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Free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Valued at $59 RRP) with Health Check @ Samsung (Eligible Samsung Members)


This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes and happy to get advice on improving the post.

So I was just browsing through the Samsung Members App and found this deal. All you have to do is get a free health check done (hardly takes 5 mins) on your Samsung phone at any Samsung store (would recommend booking an appointment to reduce wait time) and you get a free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack worth $59 RRP. This is applicable for eligible Samsung Members, so please check if it is applicable for you (possibly only AU stock Samsung phones).

I have a S8 phone, so I would assume anyone with S8 or higher should automatically be eligible for the deal.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Found this on the homepage / dashboard (bottom section) within the Samsung Members app. Didn't have to browse in the app.

Mod Note: Based on comments, it appears to be devices older than Samsung S8 and newer than Samsung S5. Samsung Members app is required.

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  • I read someone's comment on here saying 1 person could claim multiple power banks if had more than 1 device, I can confirm one 1 claim per person regardless of how many devices you have.

    Wish that person did not post it on here without knowing for sure, I would have saved a 30 km trip and 1.5 hours. Now have to go again with my mum to claim for her.

    I did not have to make an appointment as all the time slots were unavailable. Samsung Tea Tree Plaza SA happy to do it on the spot.

    • cheers, going to pop in tonight and see if I can redeem it

    • Depnds who you get. The person next to me had 3 devices and received 3 packs

      • All 3 people on duty said the same thing at TTP.

        Maybe I was unlucky then,

        • It might be store by store policy.

          Melbourne Central seems to be a bit more relaxed (I did a walk-in) while some suburb based shopping centre strictly require booking

  • +1

    Thank you!
    Picked up a powerbank

  • Took S8 and S6 to Fountain Gate. Quick easy process. Didn't need a booking.

    • Did you just go by yourself and were the two devices registered under the one name?

      • Had 2 people. One was my uncle's phone and he was there. The S6 was my brother's old phone.

        They checked my uncle's phone first, then when it was the S6 they didn't bother checking it.

        Edit: when checking my uncle's phone .. I meant they plugged it in to check the battery. They didn't ask about accounts or who's name the phone was under.

        • Damn thanks for the info. Was hoping multiple devices would work with just one person as they don't have their T&Cs available online. I have two devices and not sure how to claim the other without dragging someone along.

        • But did they get the battery pack with the S6 ?

          • @Squeezy: Hi, yes we did get the battery pack with the S6. The offer was in the app for the S6.

    • Can confirm also went to FGate earlier this afternoon. Served by Darron…really nice fella. really simple process

  • +1

    Have just been to the Marion store and the staff member I talked to told me I have to make an appointment, despite the app suggesting to make an appointment or visit any Samsung store. Have been in the area so thought to pop in, but it isn't worth traveling all the way from where I live just for a power pack. It's good for those living near a store though.

    • +1

      I spoke to live chat when there were no time slots left for appointments, they advised just go into the store without an appointment.

      I took a screenshot of the chat in case there were issues. Tea Tree Plaza did not need an appointment.

      Glad I didn't go to Marion, although if they refused I would have shown them the screenshot. Wonder what they would have done then.

      • Yeah, it was kinda confusing. The guy's excuse was that a lot of people applied for the power pack and although they have some in stock, they were expecting more to arrive, so he couldn't just squeeze me in without an appointment. I said thanks and left.

  • Appointment required at the Westfield Doncaster store in Victoria. The attendant said that he wasn't worried of running out of stock by next week as there's no reason for Samsung to stop restocking them until the deal expires.

  • has anyone had any success with a non-AU model?

  • +6

    This has to be the best 1st-time post in Ozbargain history? Any stats mods?

    • +1

      Thanks and glad that the post helped a lot of ozbargainers

    • +2

      There's the Tesla deal posted by another first time poster which I believe has achieved the highest amount of upvotes in ozb history

      • Wtf 80k discount lol

      • Yeah, I had seen this one. I don't see anyone surpassing that feat in the near future :P

  • +5

    So after an unsuccesful attempt walking-in to Melb Central store earlier, I tried going to the Chadstone store.

