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LIFX Buy 4 Get 2 Free, Buy 8 Get 4 Free - A60 1100 Lumens 6 for $329.96 or 12 for $659.92 Shipped @ LIFX


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  • Why not just say "Buy 4 Get 2 Free"?

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    Watt a lite! o.O

  • Use LIFXVIP to get additional 10% OFF

    • Plus if you use the referral link or sign up then you get some credit / "points off" too? Will this stack?

  • They are taking the threat from Mirabella/K-Mart $15 globes seriously.

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    $100 for a down light. That's insane!!

  • Seems more expensive than last time I saw it on here (back when it was more reasonable pricing). What's wrong with Philips? Brighter, uses less power, much cheaper.

    • Philips downlights are 125mm cutout. I went LIFX because they are 90mm cutout.

    • The A19 has 1100 lumens so it's brighter than any Philip Hue

      • agreed!!

        i have x4 of them each (downlights & globes), i can vouch for LIFX ones….

        • LIFX bulbs (downlights) are much brighter than Philips hue
        • LIFX bulbs ()and the colour range is way better than philips hue
        • LIFX app UI is much friendlier than philips hue
    • @xsacha How is the Philips downlight brighter?

    • Doesn't Philips require a Hub?

      • Yes

      • This is better in my opinion when you start getting heaps of globes. Some routers can't handle having so many wifi devices. I'm hitting 40 devices with all my IOT devices, so I ditched the consumer router and went a Ubiquity UAP

        • Yep I think a hub is a positive as long as you can avoid having half a dozen of them.

          Few reasons for that such as zigbee keeping the devices off your wireless network which is good for consumer grade routers that can have comparatively low device limits and being a more suitable protocol for home automation, particularly given they form a mesh network which will respond very very quickly and actually improve in performance as you add devices unlike wifi. Secondly as new technology is introduced, like we saw when Homekit was introduced, you can simply replace a hub at a cost of about $80 where Lifx owners were stuck needing to replace all their bulbs at a far greater cost.

          The hub can be hidden out of mind and out of sight inside a cupboard or whatever.

          Only issue with hubs is if you are buying into heaps of different ecosystems in which case if you're going all in perhaps its time to look at a dedicated zwave controller and going that route for most of your setup.

      • You can use an echo plus too.
        ZigBee seems to respond faster than these wifi ones and doesn't affect your router.
        Also, uses much less power when idle, which could matter if your whole house uses them + downlights.

  • My 8 x gen1 lights (except 1 replacement) are still going strong from the $40/each deal years ago. Great products!

    • Not down-lights though are they?? To me this is the real deal here - I have kept an eye out for a deal on the downlights and they never seem to have them. Closets was when they had a 20%(I think) off orders over $300 and they then made the downlight four pack $299.

  • Great price for some excellent bulbs, nearly as cheap as a decent LED non-smart bulb. I have these in a few rooms in my apartment and they work great.

    Can I justify another 6 though??

    For those that don't need 6, Bunnings have a number of these on offer too (not nearly as good as this deal)

    [LIFX A60)(https://www.bunnings.com.au/lifx-multicolour-1100-lumens-a60...) for $74.90 (RRP $89.99)

    • Would they price match - purely for the convenience of those who are local?

    • just out of curiosity, why do you need these and what function do they serve apart from a "wow" factor when showing it off to friends visiting?

      Is it not just easier to turn the light on and off at a switch when you're only in an apartment? Not like it's a huge mansion where the light switches might be far away.

  • I feel a bit out of touch right now so can someone explain why anyone would buy these over some regular globes? They seem exorbitant in price and will probably need replacing eventually.

    • Dimming, colour changing, control lights from your phone or devices such as Google Home, Apple Home Pod, etc.

      There's probably other use cases, that I'm not aware of myself.

      • I'll add to this: auto light up in the morning is fantastic.

        Basically give them a time for when you'll wake up and they will gradually get brighter to mimic the sun.

        It sounds like a gimmick but I notice a huge difference in how bad my sleep lag is when I stay at my girlfriends place (who doesn't have smart lights).

