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Free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Valued at $59 RRP) with Health Check @ Samsung (Eligible Samsung Members)


This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes and happy to get advice on improving the post.

So I was just browsing through the Samsung Members App and found this deal. All you have to do is get a free health check done (hardly takes 5 mins) on your Samsung phone at any Samsung store (would recommend booking an appointment to reduce wait time) and you get a free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack worth $59 RRP. This is applicable for eligible Samsung Members, so please check if it is applicable for you (possibly only AU stock Samsung phones).

I have a S8 phone, so I would assume anyone with S8 or higher should automatically be eligible for the deal.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Found this on the homepage / dashboard (bottom section) within the Samsung Members app. Didn't have to browse in the app.

Mod Note: Based on comments, it appears to be devices older than Samsung S8 and newer than Samsung S5. Samsung Members app is required.

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  • How to make booking?

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      My local store in Sydney didn't have bookings online left for today. So I just turned up and was able to see someone straight away.

      However if you want to book, here's the link

      • I did the same at Carindale (Bris) this afternoon. The guys there said I was the first person who had claimed it from them, guess that won't last much longer tomorrow.

      • I take it they still gave you the battery pack? My closest store has no bookings available this weekend so thinking I may just take a chance and drive the half hour there for something to do.

        Edit: Never mind, promotion is valid til the 14th, made an appointment for next weekend just to be safe.

      • if you dont mind me asking, which store did u walk in for it?

      • I walked into a store, had a booking for 2 weeks later - they weren't busy, and the guy told me to come back as they were "flat out busy"…

        I questioned how long it would take, and he mentioned 30 mins … so my calcs were 16 a day … in an empty store … but he refused … meh

        Will read other's experiences on this.

        • You might want to try your luck elsewhere. The promo ends on the 14th, and you're booked in for two weeks time ?
          Also, no guarantee they will have any battery packs left then, so it'll be purely an upsell opportunity for them.

          • @Magpye: Walked in again today, walked out with the battery. The guy didn't do a good job of upselling, but I asked him the deal. $200 off a S10. Any Samsung AMEX deals??

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    Would this work for Samsung phones bought from overseas?

    • +1

      Probs not, everytime I've been in there for technical assistance and repairs that's the first thing they check. Then again, worth a shot if you have the time.

    • Yes, I have got the offer. My phone is S8+ from HK.

      • Keep us updated if you actually get the free power bank. I've got an S6 from Kogan I'd like to try, but you go first.

        • +1

          I just got my battery pack from Fountain Gate this morning.

          • @jimojr: They did not check the region of the phone?

            Did you flash the ROM to an AU ROM?

            Do you have dual sim?

          • @jimojr: Hi did you walk in our have an apointment? I couldn't seem to make an appointment through the app.

            • @skyva: My appointment is tomorrow noon. I just walked in.

    • No

  • Optus s9+ , just downloaded the app and can't see the offer. where do you see it? under Benefits?

    • +4

      Front page, scroll to the bottom.

      S9 might be too new to require a health check.

  • no dice on s10+

  • +2

    Not showing up in my S10+. I'd almost guess you would need an older phone to be eligible? (old phone, poorer battery performance etc.)

    • Same. though I have also my S8+. I will try on that as well.

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    Doesn't show on my Note 9 either. I guess it's too new to require health checks.

    I am seeing a 6 month Calm wellness subscription offer.

    • +1

      Note 9 - Also seeing the calm offer, but no battery pack.

    • same

  • +1

    Not showing on my Note 8. Only see promotion for Samsung Education Store.

    Update: Checked my Old Samsung S7, and the offer is available.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, had the offer in my app (Galaxy S8), booked for next Thursday night :)

  • Not showing up on my Note 8… maybe it's just S8's after all then…

  • Offer wasn't on my S10, but was on my S8

    • Same here.

      Sweet. Booked. I hope they have stock.

  • +1

    S7 here - got the offer. Unfortunately the nearest Samsung store is 3 hours away.

    • Ha,same. Not worth it.

  • offer shows on my app s8+


  • +2

    no go for s9 :(

  • Where do you find the offer in the app? ;o

    • +1

      If you have the offer it will be on the front page. Scroll down to the bottom. If your phone is too new, it won't appear.

  • Haha is S5 too old?

    • +8

      S5 was the glory days when a battery change was a DIY job and you could buy the battery for $10.

    • +1

      It's showing for me, still using the s5

    • My son's S5 has the Offer but my Note 8 hasn't.