    Arrived around 17.40, They have 2 staffs and 1 was attending another customer. I walked up and the other staff attends me, with no booking I showed him the offer and he checked the samsung members app to be sure it wasn't a screenshot :D.

    After asking some details such as name, phone number and address etc, plugged in my phone and ran the diagnostics. While waiting for the result, we chat a bit and the result was the following:

    • battery went through about 2200 cycles and was way the normal battery life of 800-1000 cycles. He said that its maximum capacity has decreased to 2/3 of the original capacity.
    • storage problem as in space depleting heavily
    • network error of about 10% and suggest me to talk to my network provider of possibility changing sim card or just change provider honest opinion from him

    Also offered me a $200 off S10 if trading my phone.

    Then gave me battery pack and receipt. Overall, only took about 10-15 mins and the guy was very nice!

    Melbourne people, go to Chadstone to walk-in without booking instead of Melbourne Central !!

    EDIT: my phone is a S7

    • battery went through about 2200 cycles

      Nice. Mine was only 500 or so.

      • Mine was on heavy usage, I think i forced my phone throughout the 3 years of usage

    • Live and work in CBD… a bit of a drive to Chadstone for a power pack….

      • I took PTV earlier today, Live in CBD as well, a bit of a trip but I think it was worth it

  • Pretty much the same as above. Rocked up at Northland, no appointment necessary, they ran their diagnosis and 5 minutes later I walked out with the charger. Will see how it goes. My young bloke got his at Melbourne Central earlier today, but he had to make an appointment. Wouldn't accept a walk up but no dramas. He felt charger was a bit on the slow side but we will see.

  • got one

  • I got my 2 powerbanks:)

  • Went to Chadstone with the family with an S5 S7edge and S8, got a power bank for each :-) No appointment necessary

  • +3

    Picked 1 up from carousel, WA tonight. Pretty sure there was another member behind me in the queue πŸ˜‚

    • Did you have an appointment or just turn up?

      • +1

        Just turned up, my appt was next week lol

        • love your work!
          Good to know they are not being funny like other stores. I couldn't get an appointment this week.
          thanks mate

    • cool, was just gonna ask if needed an appointment because all the time slots seemed unavailable

  • Bondi NSW store/kiosk insisted on having an appointment.

    • +1

      I had a booking for Bondi Sydney but cancelled as soon as i was able to walk in to George street i was placed in a queue :) heard at times it could be up to an hours wait but i got the battery pack thanks OP.

  • Anyone been to the Penrith Store?

    • Yes I have, not appointment required, friendly staff

  • Turned up to Tea Tree Plaza in SA, went straight to the booth, no checks necessary and they just gave the power bank

  • Rocked up to a store yesterday & got it within 10 mins. Happy chappy

  • Not eligible :( Note 5

  • Went back today with my S6 and got another powerbank. Only had to wait in line about 10 minutes.

    • Is it using the same phone or a different phone?

  • Does anyone know if they will do this for second hand phones?

    • yep, they should

  • No luck at Parra store. I even had a booking (for next week), and the snobby customer service told me to come back next time. Asked to change the booking as you can't do it online and was told it was booked out.

    They had like 4 guys standing around doing nothing, just staring at me. No customers at all.

    • Yup same in Melb CBD

  • Can you go to different stores once you get one? Or can they tell you have already had the test run in your phone?

    • They grab ID details, so it's likely recorded against the phone or phone number

      • Ok might be in the imei number?

        • Yep they do grab my Phone's IMEI number

  • Ahhh… the healthcheck is for the phone, not for the owner πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  • Got the offer on my dad S8, thanks OP

  • Had an appointment for next week but dropped in today had to wait 30min but got one.
    S8 Dual sim grey import https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/316120

    • That's quite lucky. Did the offer appear in the app?

