This was posted 1 year 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LIFX Buy 4 Get 6 on Downlight ($359.97) and GU10 ($305.90) - Full Colour Smart Lights


Similar to the last 6 for 4 deal except this time its only for Downlights and the GU10.

comes to
Downlight: $59.99 each
GU10: $50.98 each

Terms say deal is not available in conjunction with other offers - but as an existing user the app does advise you can use the LIFXVIP for another 10% off ('stack your discount' is advised :) ) and this seems to work through to check out. This is the pricing advised in the title.

Not quite as cheap as it was previously for me for the downlights - paypal shows I paid $323.97 in Jan for a 6 for 4 deal but I'm not sure how the discount was calculated as it still shows 6 globes at $99 each then a total discount applied..

Offer is valid at only while stock last. Ends 11:59pm Thursday 31 March 2019 and is not available in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or loyalty coupon. Cannot be applied to previous purchases and any returns associated with this offer must include free items with the cost of shipping the responsibility of the customer. Offer includes bulbs and downlights only, excludes LIFX Tile, LIFX Beam, LIFX Z Strip and accessories. Buy 4 get 2 free only applies when you buy 4 of the same product, maximum of 20 per order.

NOTE: Lifx referral system is pretty weak for the refferer - right now I can't even find the referral link anyway they no longer mention it in the 'Points' area. You can't stack the credit form the refferal so if you do get a $5 its likely you are better of just using the VIP code or 'reffer' yourself to get a custom 10% offcode.

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  • "Offer is valid at only while stock last. Ends 11:59pm Thursday 31 January 2019"

    May need some correcting OP (ohh and I duped your deal) lol

    • Heh - I waited like an hour from when I got the email before I decide to put in the effort to post it. No personal need to get more, but figured these downlights don't go on sale often (like 3 times i have ever seen them) and it was worth putting up. Its a bit of work to enter these posts and I really do appreciate the effort of the regular posters who do it on a daily basis.

  • Decent purchase if you were already considering these lights.
    Bought 6 of the downlights in the last deal offered by LIFX.

    Good quality products in my opinion!

  • That is not a cheap downlight. At these prices, it may work out cheaper to leave them on 24/7.

    • I put 'full colour smartlights' in the title to try and offset these reflex comments. I didn't neg you - but you might want to find a hubless wifi full colour 400 lumin smartlight (google, Alexa, Home Kit) for cheaper first. If your just after a GU10 / downlight then this isn't remotely for you.

      • It's not a reflex comment - it's a basic calculation for someone comparing these smart lights with low-power LED lights on a light switch, in a home with solar panels. If you leave them on 24/7 (which incidentally I do), it takes years before I start losing out compared to installing these smart lights.
        I'm a big fan of "full colour smart lights", but not sure how many people would want coloured downlights. And with prices of smart lights dropping rapidly, you have to ask yourself whether spending $50 on a single light now is a worthwhile investment. By the time you earn that back, the same bulb (or a comparable one) will have been $10 for a while. You can already get a D-Link smart bulb for $15 from K-mart. $30 if you want colour.

        • These lights aren't about saving energy or money. They're about the convenience of automation and added features.

          For example, I have replaced almost all my GU10s with these lights and they are connected to Home Assistant. If I'm home they automatically brighten in the lounge as the light level drops. Passageway lights are motion activated. At night if the smoke alarm goes off the lights turn on. If I start playing a movie the front lights over the TV turn off and the rear lights dim. They all turn off automatically when I get in bed. If i get up in the middle of the night they come on (motion activated) a dim red to preserve night vision and make it easier to go back to sleep. I haven't had to touch a light switch for months. There's more and but I think I've laboured the point enough.

          • @tomlut: My point is that there are cheaper lights which can do this.

            • @Make it so: You were banging on about solar power and cost of recovery, quote:

              "in a home with solar panels. If you leave them on 24/7 (which incidentally I do), it takes years before I start losing out compared to installing these smart lights."

              There certainly are cheaper smart bulbs, even cheaper than the D-link. But they would require the added expense of new light fittings for people (like me) who have existing GU10 fittings. I challenge you to find a cheaper GU10 RGB smart bulb with as good a CRI, light output, beam angle and compatibility with open source automation systems that this bulb has without having to flash alternative firmware.

    • Yeah crazy prices for a downlight. Will wait a few more years

  • Shame it's not a 90mm full downlight

  • Excellent timing! 18 down-lights ordered.