expired Foxtel NOW 6 Month Pricing - $40 Per Month for Essentials and Sports Pack, $79 Per Month for All Packs Included


Just found this on the Foxtel website.

It's for new customers only but I have cancelled my subscruption and used a different email.
I changed to essentials and sport - not a bad deal considering that sport is usually a $29 add-on (saves $14 a month)
Also the $79 offer with everything includes a free box


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    Even still, Foxtel is way too expensive.

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    After having their ruthless marketing team bombard me with calls (using different mobile IDS) at all hours for multiple days in a row, even though the 1st call i advised on the DNC register and was not interested .. there is no chance (even a dollar a month) I would ever sign up to these pests

    but cheers for the post, I am sure others may be interested in the deal

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    Not sure that’s even a good price.

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    How much time do they think we all have in our busy lives to watch all their repetitive content at their ridiculous prices? They just don't get it do they..

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    Bahahaha, that's ridiculously over priced. You can buy a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Stan and pay less than 40 dollars a month.

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      And you still won't have Game of Thrones. It's the only place to legally watch the upcoming GOT.

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      Agreed. It's apps are so poorly designed to and they are not even offering 4k through their apps either, it's ridiculous.
      I have a new Sony 4k tv and the inbuilt app is so crap. It's streaming at 540p or something. So I have to use my PS4 to stream to get HD streaming. Why?


      Yeah but I can't watch live sport on any of them which is what this deal is all about…


    A 1c per channel per year fee for MUTV, LFCTV and Chelsea TV applies for Sport customers and will be charged on your first bill.


    You'd want it to be even cheaper after the six months. Who would want to pay more after getting a cheaper deal?? Playing everyone for fools

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    $60 all channels foxtel would be a success


    Split with someone - $40 each makes it semi decent

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    AFL grand final is Sept 28th so if you sign up now then this would end 1 week before the Grand Final.

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    Loving my cheap as chips Kayo.


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      You do know Kayo is Foxtel….right?

      Surely there's non-Foxtel streaming services for the sports you like? Eg. League Pass.


        I had no idea. Is that why all the sports and shows are the same :-)

        We only want sport. Who else wants to pay $40 for the other Foxtel rubbish? So many people have been crying out for Foxtel without it being an add-on. Kayo gives people what they really want - as long as you have the right internet package.

        I've had Live Pass, Live Stream, Rugby Pass, Foxtel and all of them for free. Love Kayo - definitely worth the coin when sharing the sub.

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    This deal still appears active: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/424102

    $39 for full Foxtel and Foxtel Go.


    Foxtel are confused , hell bent on promoting Kayo but then also promoting their satellite option and handing out deals left right and centre so you don't cancel altogether and get Kayo.


    Google "Reddit acestream <your sport here>"


      Looks like Russian closed-source botnet software to me. Leave it running in the background and see how much data it uses. Do you know what that data is?


        It’s P2P video streaming. Not really a mystery what the data is…


          I think you just made my point. You assume that it's P2P video. So it could literally be anything and you wouldn't notice. The aim of that software is clearly to make money. What do you know about the Russian developers behind it? Why do you trust them enough to install a server application on your computer? Have you ever heard of Hola?


            @dazweeja: You could use the same logic for any P2P software.


              @PainToad: Yes, you could. And you definitely should. You should be especially wary of any software where nothing is known about the developers, it's not vetted by any app store process, it's completely closed-source, etc. I don't use P2P software very often but when I do I use Deluge.


    I've been on this deal since they advertised it a year ago. Renewing took me going through to retentions but I'm happy paying $40 a month for HD sport.

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    For any one else curious about this deal like I was …

    It looks like Foxtel Now may be phased out in the near future, similar to what happened to Foxtel's Presto previously, as Project Martian (we now know this as Kayo Sports) and Project Jupiter are their new direction. I guess this might explain the recent Telstra offers for free Essentials and the free Foxtel Now box related to the "With Everything" offer. I remember there being lots of freebies/deals with Presto before the service was terminated.


    Finally, their TOS mention an interesting clause at 7.5

    "7.5 We may stop offering the Foxtel Now Service at any time without your permission and without notice. We will provide you with as much prior notice as possible, however if we change, remove or stop supplying the Foxtel Now Service to you for any reason, we (or any member of the Foxtel Group) may continue to supply you on a month-to-month basis, with another similar product or service for which you are eligible and that (in our opinion) provides you with the best value for money. If you do not like the new product or service, you can change it or cancel in accordance with this Agreement."

    That said, for those without Essentials and Sports, the $40 deal might be worth considering as it works out cheaper than getting Kayo Sports and Essentials separately if you want both your GOT and sports fix.


    This is $1 more than it was before the last price rise. Early last year the same thing was $39 as standard pricing.


    My account fell overdue yesterday. Paid today, lost my subscription and now they wanna charge me up around $100 for doco and sport pack.

    Was $39 for me up until yesterday. Absolute joke!


    Is there something like Kayo for Documentaries?