  • +1

    Walked in with an S8+. Sammie guy hadn't done one before so it took a little longer. Whilst we were goint through it the other Sammie person was unloading powerbanks from a delivery. Box labelled with Health Check promo.

  • Just got mine from the Joondalup WA store. Had an appointment booked for next week, but they were free when I walked past on my break, so they did it there and then. Had to read the terms and conditions and then sign them, but as usual, I just signed without reading. Now I'm wondering what data they've copied off the phone?? haha.

    Anyway, the guys at the Joondalup store were great. Cleaned out all the ports too, and advised to switch back to using a genuine Samsung cable (yep, the device told them I've been using a non-genuine cable. Must have some form of ID in their cables?!?!)

    • Did you notice how many battery packs they have in stock? Booked my appointment for arvo tomorrow. Hoping they will still have stock till then.

      • Not many. The guy said they're running low on stock. The T&C's say it runs till April 14th, so I assume they get new stock regularly.

  • +2

    Had mine checked at Chadstone as a walk up, no appointment.
    1. They made me sign a form that said they could wipe my phone and charge me $66 for checking it. When I queried that, the lady said it was just a form and they wouldn't do that. She said there was a small risk the software would wipe my phone. It didn't, but I hate signing forms that say one thing when the person doing the work says they are doing something else. Not her fault, just sh1ts me.
    2. I needed to show photo ID with an address, phone number and provide my email address. Not sure why. Sh1ts me.
    3. They connected the phone (S7edge) to a laptop and then put my phone in developer mode.They ran some diagnostic software on the phone. I had to allow additional software on the phone by entering my pin number (it was already unlocked). Guess what, sh1ts me.
    4. They ran diagnostics and said it was fine, but that I had too many apps running in the background, which is probably correct. The laptop showed a list of everythign running on the phone. I was interested in the results, which they showed me, but quite invasive that they record on a separate device everything on my phone. Sh1ts me.
    5. It took 10-15 min, during which I annoyed the lady and played with the s10+, which looks nice. They offered me a discount on anything but the S10+. I was ok with that.

    Overall it was quite invasive and I would only do it because I wanted the battery and had nothing to hide. The battery looks nice and I am happy with it.

    Maybe my mum is right and I am just a grump.

    • I got to the Chaddy one just about 30mins ago, walk-in. One phone was painless, only took the same details required when booking, 5mins done. The other one needed ID because I was served by the other CSR but no health check for that phone because that laptop didn't have the capacity to do so, still got the other powerbank.

      They had three CSR at the time and all three were doing the health checks haha

      I asked and it's like what the others have said, it was just a marketing ploy to get people in to talk about the s10 but they conceded it wasnt working

    • The ID was required so they could just speed up the process because they needed customer info - so you can't come in twice to grab more battery packs. Without the ID, they would've just asked for each detail separately. The form is required to be signed by any customers requiring service where the staff need to look at the phone - usually used for a repair, most of the things wouldn't have applied for this battery pack.

      • So we agree that the form is the wrong one then…If terms don't apply then it should be struck out or identified on the form as not aplicable. I am guessing they have crap lawyers. Common issue.

        No service was performed or described in the email. Unless a "service" was performed? Are you indicating they did a service and something on my phone was changed?

        I don't mind a check, such as an imei which is unique to each phone and detectable during diagnostic, but there seemed to be a lot of personal identifying information required.

        I doubt it was purely a marketing ploy. Much more attention was paid to extracting details of my phone than trying to sell the phone itself. The fact they reviewed all running apps and looked at all my phone software was interesting. I was watching then work. I have everyting up to date, but they checked everything, including loading their own app to my phone. That is not a sales strategy.

        I would reverse it and say their real intention was to dig into the phones and see how they were fairing, under the guise of selling the s10.

        That information will be used to drive further phone sales. At present, there is little in terms of key functionality my s7 edge does not do that the new s10 does. They need to havve a hook as to what will make me buy anew. Same with apple, the iphone 6s is completely competant, yet they keep pushing $1200+ phones.

