Daydream Island Resort Reopening Special - 50% off April and May 2019, 50% off June 2019 via Daydreamer Club


Was enquiring about Whitsunday's holidays and was pointed to this nice opening special at Daydream Island. The resort was tiring pre-cyclone Debbie but the restorations that will be completed from April 10 look like a nice upgrade.

Free to register for daydreamer club at

Screengrab of offer:

Example of savings - 5 night stay - 29 April to 4 May - Cheapest Room (Standard Twin):

Very pleased

For my personal itinerary, I saved $1200 and upgraded to the best room available

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    Launched from April and will be completed by ???

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    Just updated the deal with an example of savings

    Itinerary: 5 night stay - 29 April to 4 May - Cheapest Room (Standard Twin):

    Saving $848

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    Hmm , I will be using my $10 return flights from a previous deal to head there between April 29-May 6, and was about to book at Peppers. Now i'm interested in this. Will follow .

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      $10 return wow.

      Peppers Airlie is a great spot (look into entertainment book discounts also)

      I can't vouch for Daydream, and pre-cyclone it wasn't overly highly regarded, but an island stay always has a different feel than a beach town / backpacker town mainland stay, and the reconstruction looks pretty good

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    Went to Daydream about a year before the cyclone/closure. 2 things killed it for me.

    1. The transfers from Hamilton to Daydream almost cost more than my ex Brisbane flight.

    2 there was absolutely nothing to do after 6pm, except the occasional outdoor movie which showed films about 10 years old.


      How are other guests dressed on the island? Can I pretty much go t-shirt, shorts and barefoot all the time while on the island?

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    Although it looks like a nice place the Whitwsundays are a bit over rated of around price for 10 days there you could probably fly to where like Greece or Honalulu and have a better time

    Sadly most of Australia is like that we have such a beautiful country but very few see it because it is simply a rip off

    Im going from Melbourne to Perth in a few months and it is costing me more then it would cost me to go to Bail…


    50% extended for all of June now

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