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Portable Fridge Freezer 65L $549 (6/4), Wood Planer Thicknesser 1500w $299 (3/4), 8" Mitre Saw with Stand $59.99 (3/4) @ ALDI


Portable Fridge Freezer 65L $549 available 6th of April at Aldi,

Details in the catalogue:
SECOP Compressor
Steel body with aluminium lining
Insulated walls and cover
Digital control panel
Size 47cm, 80cm, 46cm
bluetooth enabled with smartphone app
-22c to +10c cooling range
mutli-level battery protection

Wood Planer Thicknesser 1500w $299 available 3rd of April
Details in the catalogue:
Twin blade cutter Operating at 9000rpm
625mmx340mm thicknessing table with 5-153mm adjustable height
Adjustable planing depth up to 2.5mm
Max planing width of 318mm
Closes thing at Bunnings is $599

8" Mitre Saw with stand $59.99 available 3rd of April
Details in the catalogue:
1500w motor providing smooth and powerful cuts
Enables ) to 45-degree bevel and compound mitre cuts
210mm blade diameter

Note catalogue currently only available in print format, not on the website yet so you'll have to wait for the full catalogue or visit Aldi.

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  • a Thicknesser? ….

  • Any feedback on the fridge?

    • No, I think this is new to Aldi. They did a weaco for a while but this one seems to be new range. Kings seem to have a similar size one which runs a simular spec, all be it with a split lid on theirs https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/adventure-kings-65l-dual-zo...

      • They do look similar, though the King one is dual zone (hence the split lid).

        The ALDI one looks like it only has one temperature setting on the panel, but adds a protective cover (and Bluetooth connectivity if that's of any use)

      • That Kings one can be had for $674.10 at the moment with the 10% eBay code PROUD.

        Nice to have a freezer compartment but looking at the pic, 3 quarters of that side is taken up by the compressor cutout anyway.

    • Picked one up this week. Initial impressions are very good. Cools from room temp to 1c in under half an hour so good as a backup fridge that doesn't need to be left running like our sorry old camp fridge. Holds temp well, but cover is a bonus as the lid does get colder than ambient (not quite thick enough insulation, but typical for a camp fridge).
      Bluetooth app is simple but works as advertised.
      Also, very good value for what you get.

  • Thanks OP. Does anyone have any experience with the Aldi mitre saw? Looks like it might be decent enough for odds and ends around the house.

  • For anyone thinking of buying the thicknesser, dual blade thicknessers are a bit of a pain to sharpen as the blades are so long. You should be able to get replacements, but to make the blades last longer, take multiple low thickness cuts rather than cutting to the final depth straight off. Your blades will last longer, the motor won't struggle as much and the finish on the wood will be better.

    And if you're using something like jarrah, make those passes really light. It's tough stuff jarrah. These things are designed for soft stuff like pine.

    • If you can afford to work with Jarrah, get a damn spiral head planer.

      Screw up a piece of Jarrah and whatever perceived savings are gone.

      • All of my jarrah stockpile was free (old flooring, gazebos etc.). I used the savings to buy one of these. Best tool I've ever bought! :) Hit a hidden nail once and just needed to rotate one of the cutters.

        • Nice! Single phase I'm assuming?

          Whenever I run anything through the table/mitre/planers, I always put a stud-finder set to nail finder mode.

          That can be a dangerous/costly oversight.

          • @tshow: Yes, single phase, that was expensive enough as it is! I bought a handheld metal detector after that little surprise. Visual inspection just doesn't cut it when you're using old wood.

            • @banana365: I'm really contemplating getting that carbatec. I'm heading to their Spring valley showroom maybe next month (or EoFY).

              How's their quality?

              I'm picking a Saw Stop cabinet saw too :)

              • @tshow: The quality is fine. I'm not too happy with that design of blade guard and keep meaning to replace it with one that pivots out of the way. It's only that design because it's a convertible planer/thicknesser.

                SawStop? Jammy git!

                • @banana365: The table saw is because I need my fingers at work. I'm sure my income protection insurance would up my premiums if they knew I had a woodshop and they'd buy me the SawStop and send someone over to go through woodshop safety.

                  I have a big woodshop planned so I don't need a convertible if it has a noticeable drawback.

                  8m x 9m in case you're wondering. 60 year old barn. Reframing the internals.

  • Got one of the three fridges in stock at my Aldi today. So far seems pretty good.

    Found this one that is pretty much identical (apart from adding 12V output and $375 to the price tag).

    Good news is their app is compatible and a little better, can graph last 24 hours worth of temp/batt voltage and supports landscape which means I can use it on the Android deck in my car a little easier.

    • You bought the Aldi, but are using the Kickass app?

      • Yeah I like it better than the Adventuridge one, that looking at the Play Store, also goes by the name Xero, Transit, Mammoth, and Black Ice, all made by Companion.

        All using the same controller I guess.

  • No way to see what Aldi stores have stock…
    Can't order online…

    No Aldi within 500km.


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