  • The model number for the power bank is: EB-P1100CPEGWW

    • So you got the pink one? Did you get to choose between that and the silver? Only asking because the silver model is EB-P1100CSEGWW

  • +2

    Got one from Chadstone (in Melb) at about 8pm today. No booking - Walked in, only one person in front and was out by 8.10. He took down my mobile number, name and email address but didn't ask for ID.

    NOTE: The guy said there's only 15 left so any OzBargainers who aren't already at Chadstone getting it right now will probably miss out.

    He said he wasn't sure if they were getting more stock as the deal was way more popular than expected. Also the deal has backfired a bit as it's taken staff away from serving paying customers and only like 1/100 who did the battery test bought anything.

    (Not sure if he was telling the truth but he did look at the tablet and appeared to check stock levels so it's probably true)

    I also went to Melb Central this morning and they weren't accepting walk ins, even though it appeared relatively quiet and I had a booking for next Thurs (they couldn't bring forward my booking). Some dude in front was asking about it too.

  • Did the health check on my s7, told me it was buggered and they offered me $200 off new s10's.

    • Was that the term he used?

      Was the $200 off for a trade in, or free discount?

      • Discount without trade in. Hope this helps

  • How do they know your device is eligible for the powerbank? Do they check your phone to see if the offer is in the app?

    • +1

      Yes they do, They'll check if the offer is in your Samsung members app in my case

  • picked it up today, too easy.

    might actually do the factory reset on the s7 that was suggested as well.

  • The guy who served me was polite but disinterested.

    He took my license details, email, and looked at the back of the phone (S8) for some details there. Then he gave me the power bank. Took about 2 minutes. He entered my details into a laptop, then grabbed a PB for me.

    He did not do any diagnostic or health check on it. Never even plugged it in. He did not tell me anything about the phone or give me a report.

    I had to ask him, so how's the battery? He said it's "draining". Not as good as new. This in itself might be a lie. He never plugged it in, so how did he know? He also didn't play with the phone to check it via software. I don't think the built in software has any way to check battery health, and I know he didn't install any new software. I don't doubt that the battery has deteriorated. What I doubt is that he bothered to check. He didn't offer this info to me. It was just a matter of enter my details and give me the PB.

    Then I asked, am I still under warranty? I should be on my 24th month based on my contract. He said, you'd have to check with your telco for that, but I doubt it's under warranty if you are getting this offer. I already know that's BS because other people got it on an S7 or even S6. He never even checked it. Then he told me, "the S10 is a good phone. Otherwise this power bank should be able to charge your phone 3 times".

    I'm pretty sure my phone is still under warranty. He didn't offer to replace the battery like some people got. It's also a lie that it can charge my S8 3 times. It's only twice unless he factored in the degraded battery. Btw, Samsung claimed that the S8's battery deteriorates by only 5% a year and not the usual 20%. I guess that was a lie too.

    The guy was very polite, but he definitely phoned it in, if you'll excuse the pun. I did not get a health check. I was hoping he'd offer me a new battery so I can pass the phone to the next owner who can have 2 full years of service with it. Otherwise, it's $110 to replace the battery.

    • Oh, so they CAN replace the battery? I thought that Samsung didn't provide this service - it's not mentioned in their website.

      By the way my S8+ battery health is 94% from their diagnostics, on the 24th month.

      • Of course they can. Someone needs to be able to repair a phone. What would you do if your battery was playing up and it was still in warranty?

        What they charge for OOW battery replacement is the same as Apple.

        94% battery health after 2 years is very incredible if it can be believed.

        • What I meant was to replace the battery out of warranty, as they don't have this service mentioned in their website. Apple charge $139 to replace battery, on the spot.

          I had doubt about that battery health too, was hoping to see "Bad" so they would replace it under warranty.

  • What are the terms and conditions for this deal? I can't seem to find them.

