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Buy One Burger Get One Free at The Coffee Club (VIP Club Members)


From Monday to Friday this week only, you can get two burgers for the price of one! That's right, take advantage of our great offer - Buy One Burger Get One Free!

There are four delicious burgers on our menu to choose from: the Classic Cheeseburger, Buttermilk Chicken Caesar Burger, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger and Grilled Haloumi and Mushroom Burger.

All you have to do is mention the Buy One Burger Get One Free promotion to our friendly staff and swipe your physical VIP card in store to redeem!

PLUS you can still take advantage of your VIP benefits to Buy One Hot Beverage, Get One Free - simply swipe your VIP Card.

Hurry into your local store today! This burger bonanza is only available from Monday 25th - Friday 29th March 2019 so make The Coffee Club your answer to "where will I meet you?".

This offer is available nationally in all store locations.

The VIP 10% Mon - Wed discount does not apply. Offer includes the four burgers listed on our menu - the Classic Cheeseburger, the Buttermilk Chicken Caesar Burger, the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger, and the Grilled Haloumi and Mushroom Burger. Buy one burger and get one burger of equal or lesser value for free. You can still receive your Buy One Hot Beverage, Get One Free with this deal. This offer is available nationally from Monday 25th – Friday 29th March 2019 and is valid all day. One offer per transaction only. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

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The Coffee Club

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  • How much is a VIP membership? Anyone know if these deals run often and it’s worth getting?

  • yeah, everyone slams it but when a barista made coffee is only $4 at Coffee Club and then you get 241.. you can't beat it..

    • Machines make better coffee than barista's.

      The supposed unexplained benefits of humans making it only appear when people know the person made it.

      • Machines can make better coffee than barista's.

        It doesn't mean they do.

        • 99% of the population cant tell the difference between a great one and an average one yet every one thinks they can and have 50 opinions on which bean/shop/barista is better

          Its hilarious

          Give them a blindfold test and i assure you 99% will have no idea

          • @hellohello123: The local coffee store near me are damn artists but that being said I also love the 711 $1 coffee machine ones, the taste is a bit different but both are delicious.

            If the coffee place you go by doesn't have much traffic (not often busy) then it's probably way worse than the 711 machine coffee since the beans get rotated so quickly at a busier place. Nothing worse than week old coffee beans.

            • @Agret: If the coffee place you go by doesn't have much traffic (not often busy) then it's probably way worse

              if 99% of the people have no idea about coffee, im not going to auto assume that one place thats busier than other is a reflection of their quality

              also latte art is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the coffee,
              in fact I know heaps of people who can draw like picasso on a coffee but know nothing about the actual quality of the coffee, these people know how to pour a coffee and milk and to draw pretty pictures

      • This is absolutely untrue. A machine can make better coffee than a bad barista, sure (and I'll concede that covers the majority). But it absolutely can't compete with a competent barista who knows how to dial in the grind properly and can texture milk well.

        The shots produced by automatic machines are pretty much garbage, but people don't notice because it's hidden in all the overheated milk in their their extra large caramel soy mocha.

        • And thats the issue right there, people want a coffee, but they don't want to taste any actual coffee.

          Personally I'm not a huge fan of The Coffee Club coffee, it always seems burnt but unsure if thats the roast they use or just my bad luck each time.

          I have the same issue with Gloria Jeans, so I just never go there anymore.

          Drinking coffee black has its downside, no sugars, syrups or milks for the coffee to hide behind.

        • As an espresso lover, the shots put out by my nespresso machine are better than 95% of espressos I have had in cafes. Consistent every time. Cafe coffee is usually burnt or bitter because its going in lattes most of the time.

          • @piston3461: My delonghi gets a workout before work for my 5am plus my one for the road, and as soon as I walk in the door.
            I'm a bit partial to the L'or range at the moment, and as you said, best thing is the consistency.

          • @piston3461: Or perhaps you're just used to the taste of capsule coffee therefore everything else tastes sub-par in comparison? We are creatures of habit after all, and if we do something long enough, everything else seems odd and/or not good enough.

    • I actually like the Coffee Club. I always get a Mellowcino when I'm there, which is definitely blasphemy of a coffee but I like it. Their coffees do tend to be slightly weak so I really should ask for a double shot more often..

  • I legit don't know why anyone would eat at the Coffee Club.

  • If they had let us keep those memberships from a few months ago, I would have taken advantage.

  • A good quality coffee machine CAN make better coffee (with decent coffee beans) then a crappy "barista"
    Some people think they are a barista after a 3 hour coffee course, it is not about a piece of paper it's about experience.
    It's all about the quality of the coffee the quality of the textured milk and also the coffee machine. Also some people don't flush the machine before making a new coffee witch causes the coffee to become bitter because all the old coffee is still stuck up in the filter.

  • How many times in the week can one use this deal?

  • How much are their burgers?

    • Bout $18 give it take as there are a few options. Not too bad for two burgers n chips. But as others have said, Coffee Club generally offers average and slow food coupled with poor coffee. They're fortunate that they're a Queensland based business as nowhere else in Australia could they get away with it on a larger scale. I am surprised their stores in Melbourne are financial viable, if indeed they are.

  • it’s not the difference between a machine vs barista in coffee quality, it’s the amount of coffee used that has the largest impact. my home machine does 19g for a cup,
    when i pack in the coffee, std cafe dose is 1/2 that.

    so it’s more how much coffee the barista tries to add vs how much coffee the machine is setup to dispense.

    at industry seminars they always have machines now for coffee, i use 2 pods for a cup instead of one and it makes a great cup.

  • Can you use the offer once each day?

  • Are the meat patties fresh or Frozen?

    • I used to work in Coffee Club, about a year ago, the patty it self was already cooked, we got it cooked pre packaged and we just put in in impinger oven since coffee club normally doesnt have grill. taste actually not bad, but still better if cooked from raw though.

  • Visited dozens of CC outlets over the years and generally their coffee si consistently good. definitely worth taking out VIP for 241 deal.

  • Does it need the physical card?
    Just joined with that $12.5 promotion, so only have the welcome email

  • After having tried Merlo coffee in Brisbane, I find it difficult to drink coffee at Coffee Club - it just tastes bland and watered down in comparison.

  • This is the worst store locator ever! Enter any address, get results from all over the world - apparently any businesses - WTH!

  • Did this on Monday. Did both the 2 for 1 large cappuccino as well as this deal with a cheeseburger and the spicy chicken burger ALL ON MY OWN.

    I felt pretty good about myself, except for the part where one coffee and plate were placed on the other side of the table, as if someone else was turning up.

    Still, all that was cheaper than my usual large cap and eggs benedict with hash browns.

  • Was told off by a CC manager when paying, after I had asked the waiter about it before ordering and signed up to VIP on the phone on the spot (at 50% discount, thanks @headphonejack :D ). Said usually I'd be asked to show the email received.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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