[Pre-Order] Kindle with a Built-in Front Light - Black or White $139 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This looks to be a good deal at $139, paid $169 for the paperwhite not long ago

Black https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07NPLGSMT
White https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07FQKFLJT

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    Isn't this the normal price ???

    Why is it a Bargain ?


      Its a pre-order, so no existing prices to match again. Some pre-orders will usually go up in price after pre-order ends

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        Its a pre-order, so no existing prices to match again.

        Why is it a bargain ?


          Because that is cheap for a kindle with front light.

          Do you see another kindle with front light this price?


        Some pre-orders will usually go up in price

        Some don't.

        Can you post a link telling us the price will be higher on release ?


        Pre-orders at discounted prices are always advertised as such. Amazon make no claims about discounts for pre-orders and they haven't done this in the past.

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    What JV said. This is normal price, not a bargain.

    You can't claim something is a bargain because the new model is better priced than the old model.

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      Never said it was a bargain, but its still the cheapest kindle with front light

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      I personalty was looking to get my kids a kindle and this is better then the paperwhite pricing at moment.

      If you dont like the price then your welcome to keep scrolling

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        Don't know why you are getting downvoted, this seems pretty fair to me. It's sixty bucks cheaper than a paperwhite.

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      This is actually more expensive than the previous model. The old model standard Kindle is around $120.

      Paperwhite is still superior to this device and I would definitely pay an extra $20 on top of this for the paperwhite (it's hit $160 quite a few times)


        So its currently $159? Otherwise why the Neg?


          The corresponding current model's regular price is $109

          I'm just providing the information that this is a $30 price increase on the predecessor of this device, for an inferior product than the current Paperwhite (standard price $200, consistent sale price $160)

          I love Kindles, and I'm sure this will be a great product, however this is not a bargain. It's just an ad for a new product release.

          Just because an iPhone 8 at regular price is cheaper than an iPhone X, it doesn't mean that it's a bargain. Imagine if everyone was posting every new configuration of an iMac that becomes available (at regular price) from the Apple store, and posting it as a bargain. This site would become useless.


            @snoopydoop: Different model, different feature

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              @asa79: Yeah exactly, not really a bargain simply because it's cheaper in comparison to the Kindle Paperwhite. It's a different model, and this is the regular price for this Kindle.

              No hard feelings on the neg btw, looks like a great product and not a bad price. Just think this site should be reserved for bargains, not new product releases - probably better suited for the forum.

              Thank you for posting it anyway.


                @snoopydoop: Not really a neg is it either. And you seem to be only one that negged, why is that?


                  @asa79: Because it's not a bargain, deal, or even sale, it's just an ad for the latest Kindle. I'm not the only one who is sharing this sentiment in this thread.

                  My neg is not saying that this is a bad product, nor am I negging you personally. I am negging the fact that this is just an ad for the latest Kindle, and not a deal or bargain. Which is what this site is for.

                  Imagine if a company posted every time a slightly different version of something was released as a 'deal' on this site. There would literally be hundreds of posts every day. It's not a news site, it's a bargain site. No hard feelings, I just don't want this site to become spam for any company that wants to promote their new product.

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    your a tough customer jv


    Just had a quick look, the new model paperwhite which is almost double the resolution and waterproof has been $160 on here before.

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    OK - was confused initially (a normal state of affairs), then worked out this replaces the entry level Kindle that didn't have a light. It has some sort of glowy strip of 4 leds to help light the page, but I assume it will not be as good as the more expensive paperwhite device that has an even glow from underneath the screen (plus other features such as higher resolution, water resistance). Worth paying the extra for the paperwhite I suspect.


      Thanks for the info to clear up the confusion, I am in the market for a kindle and now prefer to wait for a deal on the new paperwhite.


      Yeah 100%. I'd argue that the old standard Kindle at $109 regular price was better value than this one, and hopefully we see this one drop on sale as they clear inventory.


    And looks like amazon has definitely ditched text to speech for good. Shame!

    While I would like the screen lighting feature I value the, text to speech on my old knidle more.

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