    I spoke to a consultant in online chat the other night who said I could walk in to claim.

    Then I've read people haven't been able to claim via walk in at some stores.

    Tried chatting with online chat again so I could screenshot the answer, but now they say you need an appointment.

    What the?!

    • you need the samsung members app, and the deal present there. for busy/bigger stores, you would need an appointment. smaller, non-busy ones, should be able to just walk in. keep in mind a lot of stores will be out of stock really quick soon

      • Yep, I have the app and it says I'm eligible to receive it.

        I'm just more annoyed that I was told you could walk in by Samsung online chat.. And now you can't.

        If it was true about bigger stores not allowing walk ins.. Then why is sydney cbd allowing walk ins? I'm sure that would be a major store.

  • +1

    So looks like Samsung added 'Health Check' under reasons to visit when you make an appointment online. Wasn't there when the deal first started.

  • Redeemed mine at Chadstone earlier today as well. 2 people before me were also doing the same, however when the guy served me he didn't do the health check either; basically just ran a diagnostic to get my IMEI number, got me to complete a form on the tablet and handed over the battery pack. When I asked him how's the battery he just said "it's fine" but obviously a lie when no tests were done!

    Not complaining as my primary reason is to get the battery, and phone is fairly new still (15 months old) so might pop in for the health check at a later stage. Guy didn't even try to sell me the S10 by offering $200 discount.

    • Was told there is no more stock at chaddy ;(

      • Did they say they'll be getting more stock?

        • Sorry forgot ask :/

  • 45 minute wait.walk in westfield chermside

  • Just went to George St store in Sydney. Werent too busy and i got someone to help right away. Gave some contact details and had a look at my drivers licence. All up maybe 15 minutes. Spend my waiting time looking at the phone.

    On another unrelated note, not being a sucker for thier marketing ploy, walked out with a S10e as well.

    • Did you book and appointment?

      • No i didnt

  • I got one with my S8 at the Carindale store today. No appointment, I just showed up at 9am and they were happy to do it.

  • +1

    I just cancelled my Liverpool appointment at 2pm TODAY if anyone wants it. Jump on and book quick!

    • Seems to have been taken now. Did an ozbargainer get it? :-)

  • Okay, I got lucky, I have S8 dual sim import but managed to get one. I went to George street when the store was busy, then I just showed the staff the offer that I have on my phone. They just write down all my details, imei, and phone number. They don't really do the diagnostic, they just see my battery stats from phone settings. I guess because the store was busy no staff bother to really do the health check.

    I asked at the staff at the end after I got my battery pack whether they also accept international version or non-aus version, they said no, the offer only valid for Australian stock. So if any of you guys have an import version and wanted to get the battery pack, I would suggest to try another store when they are busy.

    • What they give it to international models also, no wonder it’s oos,

  • Ok so went to my booking at Macquarie Centre this morning. Very strict with the no walk-in policy. Did the whole diagnostic check up and went through their little upsell talk. Got my pack but they said one per person only. I have a second work phone which is also eligible so I had another booking at the CBD store already organised today. Same process with name ticked off upon checking in, although this city store is known to accept walk-ins. Went through the diagnostic testing process and received some useful advice about my old device too. Got the second pack (also silver colour. Comes in pink on the website but not sure if they were giving pink out at all..). Was informed twice here that it's one per person. I had a feeling I wouldn't be as fortunate as another ozbargainer who got two packs on their own hence the trip to two different stores.

    One important thing - I overheard my rep tell her colleague that THEY ONLY HAVE 80 PACKS LEFT. Now I'm not sure if they allocate a certain number to give out per day or she really means they only have 80 on hand at the store. The deal doesn't end until mid April though so I think they will just reorder more in to satisfy future customers.

    Good luck everyone!

    Edit - I had to sign my life away at the Macquarie Centre kiosk, whereas the city store didn't require anything formal. They took down my name, address and IMEI from the handset at both places.

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