    • When I'm drunk and need to piss I don't need to attempt to navigate the pitch black hall way trying not to knock stuff over I can just say Alexa going for a piss and im good to go

      • "Alexa going for a piss"

        A routine that lights up the way to the loo with specific lights. Why did I not think of this. Genius.

  • I’ve done this twice, use the LIFXVIP and fill-out the check out form with your details including a valid email address. Click the payment option and let it sleep for a night or two. You will then receive an email from LIFX with code for a 20% OFF. No harm in trying. :)

    • Risk them selling out for bigger discount? I’m torn!

      • Sale is until Jan 31 11:59PM or until supply lasts.
        If you use the LIFXVIP code, the GU10 will come down to 49.xx each. With the 20% OFF, 43.xx.
        Or you can pull the trigger now. It’s a good deal, considering they sell it at 89 each normally.

  • Price in title …

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    Good deal on the 100mm downlights, that is the cheapest I have seen them. I have seen the A60s buy one get one free, but still a decent deal if you need that many.

    Is it weird that when you go on holiday you feel like taking your own globes so you don't have switch the lights on / off manually? (asking for a friend)

  • Maybe I’m a bit dim, but can someone enlighten me why I should switch on to these?

    • If you are thrilled to experience "the future life", you are paying for a premium of R&D. Price will get cheaper for smart home gadgets and it's just a matter of time.

    • +2 votes

      1/ Dimming
      Run them at 100% during the day / early evening, switch to say 20% brightness to watch a movie or 30% to read in bed at night.

      2/ Colour temperature
      Cold white light is best to use during the day (looks like sunlight - but bad for sleeping). Warm yellowish light is best for use at night (looks like campfire light - good for sleeping). Either change it manually, "Hey Google, make my kitchen lights incandescent", or create a custom scene and set the colour temperature to change based upon time of day.

      3/ Scheduling
      Can't be bothered turning on / off the same the lights every single day? Schedule them to come on at sunset, 30 mins before sunset or whatever floats your boat. Schedule to turn off at midnight or whatever you need. Personally I find this useful for lamps because the switches are tucked away so mine just turn on and off on a schedule and I never have to go near the switches.

      4/ Voice control
      If you already have a few smart speakers floating around, it can be very convenient to turn a light on or off, change brightness, colour, or colour temperature without getting up every time.

      5/ Remote operation
      Possibly the least used feature, turn your lights on / off when you are not there to make it look like you are there. (Can also use a schedule).

      • Another possible benefit is if you don't like how your existing lights are grouped on circuits, you can redefine how you group lights without re-wiring. At my previous place we had a living + kitchen which was on two separate circuits but in reality if we turned one on we would turn the other on also. Smart lights allowed us to define both circuits as one group of lights so a single trigger would turn them all on.

        The inverse is true also. If you have a room with a lot of lights on a single switch and want to independently dim or change some, smart lighting allows that. Maybe you have a light or two that cause reflections on your TV or you want to define a bit of mood around the dining table or whatever by having overhead lights a bit lighter and then surrounding downlights dimmed…that sort of thing.

  • I used to own the Kickstarter Edition LIFX 1000 bulb. It was a nice bulb super bright and colourful but I found the light would become unresponsive sometimes which required me to restart the bulb manually with the lightswitch. Its really annoying to pull out your phone in the dark to turn on the light and it failing to do so. These bulbs also run super hot even when theyre off as they contain a full wifi module rather than a low power one like Zigbee in Hue lights

    Switched to hue recently and I have to say my experience with hue is way nicer. Haven't dropped out once and it comes with an ecosystem of support hardware like physical switches and movement sensors. I also much prefer the hue app (+ theres tons of third party hue apps)

    Maybe its because I had a very early kickstarter model and they've probably improved now but I have to say I'm much more satisfied with my hue lights than LIFX

    • The main thing that is popular here is the Downlight. The philips hue downlight is just plain inferior in brightness. That's the issue. The other hue lights are fine and more practical overall having Zigbee. Until philips creates a downlight that has similar brightness.

