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    The Xiaomi for $74.38 with code PURCHASE5 and no having to wait for ShopBack to clear: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192834948663


    Does QB822 have the built in USB hub?


    Just wondering if QB815 and QB820 are essentially the same except for the capacity?
    Also weight wise, wouldn't the QB815 be lighter? I only see a weight of 405g for both models.

    A comparison between QB820 and QB822… what are the major differences?

    Hope you can confirm thx heaps.

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      QB822 has a max of 27W via PD. 820 has a max of 45W.

      One of them can charge an ultrabook, the other cannot.

      There are other differences but this is the biggest one, and a deal breaker to be honest. The QB820 has hub support, 822 does not. This could be useful if you have an ultrabook with only C ports.

      I have seen Cygnett 20,000mah (45W PD) go for $80 or less which compares favorably to the QB820 which is semi-discontinued and thus more expensive. If you go for the Cygnett you would get local warranty, being a product officially released here.

      You don't get the USB hub functionality though.

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      Lostn explained pretty well.

      Correct, less capacity, QB815 weighs about 30g less than QB820, same dimension and output power.

      A detailed comparison table below:

      Specs Zmi Aura 27W Xiaomi 3 Pro 45W Zmi 10 45W
      Model QB822 PLM07ZM QB815/QB820
      Battery LiPo 20000mAh LiPo 20000mAh Li-Ion 15000/20000mAh
      Feature Battery % Display, Low-Power mode Low-Power mode USB-Hub, Low-Power mode, Aluminium Body
      USB-A Out (QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC) 5VπŒ‚2.4A, 9VπŒ‚2A, 12VπŒ‚1.5A Same 18W Same 18W
      USB-C Out (QC3.0, FCP, AFC, USB PD) 5VπŒ‚3A, 9VπŒ‚3A, 12VπŒ‚2.25A, 15VπŒ‚1.5A, max 27W 5VπŒ‚3A, 9VπŒ‚3A, 12VπŒ‚3A, 15VπŒ‚3A, 20VπŒ‚2A, max 45W Same 45W
      Multi-port 5VπŒ‚4.5A, max 22W 5VπŒ‚5.4A, 9VπŒ‚3A, 12VπŒ‚3A, 15VπŒ‚3A, 20VπŒ‚2A, max 45W Same 45W
      USB-C Input (QC2.0, USB PD) 5VπŒ‚2.4A, 9VπŒ‚2.5A, 12VπŒ‚1.8A, 15VπŒ‚1.5A 5VπŒ‚3A, 9VπŒ‚3A, 12VπŒ‚3A, 15VπŒ‚3A, 20VπŒ‚2.25A, max 45W Same 45W
      Size 149.3 x 70 x 25 mm 153.5 x 73.5 x 27.5 mm 160 x 81.8 x 21 mm
      Weight 363g 439.6g 405g
      Cable included USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-C to C Cable, 2in1 Cable
      Made by Jiangsu Zimi Corporation Same Same


      Thanks guys that's very useful info. I think I will hold out for deals on the QB820.
      Waiting on you MM. :)

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    Bought the QB815 and works perfect for charging Pixel 3 and Surface Go, Nintendo Switch, Macbook 12.
    It can also charge the my Surface Book 2, albeit slowly, due to the high draw power by the SB itself but its still good for a little top up if need be.


    Got the Xiaomi 3 20,000mah 45W yesterday in China for 199 RMB, which is about $40 AUD, and that’s the RRP here. These deals seem pretty expensive in comparison.


      Are you sure it's the 45W version? That's about the right price for the previous version of the Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank.


        It’s definitely the new black 45W USB-C version. I do also have one of the older white USB 3.0 versions too.


          Yes a lot of stuff are definitely cheaper in China!

          On the other hand, baby formula are a lot cheaper&better here so a lot of people ship them to China to sell


    Anyone have experience with this? Or have a 10,000 mAh powerbank with USB-C PD of 30+ to recommend which is cheaper? I'm looking for one, but hesitant to fork out $80 for one if at all possible.


      What devices do you plan to use with? People will be able to offer better advices


        Well, I plan to use it to charge my MacBook Air primarily, hence the 30W+ factor, but also to charge my phone and other devices, so it would need at least one USB-A port in addition to a USB-C port to charge my MacBook. What would you suggest?


          The current version of the Air has a 50-55Wh battery. The Xiaomi 20A/45W has 74Wh so you'd get about 1.5x full charges out of it, or a full charge for the notebook and a full charge for a couple of phones (usually 6-10Wh). Any 10,000mAh one would only get about two thirds of a charge on the Air.

          So if you're happy with that say so and I'm sure someone will suggest one.


          Agree with DonWilson there, for charging a laptop the higher power the better so 45W would be recommended.

          You could get the Xiaomi 3 Pro 20000mAh which has 74Wh capacity, after some conversion loss it will provide at least 1 full charge to the Air.

          Alternatively the Xiaomi Zmi 10 QB815 has a 25% less capacity, but features USB-Hub function so you could charge the laptop whilst using the USB-A port on the power bank to connect to your USB peripherals.


    Planning on doing another deal anytime soon on these?


      Always happy to do deals on this, just haven't got much interests from the community from the previous ones.

      PM me if you want to get a deal price

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