fines, thanks.

    • Can itunes card be use to pay fine ?

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        It’s a straight hook, you are fooled

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        Lol no its a scam a lot of people fell for

        • So many people fell for it that Woolies don't allow you to buy gift cards using egiftcards anymore :-(

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        Don't worry about it. Just send me through your iTunes card details and I will pay the fine for you.

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    Thanks OP. Just got 2 x 50 price matched in store for 80.75. That's netflix sorted for another 6 months or so.

  • Can I use (multiple) itunes gift cards to buy an iphone on the Apple Online Store? If yes, then I'll have an iphone for 15% off!

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      Can't use iTunes gift card in the Apple Store.

    • No

    • Buy from a retailer like jb hi fi and if you are going overseas, get gst back, that’s close to a 15% off

      • There's some insane stupid limit these days (maybe ~$800), I couldn't claim the tax on a ~$1500 camera, all I could get was the tax back on my prescription glasses and sunglasses that were ~400

        • Limit is way higher than that… you must have done something wrong on the paperwork. Purchases >$1000 need your name and address as well

  • 100×85%×5%=80.75

  • Worked for me. Thank you OP

  • Don’t purchase more than I think $300 worth of iTunes cards online if you want to use them quickly as:
    1: it takes time for them to post the physical item to you
    2: as it is above a certain amount (I think $300 but could be $200) then you will need to call them up to activate these cards and once done, they say you need to wait 24 hours before you can use it. I’m pretty sure it is less than 24 hours but that is a risk you can work out for yourself.

  • Thanks doweyy. Just ordered $250 worth from Officeworks via price match with a delivery of by 5pm tomorrow. Officeworks have been slow off the mark today in changing their price!

  • Awesome, just did price beat at OfficeWorks Bourke St Melbourne, $161.50 for $200 credit. Cheers OP!

  • Long shot but any cheap Google Play cards?

  • Just price matched at OW. Approx $40.37 for a $50 card. Got $750 worth.

    The Ow lads said that this price match will register into their system by this afternoon and the official discount may be pushed out in the adternoon update so quickly go now if you want the additional 5% off.

    • Gotta ask..what does one do with 750 worth of itunes gift cards?

    • You got lucky in store. Calling them, the limit is 5.

      • Was 5 per transaction and so I did 3 sets of 5. Was ok'd by the manager.

        As for what I do with it, I was purchasing it for others but I also play a lot of Transformers Earth Wars. My secret addiction.

        • Ah buying for others makes sense. Just couldnt work out what you could do with 750 of itunes cards..lol.

  • As of 15 minutes ago, can confirm discount still applicable. Purchased 4x $50 for $161.50 at North Sydney OW.

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  • What do people use these for?

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      I use them for paying for subscriptions for netflix, iCloud and Apple music as well as some apps here and there.

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        What RM said. These are great for getting a discount for your netflix and for your iCloud storage, particularly if you are paying the extra for ultraHD netflix.

  • Might seem obvious - but how do I change my existing Netflix subscription across to start using iTunes credit instead??

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      A true OZB will be using cheaper Netflix options with 28 degree / free oversea CC :)

    • Can't do it anymore. Netflix have taken out the option to pay via iTunes. Only if you are already doing it, you can continue to pay via iTunes.

      • Thanks - I was wondering about that, cheers.

  • Could I use itune for app store for iPad please? Need to instore oz phonics app for my son.

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    Note: When buying iTunes cards in-store at the post office it may take up to 24 hours for them to activate, I got bitten by this last time, so buy online, or from OW, if you want them activated immediately

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      Don’t buy online at AUS post if you purchase more than $200 (or $300) worth as you will then need to call them up to activate AFTER you receive it in the physical post and THEN have to wait another 24 hours for activation to be complete.

      • Jeez…

        tl;dr: Don't buy from AusPost if you need the cards activated immediately

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