    • I think its fair to say the product has evolved remarkably since the first series. I have some 2nd series colour bulbs and lifx strips and the downlights and GU10 bulbs. I used to experience all kinds of problems with the 2nd series bulbs and constantly needing to reset. Now ive had the all in one downlights online for weeks and months without needing to reset, very solid product. Some GU10 bulbs do give me grief from time to time and require a reset every few weeks.

    • My LIFX bulb met a firey death recently. It began flickering and whistling then 15 seconds later: pop with a plume of smoke.

      • Did they send you a new one for free?

        • Lifi Labs Inc. (“LIFX®“) warrants the LIFX® bulb (the “Product“), and only the Product, against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use (“Defect”) for a period of TWO YEARS (730 days) from the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser (“Warranty Period“). Under this Limited Warranty, if a defect arises and a valid claim is received by LIFX® within the Warranty Period, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, LIFX® will either: 1. repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts —or— 2. exchange the Product with a new or refurbished Product.

    • Maybe

  • looks like it's sold out already :(

  • I asked the guy at Ikea and he said the Tradfri lights would be available in Australia by April.


    I bought Lifx bulbs last year but rarely use them after they randomly disconnected from the wifi. My Yeelight lightstrips and bulbs on the other hand get used daily and were less than 1/3 the cost. Plus they now natively integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa.

    Maybe the Gearbest guys can do a deal with the Mi Light GU10s.

  • Argh I can't get use to seeing 1 light bulb for $90… Even if they're smart lights and coloured -_-

    I'm glad I bought like 10 of them a few years ago for $23 each.

    • Wow were they Lifx bulbs?

      • Yeah gen 1's about 2 yrs ago, glad I bought 10 because that dealer no longer even stocks them.

        I still have like 2 spares unopened, none of them had died in the last 2 yrs.

    • Yeah this is quite expensive for some smart fancy dimming controlling lights.. if I had my own place maybe but for renting or budget buys yeah no go

  • White: https://www.lifx.com.au/collections/sale/products/lifx-mini-...

    This works out to be $21 ea for a pack of 6.

  • Just make sure your family is onboard before you buy these. I decked out the house with smart locks, lights and switches, and then the missus said she had concerns about the health effects of wifi.

  • Does this work with IFTTT & compatible with Google Home?

    Or Alexa only?

    Don't this need some sort of Hub, like Hue?

    Or this is like Yee?

  • Something to keep in mind, people with access to your wifi get access to your light bulbs, no question. So your roommates WILL be able to control your lights.

    My brother trying to set up a stoner rave or something kept turning my lights on accidentally, so annoying.

    I ended up making a 'guest' wifi on my router, blocked from other devices, and i registered it to that, and after that i can control the light through my account via the internet. I now have lighting peace. but really they should by now have a way to lock the control away….

  • So what is the standby power usage of these always on wifi clients? What is the annual standby cost for 10 lights (eg: a room full of downlights).

    • these

      Which specific one is these?

    • I should be working but I just hooked up my 1st gen Lifx b22 globe to a smart meter. It uses 2.4w of power on standby. More than I was expecting actually.

      Let's assume 1kWh = $0.30

      365 days * 24 hours = 8760 hours

      2.4w / 1000 = 0.0024 kw

      0.0024kw * 8760 hours = 21.024 kwh

      21.024 kwh * $0.30 = $6.3072

      so 10 globes would be $63.072 over a year if my math is correct. This is 1st gen though and the globes not downlights, not sure how much standby power the newer ones use.

      • Fantastic work! This stuff is never in the spec sheets. Smart homes slowly killing the planet .. hopefully zigbee and z-wave are not quite so destructive.

        I found my older dishwasher and gas fire each use 4W in standby. The TP-Link HS110 wifi smart switch I use to monitor these draw a continuous 2W each.

        • Zigbee and z-wave should be less. I also have sonoff switches/relays permanently connected to wifi and they use 0.6w in standby. I wouldn't be surprised if the current gen lifx globes use less standby power than my 1st gen ones which are several years old

      • Probably pretty accurate -
        Most meters inaccurate for low standby power measurement. Hopefully current gen bulbs not back above the better ~figure achieved by that last lot. LIFX pretty lax with an update there for some reason…

        Regardless of best attained so far, cumulative standby will end up high for an entire house full of smart lighting, of any description.