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HP Spectre 13-Af023tu $2,999 and Redeem a Bonus VISA Prepaid Gift Card Worth $1,200 @ HP Australia


CES 2018 Innovation Awards - Experience what the laptop was always meant to be. By bringing powerful, all-day performance and a stunning FHD[1] touchscreen to a seductively thin and exceptionally crafted metal and carbon fiber design, the Spectre laptop is almost too good to be true.

The art of power

As elegant as it is unprecedented, the ultra-thin Spectre Laptop fuses up liberating battery life with Fast Charge, and an Intel® Core™ i Quad Core processor[3] for remarkable performance.
Seductive craftsmanship

Exceptionally crafted at 10.4mm[4], this masterfully sculpted chassis with a hidden hinge and full size keyboard.
Over Two-Million pixels. Noticeably eye-opening.

Rethink the way you experience your content with a nearly borderless 13.3" diagonal, FHD[1] touch display finished with Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ and audio by Bang and Olufsen.

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  • +14 votes

    In case anyone wants to know:

    Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor (1.6 GHz base frequency, up to 3.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 6 MB cache, 4 cores)
    Windows 10 Home 64
    13.3" diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ (1920 x 1080)
    8 GB LPDDR3-2133 SDRAM (onboard); 1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD
    Intel® UHD Graphics 620

    Not quite sure what makes it worth $3k or even $1800.

    • +5 votes

      When there’s a $1200 gift card attached it’s for a business account not a personal laptop……..

  • +3 votes

    Buy it at 3k.
    Claim tax rebate at full price (albeit over fee years). Assuming 37% tax rate and 1k back.
    Final price = 3k - 1.2k - 1k = 800.
    Not bad for a 1TB SSD laptop?

    • +2 votes

      That's not how tax deductions, depreciation, or salary sacrifice work. The tax goes the other way. Ignoring the gift card for now, you're saying that a $3k laptop costs $2k, but in reality the fact is the you only had to earn $3k to buy the laptop instead of earning $4k and having it taxed before you get it in your hand.

      Re the gift card: IMO it's only worth $1200 if you have another $1200 worth of things you want to buy from HP (like a second laptop)

    • +1 vote

      Don't forget TRS too if you're flying :p

  • -2 votes

    the screens on these crack quite easily and HP will charge you over $1000 for a repair… the act of closing the lid is enough to shatter the screen

  • +2 votes

    Or just buy an XPS


    Average screen resolution.


    Coincidentally, LTT posted a review on this laptop just recently.
    Might be worth noting some niggling issues that he highlighted.


    way to call a premium laptop model, well done HP. af023tu. I keep on thinking it is owned predominantly by aliens, and in their language tells one a lot about product line, positioning, and level of components


      I wonder if it's to use a different model and inflat prices with gov/private contract. Noticed a fair bit of HP laptops for gov/corp over the recent years. Used to be dominated by lenovo (good old ibm) or dell.


    Here a link to their Autumn promo page for other laptop as well.

    Prices are crazy!

  • -1 vote

    So in essence - HP are making money off the extra $1200 they get per customer simply in interest.

    The real price of the laptop is $1800.

    Say 1000 customers buy this laptop - that's $1.2m extra that HP gets for that batch.

    It sits in an interest bearing account and I'll bet you it takes 10 weeks for the Visa card to be sent to you - giving them 10 weeks worth of interest on $1.2m (assuming they sell 1000 I would imagine)

    With only the 1000 pieces example, the total amount of interest at say 3% interest bearing would be:

    $1 200 000 x 3% (per year) = $36k per year / 52 weeks * 10 = $6923 so close to $7k more profit margin on total sales.

    Not bad for 10 weeks considering laptops these days profit to a max of $500, but usually in $100 to $200 range (source: ex laptop sales staff)

    You would have to sell anywhere from 35 to 70 lapops to make that kind of profit margin on reasonably decent laptop.


      So they’re going to make an additional $7 per sale of each laptop?
      By your reckoning they could just sell 6 laptops at full rrp without cashback and make $7k more proffit too.

      • -1 vote

        Great idea - let's offer it for $1800 after cash back and sell 6 of them without cash back to make $7k

        I hope you never work for any marketing firm.


    This by far is the worst laptop available today.