expired [VIC] 2 Tickets Free to See 50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL PARODY (RRP $112) via on The House @ Alex Theatre


Would you like a FREE double pass to see 50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL PARODY at the iconic Alex Theatre, Fitzroy street?

You can get free tickets to this fabulous show simply by signing up to ON THE HOUSE. Signing up takes less than 10 seconds and is absolutely free. Get up to 2 tickets to see this show! Take your friends and family. Go here to sign up: https://www.itsonthehouse.com.au/member/create-account.

When signing up, you will be asked how you heard about ON THE HOUSE, please select the option OZ BARGAIN.
This offer is time-boxed. After 3 hours of this offer going live, we will add the $10 admin fee payable on each transaction. So, book as soon as you can!

ON THE HOUSE let’s you experience The Arts for free or at a highly reduced price. Check out this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU09Gvg_2K4

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    The tickets are only free for the preview evening. Can't really find a rrp for that. Why not offer tickets for the weekend?

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    For tomorrow night only.


    a bit confusing, sign up, then got the tomorrow night session, but then, nowhere i can find information on how to obtain/pick up the tix… i just dun wanna spend my time travel there and pay for car park, then find out that i still need to pay extra on ticket pick up…

    on member front page, stated bronze need to pay admin fee, but then on tix page, admin fee is $0, and cant find any e-tix.

    very confusing, which info is right?


      Hi there,
      There are a few shows on the site - some of the tickets were completely free (no admin fee), others incurred an admin fee ($10/transaction).

      Tickets are not generated. When you book, a reservation appears in your account. That is confirmation that tickets have been booked. Click on More Info in the reservation to see how to pick up tickets. In this instance, tickets can be picked up at the box office under your name (as per your registration with ON THE HOUSE), 30 minutes prior to the show start time.

      If you are still not sure, please email here info@itsonthehouse.com.au

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    2 Tickets Free to See 50 SHADES!

    Still overpriced.


    Parodying a fan fic is honestly so meta it's not even fun anymore.


    ON THE HOUSE let’s you experience The Arts for free or at a highly reduced price

    Interesting business model… I guess someone should really explain to them what "on the house" actually means.

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    $112 my ass. Not for a parody of someone else's work. $30 max.


    Some pretty awesome reviews have come from people that have seen this show. You can click here to read: https://www.itsonthehouse.com.au/past-offerings/event?id=260...

    More tix have become available.


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