expired Traffic Light 5V LED Display Module AU$0.86, JDY-40 2.4g Wireless Transceiver AU$1.24, DIY Kit 3D Xmas Tree AU$4.34 @ ICStation


Mini Traffic Light 5V LED Display Module Red Green Yellow Light for Arduino Raspberry Pi
$0.65, 61% OFF with extra $3 insurance tracking number service.

JDY-40 2.4G Remote Communication Module Wireless Serial Port Transmission Transceiver Module NRF24L01 Wireless Adapter
$0.94, 61% OFF with extra $3 insurance tracking number service.

DIY Kit 3D Christmas Tree Kit with 3 Colors Red/Green/Yellow Flashing LED for Electronics Soldering Practice Fun Gift DC 5V
$3.29, 49% OFF with extra $3 insurance tracking number service.

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    What day to day use does this have?


      A number of purposes for the geek out there. For example could use it in combination with an Arduino and a distance sensor to make a garage parking light e.g. green when close, yellow for even closer, and red for stop. Of course a tennis ball on a string is possibly better and cheaper, but that's beside the point. ;-)


      If you're asking the question you probably don't need them. That said below are some use cases for them. Just buy them from elsewhere.

      I bought some of the traffic lights for a status indicator project. It allows me to see the status of a bunch of services at a glance.

      The NRF24L01 lets you send serial data over 2.4Ghz. I've never used one.

      The Christmas trees are good for learning soldering. I built one with my son a couple of years ago. It is a straight forward project with a bunch of components.


        FWIW I use the NRF24L01 with mysensors.org modules for home automation - costs about $5 to make a battery powered door/temp/etc sensor.


      better than hanging a sock on the doorknob


      First thing that popped into my head was something to tell you which wheelie bins go out this week

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    What a surprise, ICStation "deal" with no bargains. Alternatives:
    * Traffic lights 0.42USD on ali
    * Christmas tree kits - 2.19AUD on ebay

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