  • +1

    Didnt know i had this app! i've got the offer on my s8

    • what does the T&C's say?
      Cant see it on my s9+

      Plz halp Manmohan

  • S6 has this offer.

  • +5

    I can't find the terms and conditions for the Australia offer on the Samsung Australia website

    A similar offer in the UK was valid for S5, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7, S7 edge, S8, or S8+

  • Tested on Note 5, s8+ and s9. Only s8+ eligible.

    • Note 5 here, confirm no luck.

  • Seems like it appears for S8 series and lower. Was also visible on a S7

  • Not there on my note 8

  • whats tehe quality of samsung battery packs is like?

    • +1

      This is the free power bank.

      • It looks like a Xiaomi

      • Do you know if the Type C port is for input only or output too? By calling it "Dual" I assume it is input only but not sure.

        • The type C goes both ways!

          • @WhoziAu: Really? I wasn't able to get mine to charge anything on that port. I used a C-C cable.

            I tried it on a phone, then on my Switch. None of them charged.

      • Done!

        Got mine already!
        Looks good

        Samsung staff very nice

        • +2

          The guy at Samsung Parramatta refused to do the health check on the spot. Asked me to make an appointment.

          • @RichardL: I actually did book for next week, but when i walked past there there was no customers so maybe that's why

          • @RichardL: I walked in at Samsung Marion during lunch hour break. The guy was more than happy to assist.

            • @FlindersStud: I went to the Sydney Store after, and they did on the spot (just had to wait ~30min).

          • @RichardL: Went there yesterday to (28/03), the guy refused to do it on the spot. Made a booking for next week Friday.

  • +2

    Got it for my S8. No Samsung stores in Canberra. Closest one is 3 hours away with no time slots until next Thurs/Fri.

    • +1

      Same, got the deal for my s7 but no store in Canberra :(

    • +1

      Probably cheaper to buy one then to travel to get one

    • Go on chat and start whinging that it's unfair and see if they ship you one

  • The app is in Arabic for me so i'm not sure i'm even sure i'm seeing the right offers. Any idea how ot change it..?

    • +1

      Is your phone an import?

      • Hmm, that's a good point. Got it from my brother so not actually sure on that..

    • Might be one of those exploding batteries

  • no samsung stores in WA…:-( Sad!!

    • +8

      There is 2 Samsung Stores

      Located in: Westfield Carousel
      Located in: Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City

      • And Carousel too… for now seems like only Joondalup has free appointment spots.

        • I just showed up @ Carousel and they did the test and gave me the battery no booking. Said my S8 battery was not holding charge and i could send it off for replacement takes 2-3 weeks.

    • +2

      There is one in Lakeside Joondalup

    • I just got my battery pack from Lakeside Joondalup. They have many in stock.

    • There is one in the Carousel in Cannington

  • +1

    showed up on my S8+, I clicked it and said you are not eligible for this offer,
    I went back and clicked it again and it showed up, I was going to make a booking but they only take 1pm to 4pm, is a booking necessary?

    • +1

      No, booking is not compulsory. You can directly visit the store and show them the offer on your phone.

      • +1


      • i might try that too,

    • showed up on my S8+, I clicked it and said you are not eligible for this offer,
      I went back and clicked it again and it showed up

      Exactly the same happened to me. I mightn't have tried a second time if not for your post, so thanks :)

  • I wonder whether they'll appreciate me whipping out my old battered, S5 which is practically unusable. I'm currently using the Huawei Mate 20 pro

    • Same here. I am going to give it a crack tomorrow

  • No, booking is not compulsory. You could just visit the store.

    • Are you sure a booking isn't necessary?

      • +4

        Looking at the promo it does say click below (details) to make a booking OR to find a store, so I don't think it is necessary to book.

        • Thats what i said as well … but i got told to make a booking and come back later …

          The guy also told me it was targeted at users with an older phone, so when they come in the sales team can upsell the features of S10 …

    • Rocked up to Samsung Parramatta, and they refuse to do the health check on the spot. Asked me to make an appointment.

  • Showing up on my S8+. I am assuming we need to show this promo in our Samsung members app at the store to get the FREE battery pack after getting a health check done on the battery?

    • +2

      I just showed the offer before doing the health check to confirm if it is really applicable for me as I thought it was too good to be true :P

  • Nice way to try convince you to upgrade to s10… too bad i have an s9+ and not eligible =/

    • +3

      check next year.

  • I am booking for my S8 but what option do I choose? other?

    • Yes, you can select Others

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Targetted with a great deal for once :)

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