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10% Woolworths Cashback @ ShopBack


I guess this is the something big ShopBack we’re promoting yesterday.

10% cashback via ShopBack today only. It’s quadruple the normal ShopBack.

Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
As of 1 September 2018, orders paid for in Full or Partially with any gift cards will void your eligibility for Cashback
Cashback may not be payable on tobacco purchases
Cashback is not payable on gift card purchases

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • I tried it last time…..no cashback recorded, lost faith with ShopBack.

    and yes, I have used cashback for years!
    Pricepal(was another name before this), Cashrewards, Shopback etc)

    don't give me standard reply such as: clear cache, cookies..I done all these EACH time BEFORE I shop using cashback.

    • I didn't either. Hit them up about it and at first they gave me the wrong % Cashback I had to correct them and they finally gave the Cashback. Almost more effort than what it was worth.

    • Stop using them as quite a few order get no cashback, only use them if store is not on cashrewards.

  • I use the Shopback iPhone App and have no problems, they render the Woolworths website within the app so ad blockers/security settings for cookies don’t get in the way.

    • I always use a complete CLEAN browser that absolutely has NO add-on/extension/ad blocker software with correct settings…..

      still…….no cashback from Shopback(for Woolworths), kinda dodgy since I placed an big order consider the 10%

      • Even clean browsers can block by default and have do not track settings enabled.

        To be honest the cashback sites should provide a test page to test your settings…


  • According to their page, you can't pay with Woolworths gift cards… so yea I don't think I'd be using them again.

    • This is the case for CashRewards too. I think Woolworths requested the change. Since you can get a minimum 5% off on WISH eGift cards any time it means the alternative of waiting months for <5% cashback that may or may not track is not worth it.

  • Not worth it at all!

    Firstly, you lose more than 5% by not
    Paying by egift card, considering their 10% excluding GST etc.

    Secondly, if You don’t get your full items of order, you may not get your cashback at all. You lose the whole 10%. Woolworths partially refunded me last time because of out of stock! Then, my cashback got rejected! Contacted them with the invoice. They gave me a one-time credit because they didn’t get the commission from Woolworths. How dodgy is the Woolworths? How can customers know and control it when placing an order?

    Finally, you have to wait a few months to get it if everything goes well. Too many uncertainties. Good luck!

  • Glad i read comments was keen for this but sounds like risk for this not working vs regular discounted egift method isnt worth it. Gonna stick to amex/egift

  • I have given it a go. Haven't had a issue before but took screen shots of every page as proof in case there are issues. I used the Groupon 17% cashback last night and got confirmation of it going through. Hopefully no issues today..

    • other than my big order on Woolworths…
      Shopback successfully tracked my other orders…(which are small orders from other shops)

      • I just got the email confirming the tracking of my order. 10% has been applied. That's 100% success so far with shopback so I can't complain about them. Very happy!

  • Will be watching this one. It better track with the full 10% or ShopBack is dead to me.

  • It states on the site 75 days for cashback, is that peoples experience, or is it credited a lot sooner?

    • At this stage there are several cashbacks pending but have been tracked that are getting close to that 75 day mark. I can see it in my account but not accessible yet.

      • Hi CrocDundee,

        Shoot over a PM if you need me to look into anything for you, especially if those cashbacks aren't cleared after the due date.

        • Thank you - Unlike some people, I am patient enough to wait for what the T&Cs stipulate. However, if it doesn't come through I'll be sure enough to shoot you a PM. Cheers

    • Hi Spiderboy, 75 days is the standard for most stores, some can be a lot sooner while some can be a bit later.